‘This Is Not Misplaced Zeal’


The Independent Science Advisory Group (ISAG) said Ireland must be prepared to do what New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has done and introduce ‘more aggressive suppression measures’

This morning.

Via ‘Zero Covid’ enthusiast The Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG) in the Irish Times:

‘…as many argue that the end of this pandemic is in sight, we must stay vigilant and our fellow citizens should be warned that there may be scenarios where we have to introduce more aggressive suppression.

We must be prepared to do what New Zealand did and is still doing, if and when needed.

Vaccines and drugs, even new ones, may not be always able to match the speed of change in Covid-19, or other novel pathogenic viruses.

We need plans for this, and the capability, and resources to deliver them.

This is not misplaced zeal, it is scientific common sense.

When faced with a catastrophic pandemic we need to accept that the Darwinian evolution we have all witnessed these past two years does not know about, much less care about, our optimism and we need to be ready and willing to err on the side of keeping society safe, and by doing so, keeping it open.


Prof. Anthony Staines; Dr. Tomás Ryan; Prof. Patricia Kearney; Prof. Helen Dolk; Prof. Gerry Killeen; Prof. Ivan Perry; Dr. Philipp Hoevel; Dr. Julien Mercille, of The Independent Scientific Advocacy Group

Irish Times Letters


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27 thoughts on “‘This Is Not Misplaced Zeal’

    1. SOQ

      That they would claim “scientific common sense” for such at this stage is actually quite funny. I am surprised they didn’t go full Australian and call for pepper spray and rubber bullets to be deployed.

      That is a 5/10 on the humour scale from me.

      Published in The Pfizer Times of course- where else?

  1. bisted

    …the front page of the Irish Times carries an ad for Keeling fruit…Michael O’Leary gets airtime and space on Irish media anytime he wishes…the zero covid horse bolted at the start of this pandemic…good luck trying to lobby the law makers…

  2. John F

    I would imagine that the politicians here are angling to announce more Draconian restrictions in the coming weeks. That’s why they have beefed up their security, they know the public and not be happy.

    1. SOQ

      Yes I have wondered that about that ISAG outfit- that they are there to mark the extreme end of the scale in order to make the government look more moderate.

  3. Boe_Jiden

    queue the anti-vax covidiot brigade with their “eternal lockdowns presided over by unelected technocrats” conspiracy theories.

    1. Johnny

      What in the name of God are you talking about?

      We literally have had two years of “eternal lockdowns presided over by unelected technocrats” – what rock have you been living under, you absolute clown?

      And what does “anti-vaxx” mean?

    2. f_lawless

      From a few weeks ago:


      ‘Mr Varadkar described it as a “long war” with Covid-19 and said the pandemic may go on for “several years”.

      “And perhaps in advance of those winters and those variants, we should try to have periods of freedom and give people a bit of a break, an opportunity to de-mob if you like, during this long war,” he said, adding that we may have to accept that we “go backwards on occasion”. ‘

      From two days ago:

      ‘TÁNAISTE Leo Varadkar has said he will push for a “more ambitious” relaxation of public health restrictions and reopening of society this summer, saying that “an abundance of caution should not be an excess of it”. ‘

      Covid being described as a “long war” that may last “several years”? Citizens fundamental rights now routinely treated as privileges which Varadkar says he will try to get us some access to during next summer?

      The use of derogatory labels like “conspiracy theory”, “anti-vax” etc, is just a device to try to shut down/ derail debate. Those who repeatedly indulge in it can’t expect to be taken seriously., of course.

  4. E'Matty

    Ah, they want this to keep on going forever. They are enjoying their new found celebrity status in society too much to go back to anonymity now. These are the zealous core of the Covidian cult in this country. It’s now a cold lads. Give it up, will you.

    1. Micko

      The last time he was on the radio with Pat Kenny, Sam was playing down the Covid hysteria and talking common sense about “we have to get back to normal” etc

      One can only assume that the other ISAG heads were waiting outside Newstalk for him and bet the living crapola out of him. ;-)

        1. Micko


          It’s actually a good interview if you can find it.

          At one point he told Pat that the vaccines weren’t good at stopping transmission and Kenny just grumbled at him.

          1. Johnny

            What have Youth Defence got to do with anything, and why are you ignoring Killeen’s hurley comment where he threatened to have Ivor Cummins beaten up (or something to that effect?)

            Inconvenient, I guess?

          2. Johnny

            Define “hate”.

            Also, can you provide an example of this so-called “hate” on gript in general?

            Just ONE example will do.

            Also, can you point out where they are “advocating hate” in that link?

            Plenty of content on the sit to choose from, should be easy to find something pretty quickly if it’s such a “right wing hate site”

    2. Kim The Cardassian

      Nah, he jumped ship last year much to many people’s surprise. He even talked sense a couple of times. I wonder if he is trying to become a celebrity scientist

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