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  1. TenPin Terry

    It must be a tad awkward for those serried ranks of female hacks who have spent a week prostrating themselves at the high altar of righteousness while lecturing Irish men on their behaviour towards women to then find out that the man accused of the murder of Ashling Murphy is Slovakian.
    Or to put it another way why not STFU with your Banshee wailing until you know the true story you morons ?
    Expect a rapid and shameless flip in the coming days towards a different but predictable narrative.

      1. TenPin Terry

        Except all those hacks were specifically writing about the obnoxious behaviour of Irish men as a direct consequence of that murder.
        When Irish men had nothing to do with it.

        1. Doxxy Chainsaw

          This time.

          The next time a woman is murdered… and there will be a next time… I’m sure he’ll be a pureblood patriot Gael like Graham Dwyer. Will that make you feel better about your whiny #NotAllMen sulk?

          1. TenPin Terry

            In 2019, the last year for which reasonably complete statistics are available, Ireland had the 11th lowest rate of homicide against women of the 193 UN member states.
            With 0.33 homicides of women per 100,000 population, this country had the lowest rate of the homicide of women in the European Union, and the third lowest on the European continent as a whole, behind Iceland and Liechtenstein.
            There is absolutely nothing that Irish men have got to be ashamed or aplogetic about – this was just an exercise in group hysteria by Ireland’s shrillest commentators competing to see who could flap their gums the loudest.

          2. Doxxy Chainsaw

            I’m sure those statistics are a great comfort to the families and friends of the women murdered in the last few years.

        2. North Gay George's Treat

          But you’re not Irish either, Lager Gammons, in fact you’re anti-Irish, so why are you bothered?

  2. TenPin Terry

    With a wafer-thin majority of 420 due entirely to Boris at the 2019 election the ungrateful Tory turncoat MP Christian Woke-ford has been welcomed into the fold of anti-semites and Chinese stooges with open arms by Sir Kneelalot.
    Apart from the fact that his defection helped head off a Tory leadership contest yesterday it appears Labour hadn’t done their homework.


    What a bunch of James Blunts.

      1. TenPin Terry

        It’s the MP who defected who has the majority of only 420.
        Oh dear.Not a great start to your day is it.

    1. TenPin Terry

      I told you yesterday that Sir Kneelalot lacks political acumen.
      I also warned you not to write off Boris too soon simply because of your inferiority complex about the Old Etonian.
      But you wouldn’t listen.
      The Telegraph reports that seven Tory MPs have now withdrawn their letters demanding a leadership contest as a result of the Labour-hating turncoat MP Christian Wakeford being paraded in front of the cameras.
      The Pork Pie Plot is over.
      Boris lives to fight another day.
      ( Spot the clue to the Jacob Rees-Mogg trolling question I posed earlier )

  3. Mise

    Not all men are bad men
    My father, brothers, son , husband , colleagues , friends, exes , pretty much all my experiences with men not bad and not scary .
    This is more division.

    1. The Millie Obnoxious™

      You’re quite right. Most of my own experiences with men have been perfectly fine too.

      It’s just the time I was cornered in work at age 17 by three men and sexually assaulted. Or the times I’ve been groped while waiting for bus or on the train or queueing for a drink at a bar. We could talk about the time I was followed home by a group of guys roaring abuse at me because I’d told one of them I wasn’t interested, or maybe the time I was stalked by a man while I was working in a shop in my early twenties.

      I know lots of lovely, decent, upstanding men who have expressed horror and disgust by what happened to Ashling Murphy. But I also have experience with those who couldn’t give a shit, and it’s an unfortunate fact that a lot of women have had similar experiences.

      It has nothing to do with division.

      1. Janet, dreams of all the cake

        I unfortunately could add my own list, and so can EVERY woman.
        it doesn’t have to be all men.
        Yes Ireland is safer much more so than so many other places but abuse with a sexual / power trip/ disrespect / zero shame motive does go on on a daily basis.
        As I have stated before I love men and don’t tar them all with the same brush but have I a list as long as your arm of molestation, attempted rapes or intimidation… it’s not just violence is violence, otherwise there would not be the sexual element.
        Any clatters I received were from other Irish wemon ( I wasn’t even looking at her fella ).

        1. The Millie Obnoxious™

          Great point Janet.

          As you say, every woman has some experience of unwanted attention from men, and unfortunately there can be a sexual element to this attention that may be unwelcome. This is not to ignore or denigrate the fact that men also have an experience of violence, in many forms. It’s not a competition. In sharing and acknowledging women’s experiences, we’re not attacking men as a whole but seeing that this is a widespread issue and looking at what parts of our society and culture allow for this behavior to be normalised.

  4. TenPin Terry

    There was a nice piece of trolling by Jacob Rees Mogg on the Tory front bench yesterday and pictured supporting the Prime Minister on today’s front pages.
    Answers on a postcard please.

  5. Gerry

    You can post as many trolling messages as you like TrudgerTrout, the fact remains, Boris is finished. He won’t last to Monday.

    Good riddance to a dangerous spoofer

        1. scottser

          boris is still prefereable over any of the other tory kuntz in line for the job. mogg, gove, patel, javid, sunak – all conniving, vicious b@stards,
          boris is only a patsy though and gray’s report will keep in him in the job as long as he’s useful.

  6. Birdie

    The Great British Conservatory under threat… so much to tease out in that headline (and photo) but not enough time!

  7. TenPin Terry

    So it emerges Boris and Carrie’s newborn daughter Romy was struck down with a severe case of COVID last week which is why he wasn’t seen for a few days and appeared emotional and drained when he emerged.
    Even someone with a heart of ice must feel some sympathy for the extraordinary personal strain he has been under and the resilience he has shown.
    Boris is as tough as old boots which is why his excellent leadership during the pandemic has seen England able to cast off virtually all restrictions and return to normal weeks and sometimes months ahead of other developed nations.
    And those Lilliput pygmies are trying to bring down this giant over a couple of work-related snifters ? Extraordinary.

    ( By the way my Westminster snout tells me a national newspaper’s political editor was at the James Slack Downing Street leaving do where Wilfred’s swing was broken.It was his pissed partner who tried to climb onto it.Awks …)

    1. Lagered Gammon

      Boris …. wibble, wibble … immigrants … drool … feminists … yarp … Mrs Gammon … arf … Old boots … snivel …

        1. TenPin Terry

          I have no interest in the royal family whatsoever.
          The Irish on the other hand …
          Off your knees.

          1. Ian-oG

            Off our knees?

            Sorry but laughing at you doesn’t have that much of an effect, probably because the laughter is mixed with a deep sense of pity at your constant need for attention.

    1. Verbatim

      Looked at that SOQ…

      A recent meme
      “When they say ‘Gain of Function’
      It means they’re making a Fµ*king bioweapon”

    2. Nigel

      ‘I suppose it is difficult for some people to accept that SARS-CoV-2 came out of a lab’

      Because it has not been proved that it came out of a lab.

      1. SOQ

        And it never will be if they keep appointing the same people to investigate, as were in it up to their necks in the first place.

          1. SOQ

            Can it even be proved? At this stage it would be at best, on circumstantial evidence.

            It is either- a bat virus from 500 miles away that somehow found its way into the Wuhan market and then proceeded to mysteriously skip about 15-20 years of natural evolution, before infecting humans

            Or- a virus which escaped from China’s only level four lab which was doing gain of function research on bat viruses- also funded by the American government of course.

            The balance of probabilities is pretty clear. Unfortunately, that alone is not enough for a criminal prosecution but, it is early days.

          2. Nigel

            ‘The balance of probabilities is pretty clear.’

            Yeah. A virus jumping species is the most likely explanation.

  8. Mad

    So Boris’ kid was ill?
    We really need to fulfill
    The wish of our friends
    To see this crap end
    And not have to put up with this shill

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