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      1. GiggidyGoo

        The noose is tightening, bean savage. Resorting to quoting George Galloway as some type of well of knowledge – todays opening laugh.
        Maybe you should check in on a google search for Charger Salmons. Still No. 1: for all the wrong reasons. Oh my oh my.. ( I wonder why it’s No.1)

        No Stobarts on view in Dublin lately unfortunately. Did you not know that Stobart lost its contract with Tesco in Ireland a few years ago? Easy to count what’s not there. Do try to keep up.

  1. TenPin Terry

    Jeez, multi-millionaire Adele is in tears again whining about her life.
    Do us a favour and give the sob story a rest for a while will you ?

    1. TenPin Terry

      Time to partaay.

      ” Can I get two Jagerbombs please ? ”

      ” It’s three for five euros ”

      ” I’ll have nine then.”

      Get in !

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Totes Charger, get them in, because the ward orderlies will be around to confiscate your phone any minute now..!!

      2. GiggidyGoo

        ‘Jägerbomb’ actually. If you want to write it without the umlaut, then the spelling is ‘Jaegerbomb’ or even Jaeger Bomb.
        I would have thought that your, erm, UK heritage would have given you that insight into the German language. Dib dib old boy. Stiff upper brain and all that.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Not desperation at all Terrapin Tim. You are quick to point out others mistakes in spelling and general knowledge. You’re not so smart yourself then are you?
            It was Chlorine gas that was used at Ypres by the way, not mustard gas. Do try to keep up. Own your stench.

          2. scottser

            I didn’t think there was a plate large enough to accommodate charger’s arse but look, giggs has served it up to him twice.
            Well played :)

          3. TenPin Terry

            ‘ Almost odourless ‘
            ‘ Weak odour ‘
            Keep digging like that and you’ll soon have your own trench.
            Heh x 1916

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Bit of a difference between a weak odour and a stench. (You probably wouldn’t know the difference as weak odours wouldn’t exist in your world, just a stench)

            13.3m views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7woEXovruc
            Thanks to Garage and the rest of the UK folk who wouldn’t be familiar with history.

            Heh heh heh.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Naw. a quarter of the hits on that one versus my link. Garage Farage has as much a clue as you do about history. Some stench though.

  2. Ronnie

    Just wondering what all the COVID certificate conspiracy people in this community stand on this now after todays announcement that the government actually want us to open up asap and put an end to certs?

    1. E'Matty

      This is an absolute capitulation from NPHET and the government who only two weeks ago were kite flying vaccine mandates and calling for children to be vaxxed. Now, it’s safe enough to remove all restrictions. You gullible types cannot see the complete contradiction.

      As for the broader agenda, don’t think this is the end. If no Covid threat is presented, they will pivot immediately to climate change, cyber threats and similar. The Game continues but more have awakened whilst you continue your mindless slumber.

      This sudden volte face is OUR victory, not yours. Your kind would’ve accepted restrictions for months more without question.

      You now have permission to go to the pub. We’ve been enjoying the pub since June.

        1. E'Matty

          Wars have many battles and many fronts Tom J. Even your simple mind should understand that. We’ve won this battle but we’re not so naive as to believe the war is over and they’ll just abandon their global agenda. It’s a decade of transformation, not just two years. This is only the end of the beginning….

          1. E'Matty

            Seriously Tom J? That was best response you could come up with? Slow clap…

            To use your silly analogy, was WW2 over once the battle of El Alamein was won? You can’t even get your analogies to work for your arguments, lol.

        2. TenPin Terry

          The Examiner’s ‘ It’s time to be ourselves again ‘ is the sort of condescending crap the media knows it can get away with shovelling onto the Irish people because the country has put up with the longest and most severe restrictions in Europe without a whimper.
          Think of it as a well done proles with a ruffle of your hair and a pinch of cheeks.
          Now be good, have a bit of a party then get ready for the bills to come in as inflation reaches its highest level in two decades.

          1. TenPin Terry

            And here’s another one in the Indo.
            ‘ Freedom today: A new dawn as two-year nightmare nears end.’
            Lads, they’ve eased restrictions on pub opening hours not stood in front of a tank on St Stephen’s Green shoving a symbolic Denny’s sausage down the gun barrel.

      1. bisted

        …oh Mattie…surely your work here is done…no longer will you have to lecture us…we were never worthy…were you doing some kind of community service?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I think it might be filed under “Time for Bisted to get a dose of his own medicine”

            So, why the hatred of protestants then?

        1. E'Matty

          You wouldn’t understand Bisted. If there’s anything we’ve learned these past two years, critical thought isn’t one your aptitudes. Maybe try gardening. You seem like someone more suited to simple physical labor.

          The government have capitulated and left you hysterical Covidians high and dry exposed to ridicule. If the government and NPHET didn’t tell you it was over today, you’d still be on here arguing for mandates, vaccinating children, continued restrictions, and whatever else you’ve been duped into supporting. Anyway, hope you got your Wuhan boosters you gullible old fool. Pure Blood, Clean Spunk, 100% protected against vaccine adverse effects here. And you think you might have won?

          1. The Millie Obnoxious™

            I wonder do you ever read your own comments aloud.

            I just did a dramatic reading of one for the kids and they found it very entertaining. You do have a way with words.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            @Nigel. He wrote ‘If the government and NPHET didn’t tell you it was over today, you’d still be on here arguing for mandates, vaccinating children, continued restrictions,’

            Why aren’t you on arguing for mandates, vaccinating children, continued restrictions now Nigel?

          3. Nigel

            He aso thinks his blood and spunk are pure and that he personally defeated NPHET in single combat. But sometimes he’s forced to reconcile observable reality to his fantasy world view. It’s tortuous, but pretty much internalised at this point.

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Nothing to do with my post, as you try side-step telling us why you’re not on here this morning arguing for mandates, vaccinating children, continued restrictions.
            Why aren’t you arguing for those this morning? Which science are you hitching your wagon to this morning?

          5. Nigel

            Because what would be the point? Now we can only wait and see how this turns out, and hope for the best.

            The argument about lockdowns restrictions and vaccinations was won, long ago. For two years those arguments have prevailed. What has been argued about here is whether the pandemic is real. or a fake pandemic in order to create permanent lockdowns and poison everyone with vaccinations. The opening up certainly proves the permanent lockdown argument completely wrong. I expect the other one will peter out as the years go by and people fail to drop dead or turn into zombies, or they’ll simply claim every natural death of a vaccinated person as proof that the vaccination killed them, they’re already doing that.

          6. GiggidyGoo

            “ Now we can only wait and see how this turns out, and hope for the best

            And that’s exactly how it has been dealt with, yet the cultists haven’t been able to see through it. Following the wait-and-see like sheep. That’s the science cultists are following.

          7. Nigel

            Well, we can’t all be like you and parrot other people’s clever anagrams as if they’re amazing scientific insights.

            Like I said, the argument was won two years ago, and if a deadly variant arises, it will win again. The idea that the lockdowns and restrictions were supposed to be permanent were obvious nonsense then, and are proven to be obvious nonsense now.

          8. SOQ

            It is scientism not science- they stopped following the science a long time ago.

            Sweden followed the science, well established protocols which were in place right up until this charade began.

          9. GiggidyGoo

            Yep. First line and another ad hominem attack. Followed by the usual distract, duck, divert.

            “The argument was won two years ago” ? Proof positive that you haven’t a clue what your writing about.

            So, are you following the science, or just what you’re fed from the ‘ruling elite’ as you call them? ‘Wait and see’, ‘Hope for the best’. Is that it? Sheep will be sheep. Herded from one pen to the next.

          10. Nigel

            We’ve had lockdowns and restrictions and vaccination for two years now. That argument was won. People who said we shouldn’t do any of that lost.

            ‘the ‘ruling elite’ as you call them?’

            The ‘secret ruling elite.’ You left out the ‘secret’ part. Can’t be ‘fed’ stuff from something that doesn’t exist.

            ‘‘Hope for the best’. Is that it?’

            Yes. Why, what are you doing?

          11. GiggidyGoo

            “ We’ve had lockdowns and restrictions and vaccination for two years now. That argument was won.”
            What argument are you referring to? I don’t think anyone here said that we didn’t have lockdowns, restrictions and vaccinations. Are you making up an argument? Or a victory of some sort?

            The word ‘secret’ makes no difference to your view regarding the ‘ruling elite’ You missed ‘hidden’

          12. Micko

            Aaaah. Sure the “ruling elite” the boogy man.

            Who know how much power they have – we’ve no clue.

            Here’s an idea though, probably might be a good idea to actually stop effin referring to themselves as ELITES at bleedin conferences. ;p


            Not great PR

          13. Nigel

            ‘I don’t think anyone here said that we didn’t have lockdowns, restrictions and vaccinations.’

            I’m sorry, you must be new to this site if you’re co sompletely unfamilar with the nature of the arguments that have been going on here.

            ‘The word ‘secret’ makes no difference to your view regarding the ‘ruling elite’’

            And what do you think is my view, based on your reading of the comment you took that phrase from?

          14. Nigel

            ‘Aaaah. Sure the “ruling elite” the boogy man.’

            Don’t look at me. I’m not the one claiming there’s a conspiracy to fake a pandemic to bring about permanent lockdowns and vaccinate everyone and tyrranise them through vaccine passes and also kill them with the vaccines and also control them like zombies through the vaccines.

          15. Micko

            And nor am I. And honestly, I don’t really care.

            I’m just pointing out that “they” exist. Or at least, it’s how they think of and refer to themselves. That video shows an example of that.

            Maybe she’s a kook and the audience are mortified at her calling them elites – I dunno.

            Besides, there doesn’t need to be a grand conspiracy. All the interests of these “elites” come together eventually

            They all went to the same schools, have similar lives, interests, investment portfolios etc

            Their interests are all moving in the same direction. No great big conspiracy required.

            Anyway, it’s Sat. Let’s not do this all day. I’ve a party to organise for tonight. .

            G-luck ;-)

          16. GiggidyGoo

            @Nigel. I think it’s you who should be telling us what your view is, and how it doesn’t fit into the narrative? You’ve ducked, dodged and diverted all day so far and yet we are no further in seeing it.

          17. Nigel

            ‘I think it’s you who should be telling us what your view is,’

            My view is that there is no secret elite controlling conspiracy which has created a fake pandemic to bring about permanent lockdowns and/or vaccinate everyone to either kill them or control them or create a vaccine pass sytem. I’m not surpsied you’ve had a hard time picking that up, tbh.

          18. Micko

            Ah lads.

            What a day eh?

            As your attorney, I recommend that everyone takes 400mg of Leo Sayer asap and has a shedload of pals over. (Or even go to the pub after 8pm) ;-0


            Perfection. Enjoy guys. Have a deadly day.

          19. GiggidyGoo

            Whatever Nigel. Unfortunately you’re away with the fairies. No one has denied there was a pandemic. You’re in denial though about the so-called ‘measures’ that your ‘elite’ introduced while all alone, many called them out as basically preposterous. The proof of how preposterous they were emerged in the past 24 hours, with the sudden removal of restrictions.
            You are in a quandary now – follow the science, or not. You were all into mandates, vaccines for children, and continued restrictions etc. up until yesterday. Now?

          20. SOQ

            I have given up arguing with that ejit- always has to have the last word and always has to be right. Not the slightest semblance of an original idea in his head.

          21. Nigel

            ‘No one has denied there was a pandemic’

            Congratulations on not reading any of the comments on this site.

            ‘The proof of how preposterous they were emerged in the past 24 hours’

            That’s not proof of anything except how eager the politicians have been to end restrictions. Like I’ve been saying.

            ‘You are in a quandary now – follow the science, or not. ‘

            This is… unintelligible. I’ll keep wearing masks indoors in public spaces and observng social distancing and if I get a covid diagnosis I’ll isolate. That’s the science.

            ‘You were all into mandates’

            I was never into mandates.

      2. SOQ

        It’s not over until they remove the emergency legislation. As to why so suddenly is another story because like most things in this charade, it does not make sense.

        One theory is that it is to do with a legal action. Dr Sam White and two medical students, Andrew Doyle and Debbie Webb, are bringing court proceedings against the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MRHA) for their authorisation of the Covid mRNA injections


        1. SOQ

          From the same website, a very interesting opinion piece by Dave Duboff.

          The inexplicable response of the Left to the Covid crisis

          Why has it refused to confront the reality of the virus, why is it advocating for mass experimental injections and why is it advancing the cause of anti-democratic power interests and Big Pharma?


          1. Nigel

            There’s nothing inexplicable about the left supporting pandemic repsonses if you assume the pandemic is real.

          2. Nigel

            Read? One of your links? Are you having a laugh? You should feel flattered anyone even reads your comments.

          3. SOQ

            Ok that is just being rude. If you have no interest in the topic then bog off and stop pretending you know everything about everything, because you clearly don’t.

            The left’s performance during this whole thing has been absolutely abysmal, and then they whinged when others filled the vacuum.

          4. Nigel

            Yes, you’re famous for hating rudeness.

            The left that supported appropriate pandemic responses did fine. The left that jumped into conspiracy theories out of sheer contrariansim are a disgrace.

        2. TenPin Terry

          I miss Papi.
          It’s at times like this that his incisive wisdom and detailed analysis of the many challenges facing Ireland would clear a path through the pitfalls and obstacles.
          Most of all I miss his knowledge of the great Greek philosophers that he used to share with us mere mortals.
          Like Socrates – “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realise how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.”
          No-one else on here matches his ability to be an Oracle and talk out of his oracle at the same time.
          Come back Papi.

      3. TheWhiteWolf

        Heh. It’s funny that you think you won anything here. You remind me of my dog barking at the postman to scare him away as he gets back into his van after delivering the mail.

      4. jonjoker

        The next installment is already with us and has been ramped up gradually as Covid (was) ramped down.
        And it’s not Climate Change nor is it Cyber Threats either.
        It’s Putin and the Donbass/Crimea/Ukraine, if we are stupid enough to fall for it.

        After all, it’s hard to gear people up for a war if they are all locked down with a pandemic, isn’t it?

        1. Nigel

          Is Putin in on it, or did his militaristic sabre-rattling blunder into the hands of the Secret Global Elite?

      5. Nigel

        ‘This sudden volte face is OUR victory, not yours’

        You didn’t do anything. This is like all those terrorist groups that would claim responsibility for some attack or other, or that bit of graffiti accepting the IRA’S surender after the Good Friday Agreement. Trying to maintain a narrative, as you guys like to say.

          1. Nigel

            Because ‘the narrative’ was an invention of the pandemic-truthers to shore up a belief system that requires constant adjustment in the face of an incompatible reality.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Yes, the covidian cultists have dropped the narrative (the one with constant adjustment) and are now wriggling trying to defend it in the first place.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Looking forward to the cultists picking up the narrative again. It will take an announcement from FFG again no doubt. Follow the science, how are you.

          4. Nigel

            You mean observable reality, as opposed to the tortuous attempts to reconcile some bits of reality with the means and motivations of a secret hidden ruling elite?

            ‘Follow the science, how are you.’

            Remember when you came up with an anagram for omicron? Science!

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Nope. I didn’t come up with the anagram. That was Catherine Connolly, in the Dail.

            And, the cultists seem to have dropped the narrative, as quick as diarrhea yesterday.

            So, are you following the science, or just what you’re fed from the ‘ruling elite’ as you call them?

          6. Nigel

            yeah, it’s no surprise that you didn’t come up with it on your own.

            You keep saying ‘dropping the narrative,’ and I suspect you also haven’t a clue what that is actually supposed to mean, you’re just parroting something you’ve heard other people say, that’s why you can only respond to my comments by repeating yourself.

          7. GiggidyGoo

            Lame Nigel. You make a statement, are called out on it, and your answer is an ad hominem attack.

            If you feel you must get the last word in each time, then try addressing the subject instead of the usual ad hominem attacks.

            The reason I repeat by the way, is that you’re still trying to duck and dodge and divert.

            So, are you following the science, or just what you’re fed ( the narrative) from the ‘ruling elite’ (your words) as you call them?

          8. Nigel

            No, the reason you repeat yourself is because you only have a certain set of stock phrases you rely on because you have absolutely nothing else to say and cannot respond to other people’s comments with anything else because you’re not able to expand on your side of a conversation with your own insights or thoughts or opinions.

            Try this: I have said all along that the government has been desperate to get the country out of lockdown and end restrictions and open up again at the earliest opportunity. Now I have been proved right.

            I have reservations about the ‘science’ since covid is everywhere, and while the vaccines are clearly reducing severity, there are plenty of vulnerable people out there who either can’t be vaccinated or for whom a breakthrough infection could be very dangerous. I’d like to see people continue to wear masks indoors in public areas and respect social distancing with strangers, and for supports to be put in place for people who can justifiably claim to be vulnerable. Is that something the ‘ruling elite’ fed me? Is that me dropping a narrative?

          9. GiggidyGoo

            And the usual first sentence contains an ad hominem attack.

            “ It’s not ‘my beliefs,’ it’s public health policy during a public health emergency.” Remember you wrote that?

            Yep – and that policy was delivered by….. your ‘ruling elites’

            So public health policy now is the dropping of restrictions, despite the increase we have been told there is in cases and hospitalisations. And you’ll go along with it, like you’ve done the past two years.

            “ I have said all along that the government has been desperate to get the country out of lockdown and end restrictions and open up again at the earliest opportunity. Now I have been proved right.”

            Proved right about the government ‘desperate’ to try save face you mean. Not proved right about the narrative the ‘elite’ as you call them have pushed over the past two years.

          10. Nigel

            ‘your ‘ruling elites’’

            Wow, you’re really leaning into not understanding that particular comment aren’t you?

            ‘And you’ll go along with it,’

            And so will you.

            ‘Not proved right about the narrative the ‘elite’ as you call them have pushed over the past two years.’

            There is no narrative. There”s a pandemic. There are pandemic responses by governments. There are people who claim that this is part of one big deliberate narrative, and since it isn’t, and what’s been happening can’t possibly make sense as one, they also claim that the incoherence of the narrative is in itself proof of the narrative’s artificiality, which proves that the narrative that never existed is now falling apart, though it’s also been falling apart the whole time, somehow. It’s an entirely closed loop. That’s why everything you’re trying to say here is such a godawful mess when you try to relate it to someone outside of that loop.

          11. Nigel

            ‘What do you think when you see people like Sajid Javid admitting’

            If he admitted the sky is blue I’d double check.

            ‘This is what people like me have been saying for almost 2 years now’

            Claiming you’ve been saying something for two years about the effects of a variant that has only existed for months is tyipcal of the entirely self-reinforcing fantasy world you all live in.

          12. Cui Bono?

            I’m not claiming this about Omicron (and either is Sajid Javid).

            I’m claiming this about the original variant and Delta and Omicron – all of it.

            It is now an established fact that a large portion of the covid deaths are not actually from covid. They died of other illness and are mislabelled as covid. The mainstream media is even catching up and reporting this fact.

            You are still in denial about this fact.

          13. GiggidyGoo

            Of course there’s a narrative. You just don’t understand the meaning of the word in the context of this. You can find all kinds of examples, but Robert Shiller defines a narrative as ‘a simple story or easily expressed explanation of events that many people want to bring up in conversation or on news or social media because it can be used to stimulate the concerns or emotions of others, and/or because it appears to advance self-interest.’
            The narrative has failed now.

          14. Nigel

            ‘It is now an established fact’

            It is not an established fact. Relying on the word of a Tory who wants to downplay the severity of the pandemic to justify their polciies is kind of dumb.

            You guys have been making many, many wild and weird claims about the pandemic for two years. One of them was that the lockdowns would be permanent.

          15. Nigel

            ‘You just don’t understand the meaning of the word in the context of this’

            It’s not about the meaning of the word. It’s the belief that a narrative has been created in order to conceal certain truths, such as that the pandemic is fake, that lockdowns are permanent, that vaccines are designed to kill/control people, or the whole point of the pandemic was to create vaccine passe. That in itself is a narrative, and yes, it keeps failing, but it’s self-reinforcing because real-world events, such as the ending of lockdowns, can be recast as some sort of capitlaton, even though there is nothing to capitulate to except people writing online comments.

          16. Cui Bono?

            It is an established fact Nigel. You just won’t accept it. You ignore the evidence.

            Sajid Javid is only one person, there’s millions of people stating this fact.

            I’ve never said lockdowns would be permanent either. They are a tool that might be brought out for the next flu or variant or to fight climate change.

  3. Steph Pinker

    Ronnie, leaving aside the obvious, what does ‘put an end to certs’ mean? That’ll never happen.

    Facts and context matter.

    Truth would be too much to hope for, not to mention honesty – think about it.

  4. SailorGerry

    It looks like the EU Covid green pass will remain for international travel and that will be the cornerstone to tack on the CB digital currency.

    Data in the article below shows the fully jabbed are fairing worse than those that managed to stay jab free and pure.

    The long term effects of the jabs appear to be negative and they increase the risk of hospitalization and death.


  5. GiggidyGoo

    The noose is tightening, bean savage. Resorting to quoting George Galloway as some type of well of knowledge – todays opening laugh.
    Maybe you should check in on a google search for Charger Salmons. Still No. 1: for all the wrong reasons. Oh my oh my.. ( I wonder why it’s No.1)

    No Stobarts on view in Dublin lately unfortunately. Did you not know that Stobart lost its contract with Tesco in Ireland a few years ago? Easy to count what’s not there. Do try to keep up.

  6. Nigel

    Always worth remembering after two years of perfomative outraged privelege and first-world-problem whining that the major actual instance of pandemic-related opression were the people persecuted by the Chinese government for trying to warn people about covid.

        1. Nigel

          Or until people stop dying from it all over the world? Or vaccine-resistant variants stop arriving? Nothing to do with any sort of emotional investment in anything, simply the facts.

          1. Nigel

            ‘“vaccine-resistant variants” = vaccines don’t work.’

            You’ve made some stupid comments on this site, and this is definitely one of them.

          2. Verbatim

            Nigel, what variant do you know that is vaccine resistant?
            Most honest folk accept that vaccines are not up to the job, except comfort to the population that the government (big daddy) is offering something, anything. Billions of tax payers money is being spent and shareholders in pharma companies are raking it in, so nobody wants to kill the golden goose, or shout the Emperor has no clothes.
            The fact is medicines were proposed as far back as April 2020, but these were rejected right away, but have since proven to work. If you’re concerned for your family, friends or for yourself, I would suggest that you look at alternatives, e.g. Ivermectin, Zinc, Monoclonal Antibodies, HCQ, Vit D. etc,. There are some people who should not needlessly die, I share your concern.

          3. Nigel

            ‘Nigel, what variant do you know that is vaccine resistant?’

            Delta and omicron both spread through vaccinated populations, they are vaccine resistent in that sense, though they seem to spread less than through unvaccinated and also reduce severity, compared to unvaccinated.

            ‘Most honest folk accept that vaccines are not up to the job,’

            If they’re reducing spread and reducing severity in new variants that didn’t exist when they were manufactured, they are doing a very good job.

            ‘The fact is medicines were proposed as far back as April 2020,’

            A lot of dangerous nonsense was going around in April 2020.

            ‘but have since proven to work.’

            No, they haven’t.

            ‘There are some people who should not needlessly die, I share your concern.’

            Many people in the US have died needlessly because they refused to vaccinate and thought the things you listed would save them.

      1. jonjoker

        Perhaps not, but maybe you explain why the people who were considering mandatory vaccines a couple of weeks ago have done a u-turn, and lifted all the restrictions?

        1. Nigel

          Because ‘considering’ something and deciding not to do it is not a u-turn, and nor is deciding that conditions have changed enough to justify suspending restrictions. Whether they’re correct remains to be seen.

    1. TenPin Terry

      I’d say Boris has a keen eye on Ukraine at the moment.
      A war in Europe would come in very handy for the greased piglet.
      Sir Kneelalot will still be calling for arbitration as Putin’s tanks roll into the capital.
      He’ll have a new nickname by then – Chicken Kiev …

          1. TenPin Terry

            I agree Queenie but there is also still a great of support for him.
            Firstly someone has to mount a leadership challenge.
            Then it gets put to a vote by the Conservative party rank and file.
            And even among the Tory voters in Red Wall seats he still remains the favourite so you can imagine the support in true blue constituencies.


            Remember what I always say.
            1. The Westminster media crowd and Twitter are not real life.
            2. There’s no need for a general election until Spring 2024. That’s about the same length of time away as it is since the word Covid was first heard.
            3. Starmer lacks political acumen. Triumphantly parading a turncoat Labour-loathing Tory MP at the wrong time stalled the momentum for the Pork Pie Plot and also succeeded in pissing off Labour’s left wing.
            That and David Davis’ ludicrous In the name of God’s go speech has seen the Tory party circle the wagons.

            Having said all that the Sue Gray investigation could be key. If he is shown to have wilfully and deliberately disregarded lockdown rules rather than misunderstand the grey area between work-related drinks in his home garden he could be toast by the end of next week.
            My instinct says people will consider him a prat but there’s sufficient goodwill left from the tremendous success of the vaccine programme to give him one more chance.
            But you’re welcome to pour a bucket of slurry over my head if I’m wrong. I won’t mind.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Stalter and Waldorf x 10. That’s what it’s like on here. A bunch of grumpy old men snipping at each other, but lacking the humour part. Lockdown ending might help. Lots of fresh air, real actual other people in the flesh to meet, might help. But, then again, you lads might be past help. In which case I think you should meet up and have daisy chain together. Everyone will be happier.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Always room for one more old grumpy fellow sniping at the other two. Try some fresh air – or are you past it? We can meet up and have a longer daisy chain. You’ve met all of the criteria in your last post alone to join.

          1. f_lawless

            Please, would you? How many comments are you up to at this stage, 30+? Your seemingly insatiable need to get the last word or “exert control” (as you once put it) is….out of control. Could you not content yourself with just a few comments per comment thread? And give the straw man arguments a rest, for the love of jayziz

          2. Nigel

            How dare you try to opress my freedoms of speech. Ths is the innernet, the wild west of free expression! We can say anything we want and if you think it’s too much or wrong you’re an enemy of freedoms!

            I’m just in major work-avoidance mode, flalwess. That’s all.

            And it’s not a straw man argument if people are really making that argument.

            Tell you what, though, I’ll bail and give you the floor. Take it away.

    1. Kali

      Oh no, were all doomed again. Given that we’ve been on this knife edge of extinction, its basically a miracle that humans have survived as long as we have. Either that or we can’t get enough of a good apocalypse story.

  7. Verbatim

    All I’m hoping for, is to have the time to watch some of the 50 best movies on NetFlix
    I’ve never watched so many brilliant movies and series than in the past two years. And, discovering great music by Broadsheet contributors…
    Viva … the entertainment industry!
    (This all makes it sound like the end of an era, whereas it’s just, plus ça change plus c’est la même chose! )

    1. johnny

      …some people on here appear resent one’s ability to adapt and perhaps thrive,not much to be made tilting at windmills,say if you away from home,with no safety net you simply have just get on with it.
      had a great two years,im not really a people person,in terms chit chat or beers after work,ran the teams quite well via zoom and a micro/satellite (small suburban) office setup.
      thankfully no withdrawls,will have dial back the all day spliffs a bit,though,some amazing books,films,music and hiking,exercise.

      1. TenPin Terry

        Whisper it quietly Beavis but some of us have had a brilliant pandemic.
        I’m almost sad to see it on the way out.
        Mine was sponsored by Gordon’s gin and a generous supply of combustibles.
        And some fantastically cheap sunny holidays while the rest of the country cowered behind their slabs of Linden Village.
        All good things must come to an end though.

        1. johnny

          there are only 3 things anyone ever need’s know about weed,i self sponsored my lockdown.
          1-do you have any sour diesel?
          2-oh,ok so then any haze ?
          3-hmm(you need a new source) but yeah sure ok,how about some OG ?

          -some people are back MONDAY in NY-like for real,the tide is about go out,we are now going find out who’s been swimming naked.

          oh also got an amazing irish setter,Gracie.

          (a plethora of vacant nice apartments about hit NY,evictions are back,kinda waiting for right time,before upgrading,don’t want grave dance and all that:)

      2. Ghost of Yep

        @ johnny

        It’s not resentment. It’s a heartfelt dislike for the the lack of self-awareness you put on show on a regular basis. We aren’t all peasants saving up our shillings for the steamer to the new world.

        Your “gift” is being able to grow weed? Shift weight without capacity, capital and an internet connection someone might care.

  8. goldenbrown

    oh wow, is this the Self-Destruct Plonker Of The Year?
    off to a new life in Americay but no the one originally intended it seems…

    “Irish man faces charges after ‘exposing buttocks’ on Dublin-New York flight…
    McInerney has been charged with interfering with flight crew, a felony that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison”


      1. Ronnie

        I’m prescribed something very similar to Ambien called Zopiclone, same family of hypnotics. It’s true that there is definitely a euphoric and psychedelic effect from them

        1. SOQ

          The “Nigel” and all associated are to be removed.

          This day 22/01/2022 is why you are not welcome here.

          1. SOQ

            “Nigel”- pretty sure you are not an individual- more a collective- two letters and number.

            Why broadsheet.ie allows such is something they would care to explain?

    1. Frank

      Nigel ask Doxy to explain “the russians”
      Also I’m with you SOQ Nigel/Nigels/Cian/cians is a plague upon Broadsheet. Weed these shills out sir for it is no longer amusing

    1. SOQ

      They went mad when the overpaid political class- inc SF-decided that freedom was something to be granted.

    1. Kali

      Your tin foil hat must be a bit tight if you can’t see that the government are just following the science

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