Ain’t She A Beautiful Sight? [Updated]


This afternoon.

Had to be done.


Last night/this morning.

A massive trucker convoy is making its way across Canada with the intent of converging onto Parliament Hill in Ottowa, Ontario this weekend, voicing opposition to the federal government’s mandatory vaccination policies.


Last night/this morning.




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60 thoughts on “Ain’t She A Beautiful Sight? [Updated]

    1. Gavin

      Oh god, you’re not using that traffic lights covid argument are you, it is possible to object to some laws and obey others, not all laws are created for valid reasons…I assume if being gay was still against the law you’d have no issue with that.

  1. goldenbrown

    top marks for the headline there

    have my first fupping earworm of 2022 now tho, so thanks

    grrr HATE C&W

      1. Nullzero

        “It’s clean clear to taco town.”

        Nothing like a bit of innocent racism to kick off a country tune.

  2. SOQ

    Apparently Trudeau has decided that he on on vacation now- but the truckers said they can wait, which I think is awful nice of them.

    1. Mr.T

      One of the convoys is apparently 14km long? Or maybe thats all of them together.
      THat would literally shut down the capital

      1. Johnny-ny.

        (It’s in lockdown,ever been Ottawa in January)
        It’s the US of A that is driving this,not internal policies,no vax no entry.

        1. K.Cavan

          Yeah, I’ve been in Ottawa in January, mostly indoors it has to be said but this is very much about insane internal restrictions, the main problem for truck drivers being crossing back into Canada from the US, when they’re expected to quarantine, obviously a non-runner for truckers, not going into the US. Normally, it’s an easy journey across a very open border.
          Trudeau is very much intent on destroying small business & sole traders. Along with Australia & New Zealand, Canada is a place where Globalism’s rule is ruthlessly enforced. China already owns most of the place & enforced demographic change on an unprecedented scale is Trudeau’s mission. His dad, Fidel Castro, would be proud of him.

      2. TenPin Terry

        14kms convoy ?
        What we need on here is a logistics
        ” expert ” to tell us the impact such traffic would have on, say, a port …

      3. SOQ

        I would think that is just one as they are coming in from all over. There is also an estimated 10 000 trucks planning to arrive from the US, although some of those may not make it across the border. They are going to shut the city if not the country down and supply chains are already being affected.

        THAT is how you deal with an authoritarian bully.

        1. Johnny-ny.

          ….source ?
          Your just literally making garbage up at this point.
          It’s a protest on Saturday in Ottawa by anti vax truckers,how else they gonna get there ?
          How does it affect you in any way – what is it you do again ?

          1. SOQ

            The US truckers plan to join is well reported- you can search yourself. It is most likely a strategic agreement where the Canadians will then support US if and when it kicks off there.

            This is about the removal of ALL mandates of course, not just for truckers.

            Thousands of Canadian Truckers to Strike Over Vaccine Mandates, US Truckers to Join


          2. Johnny-ny.

            So no source no link then just more propaganda and misinformation.
            Where did you get the 10,000 US truckers number – you just made it up ?

            So thousands vaxed US truckers are going drive across the border,thousands then at least 10,000 to support anti vax truckers in Canada ?

            Your source is Epoc Times ?

            Get professional help.

          3. K.Cavan

            You’re just making stuff up, Johnny-ny, they’re not “anti-vax” truckers, though I’m assuming you’re just using that moronic term for effect. They’re protesting the fact that they will be put out of business by Trudeau’s insane restrictions, along with his authoritarian vax mandates, which clearly contravene The Nuremberg Code. If those truckers can’t do their job, supply chains will cease to function &, in a Canadian winter, that means people will suffer very badly & some will die. Not that it will bother a psychopath like Trudeau.

        2. Johnny-ny.

          “There is also an estimated 10 000 trucks planning to arrive from the US, although some of those may not make it across the border.“
          Come on SOQ you spread propaganda and misinformation about states daily on here- what’s your source for this ?
          Put up or shut up.

          1. K.Cavan

            Ten thousand coming in from the US is not propaganda or misinformation, it’s an estimate that’s been quoted by multiple sources, including the organizers & is not at all outrageous in terms of a country the size of Canada.
            Your bizarre accusations against SOQ appear to be the product of a very weird & paranoid mind, “propaganda & disinformation” my ass, asking for “sources” for a widely-circulated estimate, what are you smoking, dude, eh?

          2. johnny

            name/link ONE source that states 10,000 vaxed US Truckers are driving to saturdays protest in Ottowa-just one source just one and take your time, if not just stop sub commenting,its tiresome reading your nonsense.

          3. K.Cavan

            Johnny-ny, the fact that you think that the posts of an individual, even one as authoritative & well-informed as SOQ, to a public forum, even one as classy & erudite as BS, can be classed as propaganda or disinformation, shows both an alarming lack of understanding of what either of those words mean, as well as the typical paranoid mindset of a totalitarian jackboot-licker.
            Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather, oooh, suits you sir.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    11:03 Terrapin Terry posts the same thing word-for-word. But his Gravatar changes. Hard to keep up with log-ins there Charger?

      1. paul

        I post from phone and computer and my little dude in the pot stays the same. Email connected but the name can change?

      2. GiggidyGoo

        It is alright I think. But two identical posts at an identical time from two different devices is odd?

  4. Johnny-ny.

    Update-small remote provincial town in sub zero temps welcome truck drivers to it’s truck stop,desperate stuff.

      1. Johnny-ny.

        ….yeah go figure,I should just be cheering for chaos,you know some people actually most people want return normal.
        Instead of chaos and further disruption,yeah man let’s all hope the supply chain is disrupted further,only a fat lonely only bore with nothing better to do would gleefully cheer on more disruption,as he never got anything,so has nothing lose.
        Some of us have staff and companies to run.
        Weed has been fully federal legal in Canada for years,but I do miss the four seasons and powder slopes on whistler.

        1. Bodger

          When did you join The Man, dude? Pretty heavy authoritarian vibes for a toker. Are you making meth?

          1. johnny

            did you contribute to the Go Fund Me -need a link ?

            yeah,i’m thinking about trowing my lot in with bunch anti vax Canadian separatists from ehm Manitoba or is it Regina,do i get visitation rights,as they useless to me and eveyone else,wasting valuable resources,what they gonna do move stufff around the vast empty barren useless western tundra?

    1. K.Cavan

      You should’ve put the title of your post, “desperate stuff”, front & top, Johnny, not as a badly-punctuated postscript.

  5. TenPin Terry

    A grand bit of excitement for the Canadians.
    Normally their only form of amusement is an all-night cigarette machine.

    1. bisted

      …proper lol there…real xenophobia that only the English can muster…you seem to have scared off our antipodean friend, formerly…too easy a target I suppose…

      1. TenPin Terry

        You mean the Dunder from Down Under ?
        Probably still off celebrating the Aussies annihilating the Tans at cricket.
        In his nylon GAA shirt.

        1. bisted

          …think formerly was a she…but then…Giggser…fluid, to say the least…wonder what Peadar Toibin would think of that!

  6. RuilleBuille

    After the massive failure of the anti-vax campaign here they are crossing the Atlantic to get their kicks.

    1. SOQ

      If you think that the removal of near all restrictions is a failure, then not sure what you think a success would be.

  7. SOQ

    So the Canadian Amish community have joined the convoy. Is it not a bit cold to be on a horse and carriage for that length of time? Let’s hope they are at the back.

    Meanwhile, the Canadian Sikhs are giving out free food and hot drinks to the truckers.

    GoFundMe now at $5.5 million- that is near a million a day being donated.

    Trudeau is fast becoming Canada’s Thatcher- he is uniting everyone- against him.

    1. johnny

      …yeah,its the 80’s all over again in the UK sorry Canada,when did she resign again was it really only over 30 years ago…zzzz

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