Mmm. Urban


Just off Francis Street, Dublin 8.

Carlosfandango writes:

Love this part of town, worked and lived here for a years in a previous life.
It’s changing so much, hopefully for the better – but some that might disagree.


Carlosfandango adds:

Stopped on Francis Street for a mega saussie roll and a cup of coffee when I was passing through this morning. Would recommend. (Lovin’ Catering)…

Hang on.

If you’re going to pluNOMNOMNOMNOM

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6 thoughts on “Losing Light

  1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

    No point in building anything anymore. Just open up a shack or a food hall on wheels. Don’t worry about rent and rates or health and safety,. Hike up the prices and just call it artisan.

    The real locals and travellers must be really confused.

    Gentrification how are ya!

    1. paddy apathy

      Lived and worked in the area in the 90’s. It was bleak, filthy and unsafe.
      The rejuvenation of the area is long overdue. And I don’t see much displacement of locals or community resentment or conflict. Except from those who were already a scourge.
      Gentrification, bring it on!

  2. Spider

    Gentrification just means the people that have lived there didn’t invest in their community, didn’t support local businesses and let it all go to poo… now they are pissed off that someone else has bought in to the area because it’s dilapidated unsafe and grotty… now they have improved their own living circumstances and want to approve their community too… so the original layabouts get pissed off by that…

    1. Nigel

      Given Dublin Corporation’s atrocious history of deliberate neglect leading to run-down impoverished areas with little to no social amenities, this is incredibly stupid.

  3. D-troll

    anyone have a reference to the following story regarding francis street.

    some years ago, an antique dealer was flying home from continental Europe to USA. but flight problems meant he had to land in dubln for a day. so to kill time, he decided to ask a taxi driver at airport to take him to some antique shops. taxi driver brought him to frances street. art dealer went to all the antique shops on that street and found a vase. he didnt even haggle and paid a few grand for it. It turned out to be worth a few hundred thousand euros.

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