Plough On [Updated]








This morning.

Freedom Convoy crosses northeastern Ontario bound for Ottawa (CBC)


Last night/this morning.




Yesterday: I Drove All Night To Get Trudeau


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113 thoughts on “Plough On [Updated]

  1. E'Matty

    Great to see the farmers joining the truckers but auld Elon is some two faced conniving little POS. Elon is as close to the Technocracy crew as you can get. Elon’s grandfather, Joshua Haldeman, was a leader of Technocracy Incorporated in Canada from 1936 to 1941.

          1. johnny

            bunch marks,easy prey fro grifters,spreading anti vax propaganda and msiinformation yeah,yeah sure useful idiots and US Truckers steaming in their “THOUSANDS”……but, but in stealth mode,its all a load BS.


            but let’s wait for the ticktock’s and tweets from the UK, as its ALL a USA/Canadian MSM plot,thats why there is NO coverage of this stealth 10,000 strong US truck convoy.

  2. TenPin Terry

    As any political analyst will tell you momentum, or the Big Mo, is the key factor in driving any protests.
    And nightly TV images of truckers trundling across the photogenic Canadian tundra is helping to build it here.
    Conversely the momentum against Boris has stalled, thanks to an over-exciteable media keen to claim the biggest Brexit scalp but with too many scattergun blanks.
    The Foreign Secretary using a government jet to do government business is the latest non-story.
    Then there’s gormless Sir Kneelalot constantly missing an open goal.
    And a hapless pork pie plot that has run out of steam.

    The Big Dog still has teeth.
    Woke joke Justin needs to show his bite is worse than his bark if this protest continues to build.

    1. scottser

      so the police ask for all details of the downing street parties to be eliminated in what is an obvious attempt to derail sue gray’s report. patel is playing a blinder for her boss yet the supine tan media stay quiet in this blatant cover up.
      get off your knees
      cheap gin
      birds and wogs love it up em

  3. Optimus Grime

    *Yawn* who gives a rat’s bottom about Canada – Seems the antivax among ye are so desperate for validation ye’ll go anywhere to find it

    1. Verbatim

      OMG, did you actually think this was a thought worth sharing?
      Self-centered git or something deeper?

    2. E'Matty

      Nah, unlike you slow witted Covidians, we recognise the global nature of this agenda. Therefore, what is happening around the world, particularly in the Anglo-American countries, is of relevance and importance to the broader battle against advancing global authoritarianism and Technocratic rule.

      The tide has shifted and more and more abandon your ranks and join ours by the day. According to the Official US Army Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare Handbook, whatever the cause, there will be a) an active minority for the cause, b) a neutral passive majority, and c) an active minority against the cause. By the day, more people move from the passive majority to our side as they see just how much they’ve been duped.

      Even in the Irish Times comment section one can see that it is now a majority who do not buy the Covidian narrative of fear. The passive majority can see now just how utterly ridiculous and unwarranted the fear and hysteria of the past two years over this moderate virus has actually been. Cue pivot to war on the European Continent and energy blackouts….It’s a playbook and a pretty predictable one for the most part at that. Your kind thinks the world is just bumbling along from one crisis to the next.

      1. Optimus Grime

        Ah right Big Tech is the baddie now is it? Grand so, on with ye so! Pancake Tuesday was probably dreamed up by Big Pancake to sell more Pancake too by that reckoning.

        1. Micko

          Heh.. Christ I love pancakes

          Funnily enough – no to “Big Pancake”

          But, since ya bring it up.

          Jif Lemon (now Unilever) heavily invested in their marketing around Pancake Tuesday for nearly 30 years. In an (successful) attempt to link Lemon juice and pancakes in the public’s mind and sell more of both.

          “Don’t forget the pancakes on Jif Lemon Day” was all the rage when I was a nipper.

          Big Lemon b&5t*rds


          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            sweet pancakes, apricot jam !
            salty, ham, cheese , runny egg and harisa

          2. scottser

            jif also made the kitchen cleaner, so they make money on the pancake cleanup too. they might call it cif now but we all know how big pancake doubles down on the profits. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!

          3. Micko

            Get out of here with that European madness

            It’s Sugar, lemon and butter or NOTHING Janet – the way the good Lord intended for us to eat the holy pancakes on the most important of holy days! ;P

            Pancakes – they’re just big eucharists really

        2. Verbatim

          We go from sharing yawns, to pancake tuesday (though it’s Friday), Gautamala, Jif, Cif and Big Tech being the baddie… are you all on (hard) drugs or something, or is everyone here in need of mental health services? (OK I know there is none available) so, perhaps do stick around, if it helps.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            it’s more likely the beautiful flow of unfettered minds (or you know a misspent youth)

        3. Gorty

          Yep all those data centres sucking up all the energy as we are screwed for carbon taxes
          At the expense of farmers

  4. Nigel

    Antivaxxers: It’s all a conspiracy by big tech billionaires!
    Big Tech Billionaire: You’re doing great, lads, keep it up!

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Did CryptoBro even make a contribution to the GoFundMe, or did he just give them a virtue signalling clap?

    2. E'Matty

      Nigel, why do you separate Big Tech billionaires from the rest of the billionaire class? Auld Davos Man is from across all industries and sectors of global society, from High Finance and Banking to Big Tech and Big Pharma, Big Agri to the political, military and religious “elites”. You seem to think they all act separate to one another when clearly the crossover between them is extensive and deep rooted. Whilst all of them are self serving, they enjoy common interests that are best served by collaboration. Have you never heard of Davos, or Bilderberg, or the Trilateral Commission? You’re a bit clueless as to how the world works aren’t you Nigel? Did you think politicians are elected and then act democratically on behalf of their electorates? What age are you, four?

      1. Nigel

        I’ve been assured that the pandemic is part of a plan for a tyrannical tech takeover by billionaire techbros. Be ironic if you guys’ actions and beliefs were actually facilitating that instead of opposing it and the billionaire techbros and all the other billionaires were very happy with the good work you’ve done so far.

          1. hmmm

            Potato loves 5G,

            Means Potato doesn’t have to deal with blot clots, heart conditions, death and general failure of narrative that failed.

            Ain’t that right Potato?

  5. Liam Deliverance

    50,000 people in what 10,000 trucks or 50,000 trucks/vehicles?, either way that’s mighty impressive, also add in the weather, the costs, the time, fair play in fairness, must be the French blood running through their veins

  6. Mr.T

    Trudeau announced yesterday he would be isolating for the week as a “close-contact” for covid.
    Funny enough the Ontario health guidelines state you do not have to isolate if you are fully vaccinated.

    Likely he wants to gtfo and not be there when the protest begins, spineless

    1. johnny

      ….what makes you so certain there is SO much support in Canada,the posters on here relying on the UK twitter accounts or is it the facebook support groups.
      One the main reasons the ‘go fund me’ is frozen is most the donations were non canadian,its become a vehicle for anti vax cranks to hijack and exploit,its just not Canada,have you ever been ?

        1. johnny

          Have you ever been to Canada,when was the last time,as you are now acting like some Tallaght based canadian expert or do you drive trucks ?

          1. johnny

            so you’ve more the Go Fund me expert then,its a given then that you have never been to Canada nor do you drive trucks.
            what impact on the fund did international banking regs have ?

      1. Mr.T

        I have been jonny. I also have an adult child living there atm.
        The support he has seen in his area is great, its the talk of the town.
        All the other Irish emigrants in his network say similar things, covering an area between BC, AB, ON. Support for the truckers is big, if people dont support them, they are keeping those opinions largely to themselves.

        Let me ask you a question jonny, ….what makes you so certain there is NOT so much support in Canada? What leads you to believe in the conspiracy that the truckers are deeply unpopular and hated in the nation, but also so few in numbers that most of the country arent even aware of them? Is this just contrarianism from yourself or do you have any proof for your myriad of (contradictory) claims?

        1. johnny

          jayzus maybe the FACT that the majority of go fund me money is from overseas,as the anti vax’s dullards,hijack the western separatists trucker convoy to nowhere.

          (-i’ve lived in Yorkville (TO) and worked there,visit often,i ski out west,it was the first county legalize cannabis,i work with Toronto companies and growers on the West Coast daily.)

          1. Mr.T

            The majority of the world lives outside Canada too jonny.

            Besides, I didnt realise that popularity is measured in $. Not surprising that canadians havent donated the majority of the 5(?) million, seeing as their currency is experiencing crippling inflation worse than most of the Western world.
            $50 CAD for a steak, you wouldnt have much left over to donate certainly.

          2. Mr.T

            The metric according to whom?
            Only you jonny attempt to make up some criteria to quantify the support and then discredit it using the same criteria you alone chose! Lay off the dope, dope.

            Take a break, you’ll give yourself an aneurysm ranting and raving about anti-vaxxers under the bed

    2. Micko

      Update from the GoFundMe

      Nearly at 7 million quid now.

      “ We have some great news to share with all of you! We have received confirmation that GoFundMe has released our first batch of funds and is initiating our first transfer. We can’t thank you enough for your patience.

      Sadly, the legacy media felt it was necessary to publish news articles implying that GoFundMe had frozen our funds for a variety of outrageous reasons. In reality, the temporary hold was due to international banking regulations which dictate many of GoFundMe policies. It is common practice with GoFundMe to conduct this kind of due diligence to ensure the funds are legitimate.”

      1. johnny

        Micko,you making me nervous the amount you not have big balls to wash.
        ….the temporary hold was due to international banking regulations…
        Which part do you need help with,just ask the headmaster at your kids school,over your morning natter explain it.

        1. Micko

          Jesus Johnny

          a) What the f&^k is sub-commenting? You absolute nerd.

          b) That’s what’s on their GoFundMe page. Take it up with them.

          c) Will you be repeating the same crap about my balls, headmasters, height etc forever?

          You’re a very tedious man.

          1. Micko

            I’ll take that as a yes then… constant repetition it is then

            Originally, Johnny.

            You should try it some day. It’ll change yer life pal.

          2. SOQ

            People with short term memory problems do tend to repeat themselves Micko. And to think this abusive clown was complaining about kids in Dundrum not having any manners- at least they have the excuse of immaturity.

          3. johnny

            yeah,The Square just did not make my list,how’s it doing these days?
            Now Young and Bloor or Yorkville is doing great,highly recommend the new four seasons,its Issy Sharp’s masterpiece.

  7. Shitferbrains

    I wonder does Broadsheet believe that the people of Bergamo died like flies. Or was it a scam ?

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Of COURSE it was a scam. Crisis actors! Controlled opposition! 5G! Magnets! Great Reset! Great Replacement! Great Barrington Declaration! WTO! WWF! WWE! WTF?!? 6MWE!

      Bruce, get your noose please. We’re going to a lynching in the capital, eh.

          1. Me so Harney

            As if you’d know you charlatan.

            Council on foreign relations toady good, everything else bad..

            keep on trucking the kool aid

          2. Me So Harney


            Obnoxious person calling someone else angry..

            Close the door on yer way out love

    2. Optimus Grime

      Oh a scam surely! The Sandy Hook of Covid by all accounts. You saw coffins but did you see the bodies? Some of the absolute nonsense that the mentallers above seem to spout

  8. SOQ

    Message from B.J. Dichter- one of the organisers of the GoFundMe page.

    We have received confirmation that GoFundMe has released our first batch of funds and is initiating our first transfer.

    Sadly, the legacy media felt it was necessary to publish news articles implying that GoFundMe had frozen our funds for a variety of outrageous reasons. In reality, the temporary hold was due to international banking regulations which dictate many of GoFundMe policies. It is common practice with GoFundMe to conduct this kind of due diligence to ensure the funds are legitimate.

    We have an amazing team behind the scenes comprised of lawyers, accountants and bookkeepers working hard to ensure people will be compensated. As a reminder, this will take a bit of time, and we ask for your patience while the team reviews and validates the overwhelming number of submissions by participants.

      1. E'Matty

        Who cares what some red haired woke clown on Twitter thinks Daisy, eh? I’d imagine everything is “conspiracy theory” to her. It’s hilarious how you mindless woke types have become such drones for global corporatism. You probably think KPMG put a float in the gay pride parades because they “really care about gay rights”.

      2. SOQ

        Yes, the smearing has begun. Now why does it surprise me you’d be the first to go searching?

        They are well prepared for this BS. They accurately predicted that the first thing MSM would go after is the money, and right on queue….

          1. Doxxy Chainsaw

            Aw, my little SOQpuppet has a lacky doing his angry anklebiting for him today. You’d think outsourcing the batpoop crazy would dilute it a little, but it doesn’t.

          2. SOQ

            You posted poo yesterday which I proved to be wrong and now you just ignore is it?

            If this whole vaccine thing really has revealed the shills on this site.

        1. johnny

          so NO distribution then,frozen due untraceable offshore/no name numbered accounts.
          this aged well,from above.

          “The GoFundMe account is NOT frozen- they drew down a million yesterday. Stop peddling MSM lies.”

          yesterday all my troubles seemed ….

        1. E'Matty

          So why did you use them then Nige? You and your makey uppy “died WITH Covid stats”. Only you zealous fanatics still actually believe in those numbers.

          1. Nigel

            It’s like those horror films where people wander into a town and start being murdered, and it turns out everyone in the town is doing the murders. Everyone in the world is in on it, except you.

      1. Doxxy Chainsaw

        You keep spouting that, yet provide no links to a reputable source where this information can be verified.

    1. Cian

      I think you lost this: “0”

      There have been almost 900,000 Covid deaths in the US. (and, coincidently, almost 900,000 excess deaths too)

  9. johnny

    …i can’t seem find those 10,000 US Truckers,which crossing are they using,or are they all already embedded or still in stealth mode.
    oh look,no look,look a map of the trans canada highway.

      1. johnny

        …you did go to extraordinary lengths to explain that the english educational system failed you,no need prove it daily,hourly… by p o s t

        -Kingston Police @KingstonPolice
        As of 9:35 am all roads have reopened and all trucks and passenger vehicles have departed #ygk and are now EB on Hwy 401.

        Our count:
        ❄️17 full tractor trailers
        ❄️104 tractors w no trailers
        ❄️424 passenger vehicles
        ❄️6 RVs-

        Highway 401 is hand drawn on the hostage note above-trans canada highway.

  10. lolly

    Why would you post that hateful cartoon? This site really is the worst. That guy lost all credibility when he was sacked by the Telegraph (he was too much of a loony for the Telegraph – think about that). Holocaust memorial day was just last week, and that moron is using the murderer of 6 million jews and tens of thousands of gay people, gypsies and political enemies to illustrate some vague point about restaurants being closed and having to wear a mask or get a vaccine so you don’t kill old people or say cystic fybrosis sufferers when you go shopping. COP the fu&k ON. how dare you spit on these people’s memory by publishing it. it has no merit whatsoever.

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