Above from left: Lorraine Keegan, Martina Hand, Antoinette Keegan and Pauline Braymer. in the frames are Martina Keegan (16) and Mary Keegan (19) who died in the Stardust Fire

This afternoon.

RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

family members of Stardust fire victims outside the eleventh pre-inquest hearing into the fire that killed 48 people at an Artane disco in the early hours of February 14, 1981. The location for the inquest itself has been set at the Rotunda Hospital.

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Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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3 thoughts on “Another Year

  1. Dougall

    These people will never get justice..Neither will the victims of the Catholic Church
    The state is also complicit in these crimes and will never become accountable.
    Those babies in Tuam still have not had a decent Christian burial in a country that embraced same sex marriage.
    Until we see the same energy put in regarding these desperate injustices nothing will happen.
    They are confined to history and the state hope they will all die ,and the matter just ends as that

    The state is not the people ,but the people appointed by the government of the day to administer the civilian population
    The only chance for change will be the election where the people can call the state to account.
    Unfortunately I will not be voting as there is nothing there but more of the same calibre ,either side left middle right .

  2. Fearganainm

    Stardust nightclub manager files lawsuit which could further delay inquests

    “The former manager of the Stardust nightclub has initiated legal proceedings seeking to overturn a decision by the Dublin Coroner. The move, which has the potential to further delay the upcoming inquests into the deaths of 48 people in a fire at the nightclub in 1981, has been greeted with deep disappointment by the families of those who died. It comes after just days after coroner Dr Myra Cullinane refused an application from Eamonn Butterly for the exclusion of “unlawful killing” as a possible verdict in the inquests. According to High Court records, Mr Buttlerly initiated the judicial review proceedings on Thursday…”


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