Money For Old Tech


This morning

A survey, carried out by Currys, has revealed that only 37% of people regularly recycle old electronic items.

How dare you.

With this in mind…

…Via Currys Ireland:

‘We are today launching ‘Cash for Trash’, a limited time offer where shoppers can swap unused tech products, broken or in working order, for a voucher worth €5 to spend in store or online.

Bring all your old, broken, unwanted tech, large or small, to your closest Currys store by 14th June. In return, Currys will give you a €5 voucher redeemable against any eligible in-store purchase (by June 14.2022).’

Jaimie Cantwell, Head of Commercial at Currys Ireland adds:

“We’re confident the public are going to get behind this scheme in a big way, and help us to avoid adding more tech to landfill.”

Currys Ireland


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11 thoughts on “Money For Old Tech

  1. ANO

    Thanks for removing the post featuring that transphobic chap’s Twitter account Bodger, good to see you on top of that stuff.

    Staying on topic, I’m a fiend for hoarding old tech and a fiver will do nowt to break that filthy habit.

    1. Kine

      Found my old 1983 Motorola 8000x brick in the attic wrapped in a trash bag with charger
      I think I will recoup the price I paid for it
      The Great thing about those mobiles of yore is that it was just a phone but the weight of them and many a suits line was ruined by them if indeed you had a big enough pocket to put it in
      I remember my first bill around £350

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Just make sure your trash is actually trash and you are not giving away treasure for a E5 voucher.

  3. Micko

    Top Tip:

    Go to Powercity.

    Grab loads of old tech to be recycled in the skip they have out the front.

    Go to Curry’s with said knackered tech

    Get all de monies

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Ah – but only one voucher accepted per purchase….probably per purchase over €100

      1. John Smith

        You will be rewarded with a €5 off voucher to be redeemed either instore or online.
        The voucher will be provided in store or online when you recycle your
        old tech.
        Minimum spend of €25 on redemption.
        This offer is Limited to one voucher per
        customer and not the quantity of products recycled.

        From Curry’s T & C for the offer

  4. Dr.Fart

    no way. my old tech are the only items I have that will be of value to my niece and nephew when theyre old. not guna hawk them for a fiver.

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