Professor Higgins And Semantics [Updated]


This afternoon.



From top: Dr Peter Boylan; Dr Jennifer Walsh, Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist at The National Maternity Hospital, and Master of the National Maternity Hospital Professor Shane Higgins

This morning.

Holles Street, Dublin 2.


The National Maternity Hospital would be open to removing or redefining the phrase “clinically appropriate” from documents regulating the new hospital.

Professor Shane Higgins, master of the existing hospital on Holles St, said that “having seen how much upset and concern it does cause, we would be open to defining it or having it removed.”


Prof Higgins said that he did not understand concerns about the new hospital being on a leasehold. He said many other buildings that received significant public investment like the Mansion House and the new Central Bank were also on a leasehold as the new NMH will be.


…yesterday, former Master Dr Peter Boylan told the Oireachtas health Committee:

“Vatican permission was conditional on the Sisters observing certain specified canon laws. The St Vincent’s companies bind them to uphold the values of Mother Mary Aikenhead, the founder of the order.

“The concern about Catholic ethos is too acute to proceed unless and until there is full scrutiny of all correspondence between Ireland and Rome.

“The Government should directly ask the new owners of St Vincent’s Holdings – Dr David Brophy, Professor Michael Keane and Sharen McCabe – why they cannot gift, as the Sisters of Charity said they would in 2017, or sell the land to the State,” he added.

“Specifically, do the conditions set down by the Vatican preclude St Vincent’s Holdings from gifting or selling the land?

“Prior agreement on the services must include a specified list of procedures including but not limited to abortion, elective sterilisation, assisted fertility and gender realignment surgery, and any procedure that becomes legal in the future.”

This morning, Prof Higgins responded:

“[Dr Boylan] was a highly respected clinician for his entire career, but I don’t understand the vitriol of the opposition.”

National Maternity Hospital open to removing phrase ‘clinically appropriate’ from new hospital’s regulation documents (

Yesterday: Release Vatican correspondence before new National Maternity Hospital can be built, former master Peter Boylan says (


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21 thoughts on “Professor Higgins And Semantics [Updated]

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    “Clinically appropriate” is so loaded as to render the whole agreement obsolete.

    A woman with a history of breast or gyny cancers in her family might request a mastectomy or hysterectomy to protect her future health but because it’s not necessary, it can be questioned as to whether it’s “clinically appropriate” under the catholic ethos of SVHG and denied. Once again, religious orders controlling women.

    1. Ian - oG

      The utter cheek of this statement:

      “[Dr Boylan] was a highly respected clinician for his entire career, but I don’t understand the vitriol of the opposition,”

      Was? Still is.

      Calling reasonable concerns vitriol while thinking he’s so clever as to surreptitiously cut off Prof. Boylans credibility with that sort of weasel language.

      The behaviour of him, Donnelly and Martin and Gileadean pet journalists like Ellen Coyne are massive red flags here, if the hospital is needed so badly and these things like terminology are of no consequence why not just get rid of them, why not remove any links to canon law?

      I think we can make some educated guesses.

    2. Kin

      Maybe spend the billion on renovating existing hospitals
      Or just build it on a site not owned by any Irish religious order

  2. Gavin

    “Prof Higgins said that he did not understand concerns about the new hospital being on a leasehold”…this is why you don’t ask a medical professional for legal advice on property law…FFS

    1. Mad

      These guys are untouchable Gavin, you just don’t question them- do you not know that?

  3. johnny

    …throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    Musk it or choke on the deal,just walk,walk away (run)…

    ALL leases contain ‘use’ clauses,comparing it to the Central Bank and Manor House is disingenous,given the ‘uses’.

    If they dont walk,then have no use clause,only solution.

    Was not one the main reasons for voting FFG fears over SF’s skills to pay the bills,thankfullly we have a pro business,experienced govt with Martin,first elected in the 1980’s, still a shame he cant figure out a lease or how to run a public works project,never mind build homes,phew a safe pair experienced hands and all that….

  4. freewheeling

    Having bunfights over what “clinically appropriate” might mean in treating patients, by the same healthcare regime that deemed it “clinically appropriate” to inject an entire population en-masse with an experimental vaccine for the flu, and brush the damaging consequences under the carpet. In light of that, these semantic, abstract disputes over two words are an insult to this country. Just build the damn hospital (and hope it doesn’t cost us another 2 billion, if there’s any money left for healthcare by then).

    1. Kali

      There’s a lot of truly bad parties to vote for. But the greens are verging on a cult. You’d have to assume it was the younger generation that voted for them last election

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