9 thoughts on “Rush Hour

    1. Kin

      And the idiot on the bike
      His child seems to be in a place that will cushion the impact
      Time cyclists are made get insurance and even better taxed to pay for the Mai range of cycle lanes

      1. Strutting Andrew

        How on earth is the fellow on the bicycle an “idiot”? He’s wearing a helmet, his children are wearing helmets, cycling on a cycle lane, cycling in single file at an appropriate distance…. he is doing everything correctly. And what makes you think he does not pay tax?

          1. Kin

            And there is another problem Tom j
            What happens if he hits a pedestrian?
            Look up the laws regarding cycling
            And it costs money to build cycle lanes
            And the law states Nigel that it’s against the law to use a bicycle on a footpath unless it’s clearly identified as a cycle path
            For the life of me I cannot see any markings and I notice the bus stop

          2. Wilhelm

            It’s actually a very wide path. Plenty of space all the way to Merrion Gates.

            Very few people walk on that side of Rock Road anyway.

        1. Kin

          Andrew bit like me mounting my kids on the bumper of my car
          I suppose if he drives into a wall or a car or a bus I am sure crash helmets will save him
          As well as that it’s only fair cyclists pay their fair share of the cost of cycle lanes
          There is no such thing as a free lunch

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