Peas In Our Time [Extended Mix]


Tribes and vibes.

I gotta feeling you’re gonna like our music competition: we’re offering you the chance to win 2 tickets to see The Black Eyed Peas and guests in concert in Galway’s Pearse Stadium on June 4th.

From the press blurb:

“Set your sights on the Tribe this June Bank Holiday as pop culture icons Black Eyed Peas perform their first Irish gig in over 11 years. The city will come alive when one of the world’s most exciting, dynamic and successful groups of our generation play to 26,000 fans in Galway’s Pearse Stadium on June 4th 2022 as Galway will be the launch pad for their European tour. Limited tickets available here.

“See lead vocalist, and rappers, Taboo and J.Rey Soul perform the iconic tracks that defined an entire generation. Fans can expect a monster set filled with the ageless classics ‘Pump it’ and ‘Let’s Get It Started’ through to international megahits like ‘I Gotta Feeling’ and ‘Where is the Love’.”

Also on the bill are UK neo-soul singer Gabrielle, local punk-pop heroes The Blizzards and Dea Matrona.

To enter, simply tell us what your favourite memory of Galway is?

Lines MUST close at 10.45pm.

Nick says: Good luck!

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31 thoughts on “Peas In Our Time [Extended Mix]

  1. Royal M

    That time he pretended to be a cat and supped milk from some actress’s hands on Celebrity Big Brother

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      I mean are there any black eyes without her lepping about ?

    2. Kin

      Last time I listened to them was when fergie sang with them god how I drooled
      When she left I never listened to them
      Yer man who dressed like a jockie I used to just laugh
      I guess I inherited it from me mammy
      She used to chuckle at male ballet dancers and the cod pieces they wore

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    my favorite memory of Galway is getting rat arsed and dancing all night after the Connemarathon, I thought I’d met god twice that day, once at 37km when I got my second wind, the second time when I met a fellow Italian runner on the dance floor…I couldn’t walk the next day.

    1. Hughie Luas

      I hear you. I hated the Connemarathon. Cold, nasty, wet. Hills. And very, very boring. Full of lads from the Garda running club. It’s a point-to-point so you have no choice but to run back to something approximating civilisation. Bring on the Irish Life Dublin Marathon 2022!

          1. Hughie Luas

            That’s possible. A few years ago they decided to move the date back about a month to encourage people to sign up because it *might* be warmer. It’s still utter dung. It’s the only marathon I would never run a second time. It’s the most over-rated marathon in Ireland. Dingle is a good run. Limerick. Cork. Belfast. Waterford Viking. And Dublin.

            Even parkrun in Galway is miserable.

  3. scottser

    galway is a hole, never had a decent night out in the place. it’s my number one of places to avoid.

  4. Jimmy

    My favorite memory of Galway is in the future on the 4th of June after I win these tickets.

    I’m a huge fan of, the apple juice brand, all forms of Taboo and the Duchess of York.

    I’m hoping they don’t phunk us around too much and get it started as quickly as possible so I can get the phunk out of Galway, the phunking traffic lad.

    Actually when I get these tickets I will rip them up like a Pat Kenny on a late late television.

    I pray that bill will remain in his the voice seat for the duration of the show and only turn around to face the audience to occasionally spit on us. I will graciously accept thy fluid like a human dip stick in a Kevin Costner Mel Gibson wet dream.

    What have I done.

  5. Hughie Luas

    Looking forward to hearing more from Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian on the Late Late Show.

  6. Rapscallion

    Once went camping to Galway with mates. Arrived late, found field. Got drunk. Caroused. Went to sleep and woke about midday the next day. In the middle of a tiny green in a housing estate in Salthill. Surrounded by locals. Kicked of a mad gal weight weekend.

  7. Fergalito

    I’d a good time for a long time in Galway fadó fadó. When the party moved on as it inevitably always does – remember, the craic is only ever in one place at a given time – it was necessary to get a new haircut, have a shave, move on and buck my ideas up a bit.

    Best gig I saw there was out at the racecourse, Beastie Boys and Radiohead on the bill. It pissed out of the heavens for a good chunk of it so managed to grab some bin-bags and carelessly fashion a semi-permeable subpar coverall for the body to slither into. Sun came out thereafter to split the stones and dry us all off, eventually.

    Haven’t been back to Galway in a long time. Not sure what the vibe is like there these days. Still, always think of it fondly though I’m sure there is a fair share of craic refugees looking to desperately surf some wave of nostalgia back to their salad days.

    No interest in the Black Eyed Peas but hope whoever does win occupies the same space and time as the craic. You may grasp it momentarily but never hold onto it for keeps. Of that I’m certain.

  8. missred

    My friend is pretty sure she got pregnant during a long binge weekend we had visiting pals in Galway. Herself and the then fella stayed an extra night when the rest of us could barely stand. So it’s a pretty memorable one for her….

  9. Cú Chulainn

    I’m long past the deadline but thought this was a good time to sneak this in: my favourite memory of Galway. Mid 20’s and away with a beautiful sexy and very horny young woman for a dirty weekend. We had both fancied each other for good while so it was full on. So full on we didn’t even stay out for late pints on the Saturday. Cue Sunday morning and I had the aforementioned in completely wide open and exposed position, did I mention she was quite kinky, when the hotel room door opened and the chamber maid walked in. That was the moment I discovered that I like an audience, I like more than one person in the room, and the day my life changed for the better.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Old friends, new faces… That’s a good enough reason to win the tickets don’t you think.. ; )

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