Alas Smith and Jones


Last night.

Unidentified location, Dublin.

Village on the telly!

The first episode of Village magazine podcast hosted by Village Editor Michael Smith, and actor and satirist Morgan C Jones, features whistleblower and activist Chay Bowes on the background to Leo Varadkar’s leak of a government-negotiated draft contract.

Take that, Prime Time.



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7 thoughts on “Alas Smith and Jones

  1. john f

    I would say Varadkar is done, this story won’t go away and the puppet masters that run this country are aware of the public dislike and mistrust of him.
    The media has been bigging up Helen McEntee, presenting her in the best possible light and showering praise on her at every opportunity. My guess is that she is going to be installed as the next Taoiseach.
    A couple of weeks before Martin is due to step down, the DPP will amounts charges against Varadkar and this will be used to ensure that he doesn’t make too much noise about the change in leadership. Ultimately you will get little more than a slap on the wrist.

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