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Green Party TDs Patrick Costello (top) Neasa Hourigan (above with Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan) have announced they  will break ranks with the Government to vote in favour of a Sinn Féin motion on the National Maternity Hospital this evening in the dail.

This afternoon.

This afternoon.

Via RTE News::

Green Party TD Patrick Costello has confirmed that he will vote in favour of Sinn Féin’s motion on the National Maternity Hospital.

The Dáil will vote on the motion later tonight, after People Before Profit deputy Richard Boyd Barrett confirmed his colleagues would facilitate it.

Mr Costello’s party colleague Neasa Hourigan yesterday said she would also break ranks with the Government.


on Today with Claire Byrne.

The Tánaiste said there were “a lot of myths and misinformation” around the project that were able to be dispelled during the two-week delay in confirming the hospital would proceed, namely a clear definition to the term “clinically appropriate”.

Mr Varadkar said he understood people’s concerns around ownership of the land and defended the 299-year lease as ownership.

The perfect can be the enemy of the very, very good. This is a very, very good arrangement. We do own the hospital, we own the bricks and mortar and we have a 300-year leasehold title to the land, and that is ownership,” he said.

The Tánaiste said he also understood people’s concerns given the country’s history with institutional abuse and the church’s influence over healthcare.

Mr Varadkar said what was happening was two hospitals – Holles Street and St Vincent’s – that are currently under Catholic influence are being secularised.

You would have the impression from some people, that the hospital as being gifted to the nuns. That is just fake news,” he said.

Costello joins Hourigan in support of NMH motion (RTE)


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12 thoughts on “Habits & Costello

    1. Kin

      Some bird in the UN stated that a good year ago
      When she said all housing should be owned by corporations and government
      It’s becoming a reality and by the time fair deal is in full swing one of the last generations will be bled dry for a few years drugged and put in the corner in an adult nappy in one of these nursing homes
      And nothing will be left to pass on to their kids failing that equity release

  1. Kin

    I see two who see the writing on the wall and need an exit plan so they can save their careers
    Bets are on for them standing as independents next election and of course the gullible voting public will give them another few years sucking on the teat of the public purse

  2. bisted

    …too little too late greens…history will show that you lied to people on the doorsteps when you claimed to be a party for change…

  3. Fearganainm

    Two Green TDs defy Coalition and back Sinn Féin motion for National Maternity Hospital on publicly-owned land


    “…The future of Neasa Hourigan and Patrick Costello as Coalition TDs is now in doubt after they supported a Dáil motion calling for a public hospital to be built on land owned by the State. The Government abstained on the motion which was passed by 56 votes to 10 with 69 abstentions after the Rural Independent Group joined forces with Solidarity-People Before Profit (PBP) TDs to force a vote on the issue. Sinn Féin also supported a vote…”

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