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    1. Mad

      Kill rap
      Langwallner has been somewhat quiet I wonder did he get a few cease and desist missives

  1. Hughie Luas

    So, turns out the origin of “clinically appropriate” was the HSE and not the nuns…. well done, Paul Reid.

  2. Ronnie

    Boffins report that no bokkles left in local community drink centres in future, will lead to serious civil unrest

    1. scottser

      MI5 are on record as stating that the UK is only ‘four meals away from anarchy’.

      1. Kin

        You must feel sorry for Jamie Vardy
        His wife now has cost him a massive fortune
        But fleeing to the USA will not rid him of his woes
        Fact is she is past her sell by date and a divorce now will save him big money in the long run
        In the other high profile trial in the USA every woman is dying to know what make up she uses
        That can cover up a full force fist of a man wearing heavy rings and next day the photos show a perfect skin that you could swear was untouched
        Amber must have a very Depp make up artist or maybe she is another liar just like Mrs Vardy

    1. Kin

      It’s nothing as bad as Sean Quinn invading the land of his former company driving his Mercedes’ tank
      This muppet needs to spend another time behind bars

  3. bisted

    …oh no…those pesky Russians are imposing sanctions now…that’s very unfair of them…

      1. bisted

        …we know a thing or two about famine here…much older than uncle Joe using it to punish collaboration with nazis…anyway…should you not be spinning for the brave greens this morning…

          1. Mad

            Yes if Fat Tan AND Fat Tart are included in both countries obesity datasets I can readily see how they score so high

        1. SOQ

          Well the Brits are on the Ukrainian side and they are the famine experts.

          Now- where did I put that penny whistle?

      2. Kin

        Sure Nigel on wion they are accusing Ukraine of exactly the same as zelensky did ban exports of grain to the world and he knew exactly what he was doing
        We might be able to endure this but half of Africa ?
        Apparently 246 million people are now suffering severe re food poverty as a result
        Unless this war ends soon the situation might just start more wars as the suffering becomes intolerable
        Meanwhile europe looks after his people fleeing war

        1. Nigel

          When did Zelensky ban grain exports? Why are you trying to blame Zelensky for a war Putin started?

    1. Kin

      They are deporting diplomats
      Meanwhile the Ukrainians are demanding the recall of its diplomats from the embassy in the Mariupol steel works

  4. Fearganainm

    Aer Lingus owner IAG buys 50 Boeing 737 Max aircraft


    “…The aircraft were obtained at a “substantial discount”, according to the airline, and the deal contains an option for another 100 planes. The order includes 25 of Boeing’s 737-8200 and 25 737-10 aircraft, part of the Boeing Max range that was grounded for two years following two fatal crashes…”

    1. Kin

      Smart move buying these planes with a pretty bad history
      Amazes me air travel a massive enemy of the climate is being expanded by buying more and more planes
      Maybe it can be off set if they adapted these aircraft to have outside bogs
      Maybe they just might wing it

    1. stephen moran

      I thinks its about relativities as Politco London playbook details

      Imran Ahmad Khan: Found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. Resigned his Wakefield seat, which will see a by-election on June 23. Khan was defended by fellow Tory MP Crispin Blunt, who announced his intention to stand down days later.

      Neil Parish: Admitted twice watching porn in the House of Commons chamber. Resigned his seat in Tiverton, which will also have a by-election on the same day.

      David Warburton: Suspended by the Tory party over cocaine and sexual harassment allegations reported by the Sunday Times.

      Rob Roberts: Given his Tory membership back despite sexually harassing a staff member, although he still sits in the Commons as an independent.

      Andrew Griffiths: The former Tory MP was last year found to have raped and physically abused his wife. Despite the allegations against him, he had the Tory whip reinstated by Theresa May in an attempt to help save her premiership.

      Charlie Elphicke: Was jailed for two years after being found guilty of sexually assaulting three women. Natalie Elphicke, his wife and successor in Parliament, remains a Tory Party vice chair despite signing a witness statement accusing the victim of lying. Charlie Elphicke also had support from a “protection racket” of Tory MPs including Theresa Villiers, Bob Stewart, Roger Gale and Adam Holloway.

      And that’s without mentioning … the original Pestminster stories back in 2017, which saw the resignations of then-Defense Secretary Michael Fallon over sexual harassment allegations, and then-First Secretary of State Damian Green for lying about what he knew about porn on his office computer. Another former minister, Mark Garnier, was accused by a secretary of asking her to buy sex toys.

        1. scottser

          ‘No wonder you’re always on here desperate for attention’

          now there’s the pot calling the kettle a two-faced hypocritical ladypartbag.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Charger isn’t very good with his come-backs today. He’s probably proud though that he’s No. one in Google search under Charger Salmons.

      1. stephen moran

        complete red herring – I can spend euro’s anywhere in the world as it is a medium of exchange and a store of value – try spending rubles anywhere bar Putussia . You simply can’t. The ruble fails the two of the basic definitional functions of fiat money. Get that monopoly kit out from under your bed – the notes in their have more value. As I’ve said before I have about $50 worth of rubles at home I kept as a souvenir of my last trip to St Petersburg . I’d be happy to swap them for €20.

        1. SOQ

          I don’t think it is so much the use of the rouble as the not use of the dollar which is important. China and India are now trading with Russia in ‘other’ which is a big change.

          Every attempt to date to break away from the Dollar has not ended well, but the post sanctioned Rouble is performing much better than predicted. It is very much a case of ‘watch this space’.

          1. stephen moran

            No one can use the ruble – If I hawk the rubles I have in my drawer around Dublin today NO ONE can or will change them into € for me – its NOT money – you cannot spend it or exchange it

            The INR (Indian Rupee ) is at an all time low versus the $ fyi – no one wants that either – it will NEVER be used for trade financing because TOO volatile and you cannot as an importer or an importer hedge it the way you can the $ or € (month or even years in advance) – it would be economic suicide for anyone to use INR. This is NOT an ideological point btw you wouldn’t last a week if you did……
            The CNY is also weakening versus the $ as the US is putting up interest rates whilst China is still in easing mode because their property based economy is in serious trouble. You cannot trade the CNY offshore. An Irish exporter or importer cannot take receipt of CNY in Ireland. 4% of global trade is priced in CNY and less is settled via the currency. TINA.

          2. SOQ

            With respect stephen- you and I are small change- literally. We don’t count, which is why banks are closing branches all over the country.

            How countries trade with each other will determine the future and the two largest are now moving away from the Dollar.

            You obviously understand a lot more about international finance that I but, natural resources have always been where the real power lies and right now, when it comes to the dance off between Europe and Russia, Russia is calling the shots.

          3. stephen moran

            The Russian model on how to win this war made certain static assumptions – they all have proven wrong. In a game of chess there are 2 players. Authoritarian depots are not used to playing against a dynamic innovative opponents. Ukraine and the West (an expanded NATO , the US military industrial complex, EU public opinion) have moved the goalposts. Russia had some good cards but they played their hand like dunces & amateurs. Russia has failed to achieve a single element of its strategy. The invasion has galvanized its enemies in ways Ukraine could only have dreamt about. A decision has been made to stop Putin dead in his tracks in Ukraine via a proxy war – they will do “whatever it takes” – s far better there than in the Baltics or Poland in a few years time.

            Once the full oil/ gas boycotts kicks in Russia is completely buggered. Its only a matter of when not if. Tech imports have been strangled, their armed forces are an ill equipped badly led rabble, they cannot rearm, they have no operational reserve and they are at the behest of all kinds of unsavory Syrians, Chechens and Eritreans now.

          4. johnny

            (not sure how much longer the yanks can or will hold out or on,gas is over 4 bucks at the pumps and over 6 in Cali,people are cranky,irked,annoyed….midterms are upon us)

          5. Mad

            Interesting insight thanks Johnny
            Stephen what makes you think you can assert with authority what the Russians objectives were / are – genuine question?

            Ah sure look it it’s the end of the world and I feel fine

  5. TenPin Terry

    The Southern Med is gorgeous in the Spring.
    The early flowers are blooming, temperatures are in the balmy mid-20s and holiday resorts are waking up from their winter slumbers.
    The fragrant Lady TenPin and I are just enjoying a people-watching iced coffee served by a pretty young waitress with breasts so enormous it’s difficult not to stare.
    The sun is over the yardam soon so not long before the first gin and tonton of the day.
    The words long and boozy and lunch are also being mentioned.
    My favourite time of the year bar none.

    1. Kin

      Well tin man you can now rent out a room in your council house and earn €14000 a year and keep all your benefits under pascals new solution for housing refugees and homeless
      You can have another holiday in the med on that
      Seems lady ten pin might decide you are just an old letch

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