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19 thoughts on “Furry Glen

    1. Kin

      Great idea from the Green Party
      Replace all animal farming with these ENVIROMENTALLY friendly animals
      No carbon emissions apart from the manufacturing process
      We can place whole herds of them next to DATA centres

  1. Mr .T

    Furry army are taking a leaf out of ISIS’ book and training in the dublin mountains

    Theyre coming for us

  2. ce

    Do you reckon the ‘real’ dog is thinking, “why am I the only fury one with the lead on?”

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Don’t fret ce, they’ll all have collars and leads on them before the night is out…

        1. ce

          And to be honest their getup is a lot more natural looking than the gallons of fake tan sloshing about the place in town…

    1. ce

      I think… and have done for a while… that “Dogging” is perhaps the greatest word in the English language – conveys meaning both clearly and evocatively… If TenPinCharger and David Langwallner care to agree, then the matter is settled…

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