9 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. Maura

    Bord Pleanála disregarded its own Senior Planning Inspector’s report plus the Local Authority’s refusal of planning permission to allow some shower build seven of the highest windmills in the country within lines of sight of that place of Divine Beauty.

      1. Kin

        Beauty and the beast mad
        I keep looking out for you to serve you a pint and also look at the beauty of cork
        You look at the twin towers of a smog tinted Dublin docks

      1. Mad

        I read some of that and didn’t find the comments you were referring to. Are you just being a contrary ball ox again?

        1. Fearganainm

          It’s not me, it’s you.

          There are several comments in the thread, plus a map, which contradict the claim that the windfarm project will be visible from Gougane Barra.

          Anyone can view the thread, read them, and laugh at you.

      2. Kin

        Hopefully they will not put wind farms there
        I think Dublin is the place for them
        All that guff from the dail could power Manhattan

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