140 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Monday’s Papers

      1. Kin

        Here we have the plan when farmers are taxed out of growing food in Ireland due to carbon tax

        Google UN urges people to eat insects for food
        It also helps the environment
        The following insects rich in proteins and nutrients needed to sustain a healthy life style include the humble bluebottle and cockroach
        Already in China they are farming cockroaches to tackle the garbage problem
        Watch Soylent green and see the future

    1. Kin

      Here we have the article that shows exactly what government thinks of agriculture
      Farmers call for leniency in carbon talks
      It shows exactly as the world faces problems regarding feeding its self
      And just look at Ukraine and because they are major exporters on wheat sunflower oil fertiliser a whole crises is happening driving up prices and a famine for Africa
      But our government is only interested in data centres not agriculture or fishing
      Farmers fearing that government will wipe them out as the world faces food shortages on a massive scale
      The solution for mehole eamo little Leo is import
      Carrots from Holland
      Tomato’s from Holland
      Onions from chile
      Green beans from Turkey or Kenya
      And beef from Poland now a major beef producer
      Soon we will be unless we cop on a nation that produces no food and land is developed into towns and holding area to process all refugees and migrants for the EU mainland
      Meanwhile government will gouge us all for carbon taxes as the Chinese USA Brazil India Pakistan just keep belting it out
      And even better the Amos on basin cleared for farming beef to be imported under the agreement between the EU and South America of agriculture products into the EU in exchange for exporting EU motors in return

  1. ce

    Green, Lizards, nuff said…

    Hope yo all managed to actually venture out into the real world over the last couple of days…

  2. Big Lad

    Who’s who and why?

    Trust me, nobody cares.
    ..nobody who matters, because they’re already asleep

    1. stephen moran

      Yes and the Treaty of Versailles would have worked out so much better if only France & Britain hadn’t enforced the pesky reparations clauses and I’m sure the Spanish feel the Treaty of Utrecht was unfairly interpreted and they didn’t really think they’d have to have over Gibraltar – the unelected Frost is a contemptable imbecile.

      And I see even one of the ultras chief Muppet cheerleaders, that infantile self delusional exceptionalist cretin Daniel Hannan is having buyers remorse now.


      ….as Ben Dunne says – terms and conditions may apply…but of course British politicos simply don’t do detail anymore and now they’ve lost the serfs, subjects and peasants on the terraces

      1. jonjoker

        Blighty isn’t used to treaties being enforced. They have always used them tactically, essentially as a way of gaining ground until they make the next big push and take the next bite. Ask the Maoris, for instance; or have a read of Tim Healy’s book “The great fraud of Ulster” where he details how the plantation of Ulster worked out in practice.
        Brexit has left Blighty in a limbo where they are for the first time in centuries just a bit player, and they are not used to it.
        While they were in the EU, they tried, fairly successfully, to have their cake and eat it. Now they’re on the outside pissing in and they’re getting a lot of splashback.

        1. Big Lad

          Best comment on Brexit on Broadsheet ever..
          If only you had used inverted commas around ”Brexit” it would’ve been perfect.

          Even Charger recognized that as a fact. THERE IS NO BREXIT, and there never will be.
          It’s just a charade.

      2. Kin

        And the treaty of Versailles was the result of tampering with borders which resulted from a failed German empire trying to force their will on others
        But with Ireland they think they can ignore a border for the sake of convenience
        Fact is Ireland is divided by a border and it ain’t in the Irish Sea
        The protocol and backstop was always going to be a problem
        To understand a problem one must put on two hats
        And unfortunately in NI things has not changed
        Both sides of divide hate each other’s guts and do not want to change their mentality and unionists are as Irish as republicans
        They want to stay with the British empire and the republic wants to be members of a forth reich or European empire

    2. Kin

      Meanwhile Feargananium the section of EU loving British politicians weave their magic
      Soon we will see the EU flags enmass just like during the benn act and the circus that ousted firstly the moderate Teresa may as the push to remove Boris continues as he is the big obstacle in the way
      As for the protocol it is as useful as the backstop and is unworkable
      Meanwhile we see the reality of Northern Ireland politics
      Pure hatred of each other and it will remain that way for many decades
      They cannot even sit in the same building or elect a parliament or Northern Ireland assembly

  3. bisted

    …what’s that word the greens use as an apologia for emissions increasing during their term in government…transition…that’s it…

  4. Mad

    It was nice to see Liz put on the Irish colours yesterday a nice tribute to the Micks

    1. Kin

      Ah but mad did you watch the carry on on the balcony on the second occasion when poor Kate Middleton was put behind William
      William just blocked her from the view no doubt to show the world Charlie the letch will be king and Rottweiler camilla queen
      The day that happens the monarchy has no place in the UK
      LEST US NOT FORGET THE DEATH OF PRINCESS DIANNA and the pure hell that Charles put her through

    1. scottser

      Its not fearganainm you’d be worried about its old twenty percent Terry, clogging up the comments with box office boris bluster and how he’ll face down the leadership challenge. Poor lad never knows when he’s wrong, even when he’s cheering on the nonces.
      So when do we reckon liz will kick it? I doubt she’ll see 2023 tbh.

      1. TenPin Terry

        Poor Scutter™.
        Spending his Bank Holiday speculating when an old lady living on the mainland is going to die.
        If only he knew how ridiculous that makes him look.

        1. scottser

          I whistle and you come running – you’re as predictable as ever, twenty percent Terry.
          Besides, I had a lovely weekend ignoring all the royal nonsense, just like 80% of the UK did.
          Off you go and crywank into your platty joobs tea towel, nonce-lover.

          1. scottser

            An estimate from the office charged with ensuring the royals are seen to be relevant?
            There’s no more gullible idiot like a tory idiot.
            See ya tomorrow for more nonce-sence, three-tit – I’ve a drain that needs unblocking which is bound to be more interesting than throwing a stick for you to chase.

          2. TenPin Terry

            Scutter™ scurries off.
            His backside handed to him on a plate by a little old biddy in Buck House.
            Never has one man been more humiliated by a granny since Wayne Rooney…


          3. jonjoker

            Come on TPT, tell us what the methodology was.

            Really, really, the Brits don’t have any idea how irrelevant their monarchy is outside of Blighty.
            Do you seriously imagine that Queenie’s reign is of interest anywhere except Blighty, and maybe their major colonies of Oz and NZ which still contain a fair number of first and second generation Brits?

          4. TenPin Terry

            You obviously missed the live coverage by all the US TV networks.
            Lots of live coverage across the Indian sub-continent and Down Under as well.
            I know lots of Paddies who enjoyed watching it on TV over the weekend – particularly popular among the ladies who like a good soap opera.
            Judging by the comments on here even poor old Scutter™ sneaked a look too.
            Remember what I told you – it is NEVER EVER not funny watching Paddy getting outraged by the Royal Family.

          5. jonjoker

            Ah, now I see it. One of the Sindo’s makey-up polls, they are famous for them.
            Here’s the best answer though:
            “By including the British Queen, the Sunday Independent manage to avoid having to say Mary Lou McDonald is the most popular Irish leader”

  5. Annie 14 Tennis

    Here’s a thought.
    There has been no reduction in traffic on our roads, despite fuel increasing by 60c a litre.

    The green party push for green taxes on said fuel is to “reduce greenhouse gases”.

    Above is proof positive that increasing the price of petrol and diesel has no effect on its use. The taxes and duties imposed under the guise of saving the planet is a scam.

    Purchases of other items, such as food, have reduced as a result though.

    1. stephen moran

      It’s called elasticity of demand – petrol is an inelastic good i.e. its price is relatively unresponsive to price changes e.g. if you halved the price the demand would not go up by anything like that amount & vice versa. The thing that makes it so is because there are no substitute products. A soft drinks firm can’t up it’s prices by 20% because there are oodles of close substitutes people will switch to. This is exacerbated in Ireland by the lack of public transport alternatives for many people. Hence the real rate of official inflation experienced by rural folk today is significantly higher than those in urban areas as housing costs aren’t accounted for in the Irish CPI basket

        1. stephen moran

          I’m old enough to recall when they first starting putting serious excise duties on petrol / diesel at the pumps – Halls Pictorial Weekly (the Scrap Saturday of its time) called them Ritchie’s Mints (after the then hapless Blue Shirt Finance Minister Ritchie Ryan – aka the Min for Economic Ruination) . If public transport was widely available and free then you could justify such taxes but until then its just a huge revenue earner that’s very efficient from a governmental perspective (i.e. its very hard to avoid and cheap to collect) but its got bugger all to do with any Green agenda as its regressive in terms of cost push inflation which disproportionately erodes the purchasing power of lower income households.

          1. The Nigel Account

            One thing the Green Party has done, at least, is improve rural public transport with increased bus services, they’ve also upgraded a lot of the rural rail lines and made funding available for walking and cycling infrastructure – local councils haven’t neecessarily been using the money, but that’s on them.

          2. Mad

            Look at Jim Scheer’s blog post on Linked in. 8,200 new homes have recently been connected to the gas grid. Reduce emissions mar dhea

          3. jonjoker

            @Mad – it is impossible to reduce emissions with a growing population without a diminished standard of living.
            Germay is well-placed to reduce emissions because thaeir population has been close to static for the last generation or two.
            The Anglosphere however has been pushing hard to increase their population; with the USA doubling their population since 1956 – and that despite having a birthrate below replacement level since the early 1970s.
            Australia has doubled since 1970, NZ since 1964.
            Blighty only managed 30% since the 1960s, but this is higher than many European countries, and again is due to immigration rather than natural increase.

    2. The Nigel Account

      The Green Party, and any other environmentalists worth their salt, also push for improved public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure to go with increased taxes on fuels – because without those people are locked into buying fuel for cars however expensive it gets because they have no other options. We are car dependant and therefore vulnerable to fuel price rises and/or shortages – we’ve been pointing this out for decades.

      1. bisted

        …are you saying now that Greta Thunberg and all the kids worldwide who have been holding a Friday school strike are not true environmentalists…they have a single issue…reduce emissions…there is no Planet B…they have been let down by politicians and their blah blah blah…they have been hoodwinked by those who claim environmental credentials as a flag of convenience…shame on the Irish greens…

        1. The Nigel Account

          How do you think the reductions of emissions comes about? You reduce dependency on fossil fuels by making people less dependant on private cars. You plan towns and cities to reduce urban sprawl and ribbon development and one-off housing and you provide public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure. This is basic stuff, the sort of stuff governments have been ignoring and the sorts of actions Greta Thurnberg and Co want them to take. This is basic stuff, the sorts of policies environmentalists want.

          1. The Nigel Account

            And that’s just ONE area of emissions reductions, but all the areas require government policies to be enacted, not just waving a magic wand.

          2. Cato

            Nigel, sadly the Greens are farcically impotent in this country. Small picture chancers. They need a strong, visionary leader but no one in their ranks has ever materialised as such. Their “cycling infrastructure” would be comical were it not environmentally poxy (Fringe every cycle lane with plastic bollards!? Make street cleaning impossible!?). They have done nothing worthwhile. As ever. “Local councils … but that’s on them” Christ, what a shirking of responsibility … Shower of useless …

          3. bisted

            …your brave greens lied on the doorsteps with the sole objective of getting into power and securing pensions…they achieved their objective at a time when traffic was greatly reduced and air traffic had all but disappeared…and still emissions increased…they will vanish at the next election but their legacy will linger, a new tax and a rise in emissions…no doubt you’ll be able to blame that on the Russians…

          4. The Nigel Account

            Thing is Cato, my view is that these issues are of such vital importance that focusing on the Greens allows everyone esle to completely shirk their responsibility, so calling the Greens ‘impotent’ merely undelines how much our politics is utterly intractable, despite popular support for Green inititaives, and pretending that it’s the Greens fault that Councils over which they have no power aren’t using the funds allows is the Green’s fault allows them to get away with it.

          5. The Nigel Account

            ‘…your brave greens lied on the doorsteps with the sole objective of getting into power and securing pensions…’

            Now you’re the onle lying.

          6. The Nigel Account

            Or to put it another way, why are the punishments for trying and failing to do at least some of the right things so severe – one of them being the blanket assertion that the failure is absolute and any overlooked successes are irrelevant – and the reward for actively doing the wrong things so reliable and consistent?

          7. bisted

            …I’ve read this gobbledegoop several times…as Greta would say: Blah blah blah…have you thought of going into politics…not the greens though, they’ve squandered their credibility for at least a generation…

            PS…Becket did this much better…

    3. jonjoker

      But didn’t the government reduce the tax on petrol and diesel when the price-gouging oil majors put up their prices?

      So just maybe (for once) it’s not the government’s fault, but the anti-competitive nature of the oil industry that is to blame.

      1. jonjoker

        That said, it is true that people who are dependent on the car to get around are absolutely a captive audience where the taxman is concerned – the 50% increase in petrol/diesel will not decrease the length of their commute, or bring the supermarket any closer.
        However it is the oil majors that have introduced this 50% hike, not the government.

      1. TenPin Terry

        Ahem, Armenia.
        Ranked 96th in the world.
        Now Ireland go 12 games without a win.
        And Own Goal Onanist™ strikes again.

        Back of the net ™

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Nonce sense as usual by the TenPin Charger Prepuce.
          Hungary, ranked 40, destroy england ranked 5th. A whole 35 places separating them.
          The excuses?
          – It was hot
          – Southgate thinks they’d have played better if supporters were there.

          ‘A draw would have been fair”. Ah hahahaha.

          That’s twice england failed to beat Hungary in recent times. Liverpudlian, Conor Coady, the one decent player. Ancestry?

          Southgate surprised about the -14 year olds being allowed in. ‘english manager doesn’t know FIFA rules’. My oh my.

          On the other hand, Stephen Kenny tells it as it is for Irelands defeat – “we have only ourselves to blame”

          Once the engines stopped on the english team plane after it touched down upon its return to blighty, the whining continued.

          Hand of God
          We can’t play if it’s too warm

          Hahahaha ah ah hahahaha

          1. Mad

            Plus Stephen Kenny is a clueless idiot who is out of his depth managing at this level , a bit like …

      2. stephen moran

        Southgate in a closed mouth gathers no feet moment blamed the hot weather – I believe Qatar has a very temperate climate – Harry Maguire must have pix of Gareth doing some sub sweaty nonce Andrew things

        Hungary another footie super power – not having qualified for the WC since 1986

        1. TenPin Terry

          I didn’t like to mention the World Cup One Vowel™ because I know it’s such a sore subject for Paddy.
          But England could well have players in their Qatar squad who weren’t born when the 33rd Team™ last played in a world cup.
          Thanks for Declan Rice though.
          What a player.

          1. stephen moran

            Well if if you think Rice is world class then your house is set for a lot of woe and gnashing of teeth when November comes – he’s a strictly military medium mediocrity – If England get past Senegal or the Netherlands tin the 2nd round they’ll play France or the Argies. A team with Maguire and Pickford in it is going nowhere beyond the 2nd round if that.

          2. TenPin Terry

            For such a football expert you seemed strangely quiet on Saturday after Ireland were taken apart by the 96th ranked team in the world.
            It’s almost like you were too embarrassed to share all that knowledge and foresight.
            Another coulda, woulda, shoulda Monday morning quarter-back.

            Poor One Vowel™.

          3. stephen moran

            Ireland spares us the delusional world beating bs which pervades all in self delusional Engerland – the country is simply 2nd rate at everything and merely spring loaded for endless disappointments.

          4. TenPin Terry

            Ireland deliberately loses all the time to save the nation from delusion…
            It’s an interesting concept but one that I fear merely confirms the name One Vowel™ to be more than apt.
            No-one celebrates failure better than Irish sport.

          5. stephen moran

            and no one bask in surreal delusions of adequacy like the English in the face of overwhelming and constant reminders that they are 2nd rate at everything

          6. TenPin Terry

            Your quick reminder that England remains the only country on the planet to win world cups in football, rugby and cricket.
            Ireland are only world-champions in one sport Quidditch – sorry hurling – because it’s a game that no other country plays.
            And it only lasts 35 minutes each way to cater for the attention span of its target audience.

          7. stephen moran

            Ah basking in nostalgia – the opiate of all little Englanders – the current rugby team is a not so world beating the 3rd best in Europe, that home footie WC win was 56 years ago and the current cricket side having been thrashed by the Aussies and would lose to Pakistan & India (and possibly South Africa).

          8. stephen moran

            there is a corner of a foreign field that is forever a passport queue (ironically designed in France & printed in Poland)

          9. TenPin Terry

            What do Irish rugby world cup sides and Michael Hutchence have in common ?
            They’re both chokers…

          10. stephen moran

            whilst English teams are INXS of utterly misplaced and unfounded hyperbolic expectations egged on by a illiterate rabid press corps before failing abjectly and subsequently apportioning blame to any fall guy rather than to their own all too visible inadequacies

            to live in time that’s gone is the English disease

          11. TenPin Terry

            Describing the press as illiterate whilst being unable to master the use of capital letters and punctation ranks fairly high up the Whooshometer™.
            One Vowel™ still living up to his new name.
            By the way I forgot the congratulations – you’ve now got 5 Twitter followers.Still fewer than the accounts you follow but I suppose I shall have to retire the No Followers™ moniker …

          12. stephen moran

            If your such a fanboy of punctuation did you ever consider putting a full stop to your vapid daily self delusions which are persistence beyond the call of talent

          13. TenPin Terry

            ” Your ” illiterate …

            * sniggers *

            Congratulations – despite your hurried attempt to edit out how you prefer a ‘ stream of consciousness ‘ style you still win today’s Dipstick of the Day™ award.
            Nice one baldy you poor sap.

          14. stephen moran

            as I said – you are the very epitome of persistence so far beyond the call of talent – I do not demean or debase myself by resorting to cheap personal insults – that’s the refuge of a very petty man

          15. TenPin Terry

            You don’t think calling Muslims ragheads is debasing yourself One Vowel™?
            Any more of this hypocrisy and I’m going to have to award you Dipstick of the Week™ and it’s still only Monday.
            You’ve been found out spoofer.

          16. stephen moran

            I’ve explained the ragheads thing ad nausem as you are well aware – but like most little Englanders of your ilk you don’t do detail – sadly must of your cheap plonk splattered heroes are getting their comeuppance as there is only so much bluff and bluster even Eton (Hogwarts for wankers) old boys can gets away with – but Nadir told me not but 90mins ago that “We will be in economic growth, the Bank of England has decided.” – would you care to translate or just continue suckling ?

          17. Me So Harney

            No you haven’t.

            Let’s hear it from the ♥️ bro..

            Why do you think Muslims are ragheads?

          18. TenPin Terry

            Try explaining the ragheads thing one more time One Vowel™
            I’m keen to see your ” stream of consciousness ” justify any use of that term.
            Nothing more contemptuous than the hypocrisy of a sanctimonious ageing Trot

  6. TenPin Terry

    Today marks the anniversary of one of the most pivotal moments in the Second World War – the D-Day landings.
    On June 6, 1944, around 160,000 allied soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy, in a mass amphibious invasion. During that single day, 4,414 allied soldiers lost their lives – 2,501 of which were Americans – while more than 5,000 were wounded. On the German side, several thousand were killed or wounded.
    Many Irish serving under assumed names in non-Irish regiments were involved in the landings, among them many of the 5,000 (4,983) Irish Defence Force ‘deserters’, who left a neutral Ireland and joined the British Army to fight Hitler’s tyrannical regime.
    Take a moment to remember those brave Paddies without who’s sacrifices you might well be drinking Guinness schnapps and wearing leather GAA shorts.

    1. Mad

      The only nation to routinely celebrate a mass slaughter of innocent soldiers thrown like lambs to the front line, and then crow about the crushing defeat as some kind of “victory”. Unless what you’re saying is that The Micks ™ won the war for Britain? Wouldn’t be the first time in fairness.

    2. Fearganainm

      Years ago I encountered an elderly Cork priest in a restaurant in Bayeux, France. Delighted to hear Irish voices he came over and got to chatting with us. It turned out that he’d been miles off the coast of Normandy on June 6th, 1944, bombarding the defences around the area of ‘Gold Beach’. His ship, HMS Orion, launched tons of shells from dawn onwards. Later he became a British naval commander, and later still he became a priest (there were loads of priests in his family, one of them, a brother, died when Aer Lingus Flight 712 went down off Tuskar Rock in March 1968). Thirty six years after D-Day, and still very interested in WWII, the ex-naval commander priest settled down to read a (then) new book about the Normandy landings entitled ‘Brightly shone the dawn’. He was enjoying it immensely until he got to a footnote that referenced his old ship, HMS Orion.

      Apparently some British tanks broke through very rapidly and advanced some miles into the countryside. Ahead were German positions and a few German tanks were spotted. The German tanks were spotted from the air by an Allied ‘plane and their position passed on to the fleet. For some reason there was a delay in transmitting the message and coordinates and by the time action was taken the German armour had retreated while the British tanks had advanced. The ‘action’ the old priest remembered well – someone clattered down the stairs to where he and other gun crews were resting in their bunks and handed over a piece of paper with some coordinates scrawled on and told them to get on deck and open up on the faraway German armour. The priest and his mates did so and blazed away for a few minutes then returned to their bunks. Later that evening an officer told them “Well done, you got ’em!”

      Thirty six years later the priest realised that they never ‘got ’em’ at all – it was the British tanks that they’d fired on and they’d been responsible for deaths and injuries on their own side. He spent a year or so tracking down details of the casualties and having found one he went every year to lay a wreath on the grave at Bayeux of a man he’d inadvertently killed, one Charles Pillman. I’d say that the priest is long dead now and so Pillman’s grave no longer gets such an annual tribute.

    1. stephen moran

      It’s a wonder they didn’t use the fleg of Côte d’Ivoire. You’d really wonder how someone whose job is
      presumably etiquette didn’t cop this during practice – either folks know bugger all about their own “country” (hence the constant pig ignorant Raab school of cartography references to “Ulster” and the “Province”) or else it was a supreme piece of trolling of dinosaur Donaldson & the creationist Northern Taliban

      It’s a shame Cliff didn’t give us a rendition of “Carrie” (doesn’t live here anymore) – she’s moved in with Zac…..

    1. stephen moran

      Nadir Dorries – Boris’s bimbo in chief – as thick as a Boxing Day turd

      1. TenPin Terry

        One Vowel™’s misogyny on show once again.
        On the plus side he hasn’t called her a raghead yet as he reserves that for Muslims.
        Some neck for a baldy…

  7. Big Lad

    Okay, calm the fupp down…
    …yer not in f***ing Manchester now sunshine…

    Close your eyes, breathe very slowly…

    continued later…

    1. stephen moran

      The widely viewed reminders of him playing fast and loose with the actualités – Its not that he tells lies – he simply has no concept of what the truth is – he’s not just post factual – he’s a devalued and debased pound shop mini Trump BS artist of the highest order


    1. stephen moran

      NEW: Wakefield by-election voting intention

      LAB: 56% (+16)
      CON: 33% (-14)
      ➡️REF: 3% (-3)
      LDM: 2% (-2)
      GRN: 2% (+2)

  8. Mad

    Charger Santorum anxiously hiding behind the sofa and pathetic “baldy” jokes today as the end of the disastrous Boris era nears. Can’t wait for the campaign to re-enter the EU

  9. Big Lad

    Where the F is Feargananam?
    I shouldn’t have to tolerate this amount of fecking poo before I find a squirrel to look at.

    1. TenPin Terry

      He always goes MIA when asked to justify his Muslims are ragheads comment.
      ‘Twas ever thus.

        1. SOQ

          And here comes the Mad account- nothing to do with the broadsheet.ie website it is claimed- so you are familiar with K67 KD58?

          You sure as hell are not Irish.

      1. Fearganainm

        Alzheimer’s kicking in again, old man? Misidentifying posters again? Try and get an out of hours medic to up your dose, you poor drooling halfwit.

        On top of your confusion you’ll probably hit trouble now that you’ve outed yourself as an admirer of a former IRA man turned dissident. Probably you’ll be put on some kind of watch list and bugs will be installed in any of the hovels you frequent. Those will be in addition to the usual fleas.

        Have you been? Where have you put your teeth? Do you want to sit by the window?

        1. SOQ

          And next up is the account which posts M 1-5 links directly after the papers- every single day- complete conindence- Mystic Meg.

          1. Fearganainm

            It’s getting noticeable that you have less and less to say that’s of any relevance.

            Or effect.

  10. Fearganainm

    “Some very long faces on supporters of Boris Johnson after poll closed. One PM ally said of Tory MPs: They are a bunch of lying snakes. I don’t trust anything they say”


    Sources close to Johnson are confident that he’s won the vote but winning the vote won’t restore his authority or unify his MPs or his political party.

      1. Big Lad

        Allow me to be serious for a moment, please.

        The BEST and long(er) term strategy in British politics would be to step back, allow the forthcoming catastrophe to be blamed on the incumbent (inevitable) successor. and paint yourself as a saviour
        That’s how you get elected these days.
        If you actually DO do something…. STOP
        – No room for that…

        It works in America….

  11. Big Lad

    Thank you Elon*.
    Now I have to change me haircut, AGAIN…

    *that’s not your REAL name

    1. Fearganainm

      Confidence in Boris Johnson: 211

      No confidence in Johnson: 148

      That means more than 40% of Tory MPs voted against Johnson. He’s lost the support of a larger proportion of the parliamentary party than Theresa May did when she faced a no confidence vote in 2018. Within eight months of that result, May was out.

  12. Fearganainm

    Johnson vote

    Confidence: 211
    No Confidence: 148

    Wins AND loses at the same time.

    That means more than 40% of Tory MPs voted against Johnson.

    1. Fearganainm

      Johnson’s ‘victory’ can also be interpreted as confirming that he’s lost the support of a larger proportion of the parliamentary party than Theresa May did when she faced a no confidence vote in 2018. Within eight months of that result, May was out.

    2. The Mad Account

      I’m delighted for Boris even if only that to see him continue with this charade exposes all your type who continually have written him off.

  13. GiggidyGoo

    40% of Tory MPs have no confidence in Booooris. 40% !
    Bigger rebellion than Teresa May had. My oh my. Crucible + 1
    And now it only needs 40 Tory MPs to consistently vote against the government in the Commons for it to lose its majority.
    Nothing like a secret ballot eh!

  14. Fearganainm

    “When Theresa May got 63% of the MP confidence vote, Rees-Mogg said “it’s a terrible result for the PM & she must resign” Boris Johnson got 58% of the MP No Confidence Vote…”

    “120 of Johnson’s vote have ministerial roles so only 91 non ministers voted for him. His majority amongst his MPs is lower than his party’s majority in Parliament. He is a lame duck prime minister.”


  15. Fearganainm

    Archive film shows Belfast kids going wild to Hippy Hippy Shake in 1964:


    Sundays, during the period in history when Unionists ruled the roost and when Sundays meant that all parks were closed and even the swings inside them were chained up so that no fun could spoil the solemnity of The Lord’s Day. And deep in their miserable ghettoes what were the Fenians up to?


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