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  1. TenPin Terry

    This one’s for the ladies.
    If there’s any left …
    Tonight the fragrant Lady TenPin served up her signature dessert.
    A passion fruit and New York-style cheesecake of such divine beauty I knew I’d hit the back of the net™
    The secret, she told me later, was calvados.
    I never bloomin’ knew.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Of course it was nothing like as good as a Vanessa’s Creamed Horn™.
      We’re not savages you know.

  2. TenPin Terry

    Good game though wasn’t it ?
    I admire the Hun. Worthy opponents.
    Always good in defence, unless they’re away to Russia of course.
    Suspect in the air but then again with a Spitfire up your jacksie why wouldn’t you be ?
    Always been a good hunting ground for Tommy …

    Jawohl, mein Herr!™

    1. Otis Blue

      “…turning like a fully laden coal schooner struggling against an estuary tide.”

      Barney Ronay offers an apt metaphor for Harry Maguire.

        1. Otis Blue

          Ronay once memorably compared the sound of a Harry Maguire header to that of a frozen cow carcass hitting cobbles after being hurled from a seventeenth-floor window.

      1. scottser

        i’m not biting today, twenty percent – i’m too busy and you’re too boring.

  3. john f

    Zelenskyy is a strange actor. We are told that Russia mostly has total superiority in Ukraine. Yet he is always out in the open where a single drone strike could presumably take him out. Loads of celebrities, large amounts of major politicians and celebrities, officials have visited Kiev for amongst other things photo oportunties, would this be done in an active war zone?
    Zelenskyy seems hellbent on incrementally shifting the West into taking actions that will possibly lead to a bigger conflict that could kill millions.
    Like I mean, he is not making calls for Western nations to negotiate our Russian withdrawal in exchange for the lifting of some sanctions or other arrangements. Rather, he is calling for more weapons, more warfare, more human suffering, et cetera.
    The whole thing seems off.

    1. Cian

      If Ukraine stop fighting, it is the end of Ukraine
      Ir Russia stop fighting, it is the end of the war

      What choice does he have?.

        1. Rob_G

          I wonder if the shelling in Donbass was in response to, I don’t know, a Russian invasion, perchance?

          1. Me So Harney

            Rob_G wrong as always, Kiev has been shelling the donbass for the past decade.

            Try harder..

          2. Rob_G

            Russia launched their first, smaller-scale illegal invasion in 2014… I can’t try it harder, need to keep it interesting

          3. Me So Harney

            Was this before the US backed coup and shelling from Kiev?

            Do try harder Rob, I’m starting to lose interest..

          4. The Nigel Account

            When the Ukrainian people rejected the then-president’s leaning towards Russia and Putin started the seperatist conflict?

        2. ce

          if Ukraine hadn’t given up it’s nuclear weapons for the benefit of the whole world none of this would be happening…

          …in 1654 if the cossack hadn’t…

        3. The Nigel Account

          Weird how people twist the blame for the bloodshed onto Ukraine for not surrendering quickly enough. Putin must be appeased!

      1. bisted

        …the most striking thing about this conflict has been the restraint shown by Russia…were they content to merely kill civilians they could do so from the relative safety of Russia…they enjoy support throughout Ukraine and have a level of intelligence that would let them strike with pinpoint accuracy…the procession of Ukrainian politicians and their relentless call for arms to escalate the conflict seems strange…why doesn’t Russia start their denazifaction with these vile usurpers…

        1. ANO

          Accepting your premise, which I don’t necessarily, then possible answers might be that they don’t enjoy the support you suggest or that their aims might not be as stated.

        2. The Nigel Account

          Yes, look at Mariupol, so much restraint and support and pinpoint accuracy, why would anyone seeing that want more arms to defend themselves with?

      2. SOQ

        Sending more bombs and guns always creates peace- said nobody. And yet that is exactly what the coke head of Kiev is demanding- oh and more money, especially more money.

        Except the western allies are being very selective as what they do actually send, because long rang weapons would allow him bomb into Russia and that is when the party really gets started. Germany in particular does not want German weapons used against Russia because they know too well the implications of such.

        1. The Nigel Account

          Yes, it’s outrageous that Zelensky defends his country from a foreign invasion.

    2. ANO

      Zelensky’s fighting a propaganda war while an actual war is raging around him, you have to filter everything he says and does through that lens.

      He needs to present himself as an uncompromising wartime leader, unwilling to yield an inch of sovereign territory to hostile invading forces. It’s unlikely a softer face would win anything from Putin or indeed the various nations of the West from whom he’s trying to curry any and all support he can get.

      A weaker leader who didn’t resonate with so many in the West would have left Ukraine isolated and this whole affair would probably be over by now.

      Ultimately the best that he and Ukraine can probably hope for is a diplomatic solution that sees a chunk of their Eastern territory consumed by Putin’s Russia. Deep down I think every Irish person can understand the desire to do all in your power to stop your country being divided like that.

      1. bisted

        …I feel truly sorry for the people of Ukraine…even the most pro-Russian cannot understand this invasion…hopefully, the penny will drop that they are being used to fight a proxy war with Russia…the real question is…qui bono?

        1. Cú Chulainn

          Yeah, a couple of things about this war just don’t add up. The withdrawal from the north was bizarre. The surrender at Maripole was equally bizarre. The front line footage has largely disappeared. It’s almost as if a deal was struck early on and an outcome is agreed and we are just playing this out for the audience. I could be wrong. Of this I’m sure, America has won, energy to Europe is now back in their hands under the $. That what this was all about.

          1. Rob_G

            There’s still loads of frontline footage, Russia withdrew from the North because they failed in their objective of taking Kiev quickly – you are delusional.

          2. Me So Harney


            I’m afraid the delusion is yours. Russia has never had any intention of taking Kiev.

          3. Rob_G

            A bit weird that they drove almost to the outer suburbs before turning around again then, innit?

        2. NM

          ‘Pro-Russian people don’t understand the invasion’.What are you talking about.The only people who don’t understand are the likes of you who are over 3k km and taking your understanding through filtered propaganda that does not want you to know what is actually happening.Your stupidity is tragic.

          1. SOQ

            No one seems to know what the ordinary Ukrainians actually want and nobody seems too bothered about finding out either.,

            40 % of Ukrainians are native Russian speakers, a language they have been banned from speaking. And while they never explicitly stated a desire to join Russia, after being butchered by the Azov Nazis for eight years, it would be no surprise if they now did.

            We do that before all this kicked off, because of his involvement in the Panama papers, Zelenskyy was very unpopular, especially as he was elected on an anti corruption ticket.

          2. paddy apathy

            What exactly is your point, 100% of Irish people speak English, doesn’t mean they want to be part of the UK. Your statistics are meaningless.

          3. SOQ

            Half a dozen going home to fight on a propaganda slot by RTE means frig all.

            Tell me- if you can you still book hotels in Kiev- you can- and celebrities and politicians are jetting in for photoshoots on a daily basis- they are- why then do these people need to flee to the far end of Europe for safety?

            Something doesn’t make sense.

          4. The Nigel Account

            How many thousands of Ukrainians do you reckon have died in the Russian invasion so far?

          5. Daisy Chainsaw

            99% of Irish people are English speakers. Sure lets rejoin the commonwealth and return to the days of Empire.

      2. jonjoker

        “Zelensky’s fighting a propaganda war”

        He sure is. I’m another one who has been surprised by the number of photo ops on the front line.
        It’s totally not possible that they are being staged somewhere else entirely, is it?

        1. ANO

          It’s far from beyond the realms of possibility but I don’t believe there’s any evidence that this has been the case.

          1. Rob_G

            What is the name of this “Ukrainian news anchor”, and what channel do they broadcast on?

  4. NM

    Violet-Anne Wynne is not all she appears ,nor is her situation.What landlord will take her on now seeing as she can’t even pay rent from a TD’s salary.

    1. scottser

      can’t find somewhere to live on 100k plus expenses?
      she’s an insult to genuinely homeless people.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      She can pay her rent, she needs a 4 bed house and there are none available. I know people in Wexford in the same position who’ve been looking since January with no joy and are effectively homeless now. They’re both working so have the money to pay rent, but a property specific to their children’s needs can’t be found.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Have you tried to get a mortgage lately? That income is guaranteed for a max of 5 years. She won’t get one on the basis of her current financial status.

          1. scottser

            after 5 years she gets a 20k pension. sorry, she can fuk right off if she thinks she’s homeless and if she went to clare county council looking to be officially declared as such they would laugh her out the door.

  5. goldenbrown

    jasus Violet Anne at it again
    on the front page too
    why do the press entertain her, I wonder


    1. Rob_G

      VAW is a godsend to news editors – why wouldn’t they give her as many columns as she is willing to fill?

  6. Cú Chulainn

    And, the only cocaine crisis in Ireland is that there isn’t any. What is being sold are hard amphetamines bought from Chinese labs and mixed with a minuscule amount of actual cocaine. It’s pure poison, addictive rather than habit forming and downright dangerous. The damage is immense. It’s exactly why we need decriminalisation, for the safety of our children.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        And yet they do.. which is why we need clean drugs and controlled supply chains…

        1. Tom J

          Children do not take recreational drugs, unless the parents leave them lying around and a child happens to come across them and end up in hospital.

          1. scottser

            if you class a child as a person under say 16 or 17 years old, then there are plenty of children taking class a drugs. if you think they take them because their parents leave them lying around, you have absolutely no clue about how and why young people get into drugs.

          2. scottser

            no tom. why don’t you stop being a lazy dickwad and do some research yourself. or maybe even talk to someone with addiction issues – it’s not like they’re hard to find.

          3. Tom J

            @ scottser, that’s why I was asking you. You seemed to know so much about it, but sometimes I get it wrong. Thanks anyway.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      So named because its “writers” were all banned from the Graun’s comments section. It’s a joke of a website that nobody takes seriously but tankies and conspiraloons!

  7. Termagant

    “If petrol is too expensive just don’t use it :)” is classic blue-sky Green thinking

    1. paddy apathy

      Using less of something is not the same as not using it at all. Maybe next time you can use your bicycle going through the McDonalds drive-through. It’s just a suggestion.

  8. Kin

    The NI protocol is buried under the white elephant it is
    Been saying that since the backstop and was banned for my views
    You cannot move a border where it’s convenient
    It’s time our politicians started thinking about our interests not the EUs
    The solution put forward by Truss is common sense but totally unacceptable because the EU are not calling the shots
    I lived in the UK 1955 until 1978
    During that time they had some of the strictest standards in the world
    By leaving do you actually think the brits will put up with tat from China that will not get in now
    Their food safety standards were the highest in the world
    And I studied as part of my training as a baker everything about the ingredients and what were permitted additives and what were not

    1. Fearganainm

      You’ve got a Brit living in your head, you crawler.

      The protocol was foisted on Northern Ireland because of Brexit, which was backed by the DUP and implemented in Northern Ireland despite the fact that 56% of people in Northern Ireland voted against it.

  9. Fearganainm

    Boris Johnson ‘snapped’ at Liz Truss over Northern Ireland Protocol approach: reports


    “Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reported to have expressed anger towards Foreign Secretary Liz Truss over the draft legislation on the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Financial Times reported that tensions flared in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, with Johnson “snapping” at Ms Truss, according to the reports. It is understood his anger involved Ms Truss toughening up parts of the legislation under pressure from Eurosceptic Conservative MPs, with a source telling the newspaper Mr Johnson was instead seeking a “negotiated solution” with the European Union. It is also believed a number of cabinet ministers, including the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, wanted assurances the legislation – which is expected to be tabled on Monday – did not break international law and lead to a potential trade war with the EU…”

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