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    1. SailorGerry

      Thanks for the link, it contains some good information.

      It boggles the mind, the UK did not want to submit to rule by Brussels in which they had some say, but are quite happy to bow down at the alter of the NWO, embrace carbon neutral suicide and let the WHO govern their health policy.

  1. ce

    Looking forward to the Me So Harney, info_warless, SOQ and Co, posts celebrating (or just denying?) the death sentences passed on the two British-Ukrainian fighters…

    … One last push lads and Putopia will be ours…

    … A great day for freedom once again…

    1. Hughie Luas

      Celebrating the death sentence they passed on Broadsheet. Well done, CHumps. Got the same usernames on Boards.ie yet?

    2. Kin

      These lads went over to kill
      To be honest many civilians are being killed
      How many did these war junkies kill or maim
      It’s not their war neither Russian or Ukrainian but British citizens but nothing about the Moroccan who was also sentenced to death
      Wars will always continue as humanity is prepared to kill

      1. ce

        “Me So Harney, info_warless, SOQ and Co”… welcome to the “and Co” club

        There as dirty as the folks who fought Franco I suppose…

        1. Kin

          I am sure or the mercenaries that were used to tackle the Irish problem
          The Black and Tans the scum from the British prisons
          There should of been no war in Ukraine but there is now and all started with rhetoric
          And I just wonder how a leader of a country could hurl abuse at the biggest pig on the planet and as the troops massed on the border kept on
          Then of course NATO the EU the USA the UK all pouring petrol on the fire
          And they knew exactly what they were dealing
          Thousands of strategists and experts work from Brussels to New York to Berlin to London analysing Putin and they all did not realise what a person of a just average mental ability like me Knows
          Do not mess with a bully do not pet a rabid dog and do not stick your head into a tigers cage
          But here we are on the cusp of a world war
          Sitting looking at a recession that could match the depression last century
          And our great leaders have just delivered us to this point

          1. The Nigel Account

            If they knew what they were dealing with, then arming themselves for defence against him invading was exactly the right thing to do.

    3. SOQ

      Attempting to claim the moral high ground over a couple of hired killers? That is funny. A mercenary shall not have the right to be a combatant or a prisoner of war. As for the claim of it being a show trail, yes it probably was- but sure isn’t everything about that mess show business?

      Apparently the Azov Battalion has removed the neo-Nazi symbols from their uniforms because they were being used as propaganda by the Russians. Nothing wrong with Azov identifying as Nazis it appears, just that the Russians were then using such in pictures.

      1. The Nigel Account

        Well, you’ll have to take Russia’s word they’re ‘hired killers’ as opposed to foreign volunteers legally enlisted in the national army. If that still proves morally confusing for you, you could always object to the death penalty, on principle.

        ‘Azovs removing Nazi insingnia’ might just be another way of saying ‘Russians not finding that many Nazis amongst their prisoners.’ Of course any Ukrainian fighting the invasion is by definition a Nazi, according to some.

        1. SOQ

          And more of the BS.

          They are trained military professionals, they ARE hired killers- of which the Britain specialises in. They are the very definition of ‘hired killers’ irrespective of what country employs them.

          The Nazis insignias is part of the Azov uniform genius- they are sewed onto the uniformed BY THE ARMY. Go spin your corporate nonsense somewhere else.

          1. Nigel

            All soldiers are hired killers. The question is whether you trust Russian claims about these soldiers.

            Incidentally, the Russian army also has foreign volunteers and mercenaries. I would also oppose Ukraine executing any of these they capture. Would you?

            All soldiers wear insignia. The question is whether you believe Russian claims about these insignia.

          2. bisted

            …whether or not Russian claims can be trusted is a matter of speculation…however…thanks to WikiLeaks we know that US claims are definitely not to be trusted…

          3. Kin

            Here we have backstop. Nigel with his usual guff
            An army has the protection of those you fight have a legitimacy and protection as they fight for a government
            All others are just paid killers
            We see the mercenaries who most probably get off on murder think when they get caught it’s a thank you and a good old pint
            Then home to be the centre of attention telling tales of the conflict

            But because they are Russian Nigel thinks yep kill them all
            Maybe backstop Nigel needs to be airdropped into the fray
            And every mercenary is a volunteer
            Who is a paid one at that like all soldiers but his wages are multiples of a soldiers
            They are also of a nationality in these lads case that come from countries that declared war against Russia and as such do not have the protection of the rules of war

          4. anti bot

            hey Kin, answer 1 simple question, who invaded a sovereign nation? none of deniers ever answered that Why not? couldn’t debate your way out of a wet paper bag.when are you going to get a job and pay taxes and start contributing to the country who puts up with you?

          5. Nigel

            US claims are irrelevant here, bisted. If you need a wikileaks to know not to trust Russia though…

            Kin, that, again, all depends on whether you believe Russian claims about these individuals.

          6. bisted

            …I am shocked (and awed) that you consider US claims irrelevant…the nation that persists with the narrative that Russia is blockading grain supplies when everyone knows that what is preventing grain ships from entering or leaving Ukraine are mines laid by Ukraine in the Black Sea…

          7. The Nigel Account

            ‘Everyone knows.’ Yeah sure they do. I’m sure those mines are a factor but THEY WOULDN’T BE THERE IF RUSSIA HADN’T INVADED. Obviously, though, in this instance, I was referring t the trials and death sentences of the alleged mercenaries.

          8. scottser

            so soq, what proof do you have that the two soldiers are in fact mercenaries and not legitimate army regulars?
            because you’re making a lot of assumptions with nothing to back it up.

          9. SOQ

            Ah so they were just tourists then is it? Casually wandering around a war zone with a few riffles was it?

            In legal terms, it doesn’t actually matter if they were paid or not, because they are not Ukrainian soldiers, therefore are not protected under the Geneva convention. The Russians can do what they like with them.

          10. Nigel

            They’re not Ukrainian soldiers according to the Russians, you mean. Who, by the way, either don’t care how their own foreign soldiers and mercenaries get treated when captured or expect the Ukrainians to be more civilised regardless.

          11. scottser

            soq, where is the proof they are not ukrainian regulars? because alinn’s own account states that he married a ukrainian citizen, settled there and joined the army. i asked you before, on what are you basing your claim that they are not legitimate ukrainian soldiers and therefore not entitled to the protection of the geneva convention?

          12. SOQ

            They are not Ukrainian soldiers or they would have been afforded the protection of the Geneva convention. They certainly would hot have been tried in such a public manner.

            Whether they were paid to be there or not is irrelevant- they shouldn’t have been- end of.

    4. Kali

      Those poor mercs, all they wanted was to kill for money and now they’ve been caught they’ll be killed. The injustice of it all

      1. The Nigel Account

        Unless you think death penalties constitute justice or, for that matter, trust the Russian legal system.

        1. bisted

          …funny…I’m against the death penalty…whether it is carried out by ISIS, Saudi Arabia or US…period…

        2. Kali

          Why would you bring up the Russian legal system? They were not convicted in a Russian court. But I suppose they can’t be trusted because they are ethnic Russian therefore evil. Ah, such a simplistic world view for the simpletons. Good man Nigel, I won’t miss your far right nazi loving comments here in BS

          1. The Nigel Account

            I don’t know if you noticed but Russia is a totalitarian state with a legal system that jails political dissidents, journalists and businessmen that don’t level the right bribes. Why would a pro-Russian seperatist puppet state propped up by an occupying Russian army be any different?

          2. The Nigel Account

            A seperatist court in a state nobody recognises outside of the invading force that set it up with no constitution or established legal system? Yeah totally legitimate.

          3. The Nigel Account

            It’s like Guantanamo, but the size of Russia, and it’s invading other countries to spread the Guantanamo.

    1. Kin

      Have to hand it to Nancy for the latest attempt to remove trump from ever being entitled to stand as a candidate for president
      The full force of the propaganda machine as they are pooing themselves that trump will win the next election
      Seems for a nation with a defence budget that totals the whole of the planets defence budget can be over run by a bunch of oinks on January the 6th
      It seemed they were so concerned as per reports that trump would have to be carried out of the White House they did not provide the normal level of security on Capitol Hill on that day

      So goes the insurrection and not even one tank just a few hundred poorly armed insurrectionists led by trump

      Now Capitol Hill has a 8foot fence around it
      Maybe they might put a mine field around it as well

      In all honesty for a country that has the right to bear arms against its democratically elected government and the so called insurrection showing that it’s time the right to bear arms is removed and Americans can ensure nutters with guns are not killing with mass shootings every day

      But let the propaganda of Gilead under Biden thrive as many people will not swallow it

      Let’s see 2024 when they try getting rid of Biden when the democrats are removed from power by the election ballot
      It should be quite a spectacle If for some miracle WW3 dose not start in the meantime
      Strange how during trumps administration no new wars were started

    1. Kin

      Maybe a custodial sentence is out of question or even a fine as after all these convictions she has not learnt her lesson
      Maybe flogging might work and her wounds cauterised with sea salt

    1. Kin

      It’s time covid 19 was treated like the flu
      You get sick you go to bed them when you feel well you go back to work
      If the HSE cannot cope well sack the management and get others who can manage it

  2. Hughie Luas

    Local lad discombobulated over pictures of Jay Bourke and John Ryan. “Sure what’s the difference, Joe?”

      1. Tumbelina

        What your vendetta hughie? You’ve been posting deliberately nasty stuff since close of business yesterday. Just peeved about the loss of your free entertainment centre or is there more to it?

        1. goldenbrown

          Hughie Luas
          aka: Charger Salmons, Ten Pin whatever you’re having, Kate, Sara etc.

          c’mon Bodger throw up a list of co-related commenters you’ve observed please?
          it’s a quick job to extract that info, throw into .xls – although given you’re the one at the coalface, I doubt you need any tech trickery to do it at all…just type it in here…..

          1. SOQ


            All you need is a basic mastering of Excel look up tables, and it will match the duplicate IP Numbers. Let’s see who these sewer rats actually are.

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I dunno, John has always had a lot of integrity and people have trusted him with their anonymity etc….even the bad guys

          3. ce

            “John has always had a lot of integrity and people have trusted him with their anonymity etc” – plus GDPR, I think they have enough problems on their plate at the moment.

            While I disagree with so much of what has been posted and commented on BS in the last two year – BS and many of those I disagree with on a daily basis have made me laugh out loud on so many occasions… sometime that wasn’t their intention (like magnetics, fuppin’ magnets lads!!!)… but regardless there was much laughing out loud, so much that there was on occasion… and I’m not afraid to say this… perhaps even a little wee… which encouraged me to get help to improve my pelvic floor… anyway, we got A LOT for free for which a lot of folk put in a lot of work… so maybe as they are trying to wind things down, we could hold off from demanding to have our personal suspicions confirmed.

            I’ll be off to annoy folks and make childish innuendo in the other comment sections.

            Thanks again BS crew, I hope you all catch your breath and whatever the next steps are are fruitful and rewarding…. and don’t involve having to deal with us children trying to win the comment section everyday… As the great Dave Allen said:

            “Goodnight, thank you, and may your God go with you.”… even if your God demands constant blood sacrifices!!!

          4. goldenbrown

            yiz misunderstand what I’m after here I think….

            I’m not asking for publication of IP addresses nor any remotely identifiable information

            merely hoping to see a confirmation from the man in charge here (of what I already strongly suspect and that’s being super generous) that commenter A = B = C = D

            there’s no problem in any of that legally or otherwise

          5. SOQ

            @ Janet. Nobody is asking for a name and shame but a conformation as to who the bad actors actually are.

            Of course there is also a wider question to be asked- why would you bother? Why would you bother going to all that trouble just to mispresent your own opinion as being more popular than it actually is?

            I can think of two explanations for that. One is being paid to slant and / or harm the site and the other, is some sort of mental or psychiatric illness or disorder. I doubt if a normal ordinary person would go to such lengths myself.

          6. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            sure I was accused of acupuncture Karen, I haven’t quite recovered

          7. Tom J

            @ SOQ,
            You consider yourself a normal person do you. Try again, you are no more normal than anyone else posting on Broadsheet. Maybe you are the paid shill with the mental illness trying to detract everything onto everyone else.

          8. anti bot

            I think most people would agree soq is bad one. Pro Trump, anti covid, anti vax, attacks everyone who disagrees with him, sexist, pro putin, doesn’t pay taxes in our country….need I go on.

          9. ce

            True, but perhaps they still have a bunch of other stuff to take care of – in any event, think of all the unanswered questions, the possibilities for a sequel, we could even have BS fan-fiction sites to explore and argue about all of these possibilities…

          10. Broadbag

            @SOQ ”Let’s see who these sewer rats actually are.”

            That’s no way to refer to your good buddy MeSoHarney and his love of alts. What was it again, ”Lt. Gen. Cloutier” or something along those lines was the one they were caught with, god knows how many they were actually running though.

            It would be funny to see a list, but perhaps that list would be quite long and expose some things which are better left uncovered.

            It’s sad that anyone would bother to set up an alt and ‘talk’ to themselves and pat themselves on the back, even sadder though to threaten doxxing, talk about hacking the site etc, only the really twisted minds stoop so low.

            @ANO: I too think it’s laughable that anyone would be paid to post here, but perhaps I’m naive, just can’t see any organised bad actors thinking the site was worth spending money on, it’s not doing the sort of numbers where it would be on anyone’s radar to that extent.

          11. Broadbag

            @MeSOQHorny at least you’re not denying your use of alts, although you couldn’t really, caught red handed and all that, what a sad existence.

          12. The Nigel Account

            ‘sewer rats’

            Truly the legend of your epic dislike of personal abuse will live on when all of this is digital dust.

          13. SOQ

            If the intent is to do this site harm or to prevent honest discourse then sewer rats is a very appropriate label- especially as they had no business being here in the first place.

          14. Tom J

            @ SOQ,
            Who are you to say who has and hasn’t a business being here. Anyone can post on Broadsheet, unless you think you are superior and all others are only second class citizens. Be gone you witless fool.

          15. Nigel

            If you can convince yourself of anything you can justify anything. It hasn’t been an edifying spectacle to witness, even via the medium of comment section.

          16. SOQ

            @ Tom J we are talking individuals who have most certainly contributed to the demise of this site.Their caustic and toxic rancour has been remarked upon by numerous people since John and Nick announced it’s closure.

            As I said – sewer rats is a very appropriate label and if it was up to me they would most certainly be named.

          17. Tom J

            @ SOQ,
            put your own name down on that list, with your caustic and toxic falsehoods. You can’t disagree with anyone without been obnoxious, and when they talk back you turn into a spoilt child.
            Ooh im been bullied im going to tell the teacher.

  3. TenPin Terry

    ‘Tis like the advent calendar.
    Only two more windows to open.
    Although tbh the gin advent calendar was a corker.
    I got poofaced on Christmas in one night.
    The mood is melancholic here. A lot of White Ladies, a few gin and tontons and now we’re nipping Makers Mark for a nightcap.
    I wonder how Papi is doing ?

  4. ce

    RNA Cancer Vax coming soon… read about it, at the level of a 5 year old, in the Daily Mail….

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I looked,
        your willy should never be slightly sweaty when erect …just saying

        1. TenPin Terry

          It will be if you’re just about to ride your first cousin.
          It’s called relative humidity.
          Or Love Island if you’re from Offaly.

          1. jonjoker

            “It will be if you’re just about to ride your first cousin.”
            We bow to the voice of experience.

  5. Fearganainm

    Stephen Yaxley-Lennon spent £100k on gambling while getting supporter donations


    “…Appearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London at a hearing to discuss money he owes, he said at one point he was spending about £100,000 on gambling in casinos and online. He described how he wasted money on “drink, alcohol, partying” while receiving thousands of pounds in donations from supporters. Robinson said in 2020 he received about £1,000 a month from supporters and at times that figure was between £3,000 to £4,000…”

    1. U N M U T U A L


      “The Power of Flight Propels Me…!
      The Power of Flight Propels Me…!”

  6. Fearganainm

    UK investment firm with links to fraudster Catriona Carey faces being struck off


    “A UK company registered in the name of convicted fraudster Catriona Carey is on the verge of being struck off. The Irish Independent can reveal a notice for compulsory strike-off is pending for MP&P Private Commercial Investments Ltd, a company which lists its activities as “property unit trusts”. Carey will have the option to object, but the company will be dissolved “unless cause is shown to the contrary”. Accounts for MP&P are overdue by 60 days. No accounts have been filed since it was incorporated nearly two years ago. A first Gazette notice, which is a public warning that Companies House will strike a company off its register for failure to furnish accounts, is due to be published next week. Carey is the sole director of MP&P, which is one of multiple businesses registered in her name in England.

    It comes as the Central Bank of Ireland issued a warning about another UK-registered company owned by Carey. It advised that Careysfort Asset Estates Ltd, which is at the centre of multiple fraud allegations, is “not authorised” to provide financial services. In a statement, the Central Bank said it believes “that Careysfort Asset Estates Limited is holding itself out as a person whose business consists wholly or partly of providing credit directly to a relevant person, but it holds no authorisation from the Central Bank as a retail credit firm”. “Consumers should be aware that if they deal with a firm that is not authorised, they will not be eligible for compensation from the Investor Compensation Scheme,” the Central Bank added. The company’s registered address is Wenlock Road in London – the same address listed for MP&P.

    Careysfort was due to be struck off the register last year, but the action was discontinued. Companies House said “cause has been shown why the above company should not be struck off the register and accordingly the registrar is taking no further action” in a notice published on October 11. Once a company has been struck off, it ceases to exist as a legal entity and all trade must be stopped permanently…”

      1. Fearganainm

        This seems to be a persistent problem only for you, Tom J. I’ve just checked and each and every link is working fine. As you can see, other posters have already responded to some of them. Maybe there’s an issue with the device that you’re using? You’ve made the same complaint a few times before and each time everyone else had no problem. Maybe time to upgrade your Babbage difference engine with its Thomas Alva Edison and John Logie Baird apps and get something that works consistently?

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          not that it matters anymore, but I have the same issue, possibly an Android glitch

  7. Kin

    A cost of living budget needed at this time because of the war
    No way
    What’s needed is an emergency law just like they could do in covid to prosecute and if necessary readjust prices to stop price gouging
    And anyone engaging in it brought to book
    Also to sort out the hotels a bed tax that can be refunded on one’s tax for the customer but unable to be off set by the owner of the hotel

    1. Rob_G

      for me, the biggest indicator of the fact that Broadsheet lost it’s way (aside from the more obvious issues like KN’s posts suggesting that the covid jab has its own MAC address) is the fact that david has been allowed back

      1. Broadbag

        As infuriating as those KN bluetooth threads were, they became kinda funny in the end, by about the 3rd or 4th time, the comments were hilarious, I like to think that was just Bodger having a laugh after the 2nd attempt to get people to play along failed miserably.

  8. TenPin Terry

    It’s going to be touch and go to see who lasts the longest this weekend.
    Broadsheet or Stephen ” Who He ? ” Kenny.
    The Jocks will be tasty and unlike Ukraine won’t be bringing their Reserves. Kenny’s record of only 5 wins in 24 matches doesn’t augur well.
    Certainly not enough to warrant the contract extension he got last year – Ireland’s ability to reward mediocrity never ceases to amaze.

  9. SOQ

    Doctors Are ‘Baffled’ By the Increase in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

    Dr. Ryan Cole: “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is because people are getting a toxin in their body that’s inflaming their heart.”

    “If you look around the world, a couple of athletes per month used to die on the football field or on the soccer pitch. Now we’re getting hundreds each month dying. Why? Is there something new in humanity? You bet there is [something]: a toxic lipid nanoparticle and a toxic modified RNA that doesn’t shut off.”

    “Dr. Bruce Patterson, pathologist, colleague, showed that the spike was persisting in our circulating CD 16+ monocytes for up to 15 months! So, it’s insanity to keep pushing the most deadly, dangerous medical product ever allowed to persist in humanity.”


    1. johnny

      “Doctors’ LOL

      SAD’s indeed,is Cole not hawking Vitamin D and Ivermectin?
      -you ruined the comments section -do you not do science or get data – like really WTF !

      …if you look around…..-FACY FREE GARBAGE from a highly discredited source,kinda ironic,given ALL the time you wasted,now its closed,not need try get other posters banned,yer ALL banned.

      you contributed NOTHING but copied and pasted like a sucker extreme right wing yank talking points,Fox news drivel and MAGA click bait-SADS.

      1. SOQ

        Ah the usual old big Pharma BS- I really won’t miss it. If you get CoVid- go home until you turn blue- and then maybe we might treat you.

        Certain soft tissues cancers are now recognised as being side effects of the CoVid-19 vaccines yes. Likewise the aggressive re-emergence of others which were years into remission. Of course like a lot of other good doctors, Cole’s real crime was that he stuck by his guns over ivermectin.

        Pfizer, Moderna, J&J Vaccines Should Be ‘Immediately Pulled Off the Market’

        “What we’ve learned is an unbelievable story of poor safety. In fact, I think it’s basically a biological catastrophe on our hands,” says Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and leading expert on COVID-19 treatment.


        But sure why would you bother listening to what these experts have to say eh? You might have to admit you are wrong and God forbid you’d ever have to do that.

        1. Fearganainm

          How many ‘experts’ are you down to now? Hopefully you’ve jettisoned the struck off or suspended ones, or the ones who take their lead from 4chan, or those belonging to an American right-wing political organisation, or the one that claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches. And grifters like Pierre Kory, he of the coitus interruptus approach to submitting (then withdrawing) his ‘research’. Nowadays he’s selling Ivermection for over $300 a time – but of course you have to have a video consultation first which costs $1,200+ He won’t look at a rube like you, of course, he gets minions to do that. Oh, and one more thing – you have to catch Covid-19 (like he did last October), before he’ll agree to your ‘consultation’ and to give you any Ivermectin. You’ve put your faith in some strange ‘experts’ it has to be said.

        2. Rob_G

          @SOQ –

          I know that you are all-in on the “alternative” narrative on Covid, but do you honestly not think that it is pertinent that a doctor who claims that the covid vaccine is causing cancer is currently being investigated for several cancer misdiagnoses by his medical board?

          1. SOQ

            Many many doctors are being investigated for many things as discrediting techniques around this corrupt mess but none ever reach fruition, and more importantly, the real investigations have yet to start.

            That you think this is just ‘one’ doctor exposes how little you understand about this movement. There are thousands and some are still reluctant to speak out in public as yet- but make no mistake, it will happen.

            I have never been so certain about anything in my entire life.

  10. johnny

    buy farm(s) someone drunkly whispered late nite….

    How ‘Fairy Tale’ Farms Are Ruining Hudson Valley Agriculture


    (as i look for my french chore jacket,FEIT work boots and vintage indigo dyed japanese jeans)

    all the best John.

    When it was good, baby, it was good, baby
    We showed ’em all up
    No one could touch the way we laughed in the dark

    Taylor Swift – We Were Happy.


    1. Vanessa Foran aka Celebrity Accountant aka Frilly Keane aka the Broadsheet Trolldog

      Hey Johnny
      I’m going to that thing in the Sugar Club tomorrow
      So I’ll update you off line if there’s any goss

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        V thanks again for your support back when, the next grey goose is on me

      2. johnny

        Thanks V,best luck with that,home or back again in July for few weeks,coffee and smokes on me:)

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          Off the fags Johnny

          Didn’t I tell ya

          Flying it

          Was back in training there for a Masters Race
          Regatta thing down in Kerry
          Did me bloody knee in on the rowing machine
          I could do with your special recipes

          No heels
          No flats
          just great big manky trainers, and you know me

          I’m going around like Smig Spillane in 1984 with the fecky knee stocking, and tracksuit pants
          ok I don’t own a tracksuit pants
          But you know yourself
          Comfort pants
          Not me at all.

  11. Fearganainm

    Bishops sought ‘commitment’ on priority for Catholic children in schools


    “The Catholic Bishops’ Conference looked for a “binding commitment” from the State that Catholic children would be given priority access to Catholic schools, in exchange for the divestment of a small number of Catholic primary schools to multi-denominational status, documents received by RTÉ News reveal. They show that at a meeting last June, the bishops told the Minister for Education that their support for the divestment of a number of their schools was “dependent on the ability of schools remaining under Catholic patronage to operate fully as Catholic schools, including the ability to prioritise enrolment of Catholics”…”

  12. Fearganainm

    Council of Europe rebukes UK over Troubles immunity plan


    “The Council of Europe has rebuked the UK over a plan to grant conditional immunity to people accused of murder and other offences during the Northern Ireland Troubles. The body, which oversees the European court of human rights (ECHR), on Friday accused the government of not consulting stakeholders and expressed concern over the stated intention to pull the plug on inquests. It said it would make a formal request to the UK for further information about the Northern Ireland Troubles (legacy and reconciliation) bill – controversial legislation that was included in last month’s Queen’s speech – and require an answer by 1 August….”

  13. benblack

    The closure of broadsheet.ie should have made front page news.

    Perhaps, the Sunday papers might show some modicum of solidarity and respect.

    1. Tumbelina

      It will be appreciated in the future. A brilliant creative meeting of minds spanning a pivotal decade in Irish history.

      Just hang on to those archives, guys!

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