12 thoughts on “Killarney Uncle

    1. Rob_G

      Do you think that everyone who goes to see Morrisey is also a gay vegetarian, or is it just his (admittedly, a bit iffy) views on immigration that they automatically agree with upon purchasing a ticket?

  1. ce

    Dose… Smiths utterly overrated… and solo Morrisey, is no Marty Morrisey that’s for sure…

  2. ce

    “No rules or restrictions will be in place” – except at the bar you can’t get a drink if you are under 18 and they can ask for ID if they want… and the fact that you’ll have to buy a ticket… and the ticket might come with a need to prove ID at some of the venues… and that there will be a curfew on the event ending… and the fact the the venue has to have insurance… etc… etc… but you know, what have the Romans ever done for us…

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      No rules or restrictions, but Moz will probably throw a strop if he gets a whiff of a burger van in the vicinity!

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