7 thoughts on “Error: File 404 Not Found

  1. Kin

    And things functioned
    Machines were designed to do the work and I bet you there are far more people employed to operate those computerised systems than the old fashioned system that worked and I bet efficiency is way done on priorities
    Think about it

  2. jonjoker

    From my point of view, it was much easier to go to the drawer and pull out the correct initial than dealing with the online version.

    But hey, someone is making loadsa dosh out of the new, improved version.

  3. Duncan Wheeler

    A shout out to the Librarians, many of whom steered a sad and confused youngster to a book that opened a wholly unknown and exciting new world. Mum, now 90, was a real tearaway, girl with mind, frustrated. At eight she would sit in the tree at the front of the garden and throw acorns at the local librarian, a Miss Courtney. Eventually, one day she looked up and said “Sylvia, come down to the liberary and join”. Just like that. She did join, without her ultra conserative parents permission, and read and read from then until now.

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