Follow Every Rainbow ‘Till You Find Your Dream



Duke Street, Dublin 2.

Charlie Bird at the launch of a book published in his honour ‘Climb Every Mountain – Charlie Bird’s Marriage Equality journey’ with above from left: co-editor Yvonne Judge and designer Kate Horgan in the Dublin Pride Pop Up Hub.

Climb Every Mountain is self published and has been made to thank Charlie Bird for his ‘work and friendship with the LGBTQ+ family in Ireland’.

All proceeds go to BELONGto and The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA)

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Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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18 thoughts on “Follow Every Rainbow ‘Till You Find Your Dream

  1. Niall

    Hi there
    Not sure if this is the intention but that link brings me to a Spanish language website? Muy confusing

  2. Sara

    You would think that at this stage Charlie would’ve given up the attention seeking. But no, he’s intent on going out on an unclassy note.

    1. Dell

      How is this unclassy?. Yesterday you said something like the conspiracy theories and Nasty comments on here is what has been it’s downfall. Do you not think this comment is a tad on the unnecessarily Nasty side? The man is dying.

        1. Sara

          Not true. I’ve been critical. There’s a difference. When Charlie Bird was in RTE he was a big supporter of Section 31. He harmed a lot of peoples’ careers. Instead of apologizing for this, and making amends now that he’s on the way out, he’s directing the spotlight towards himself.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Sara if you don’t think you have been nasty….well you’re just wrong, you may need to relook at your nasty to nice spectrum.

          2. Sara

            Janet, I’ve been critical. People like you always think anything mildly unpleasant is nasty. That’s why you’re stuck where you are, and why I’m not.

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Where am I stuck exactly ?
            Mildly unpleasant….please I worked bars for years ….you’re small peanuts on the unpleasant scale, that doesn’t faze me, I don’t have to like it though and the fact you can’t recognize it means you are also either deluded or what Milly said.

          4. Fergalito

            Naw, you’re nasty on here most of the time. As nasty as those you attempt to eviscerate. Critical is another thing entirely and requires manners, a certain etiquette. You may think otherwise and so what if you do, everyone else can’t be wrong all the time either. I’ve never been minded to engage with any of your comments for what it’s worth …

            On reading your “critical” comment (which you defined as such when challenged and which isn’t really critical at all now is it?) I was reminded of Mike’s final words in Breaking Bad:- “shut the fu*k up and let me die in peace”

  3. Breeda

    Such an inspirational man !

    Charlie has already raised over three million euro on his recent ‘Climb with Charlie’ for charity.

    1. scottser

      you would think then, that one of the charities might take him for a haircut and beard trim.

  4. Kate Horgan

    Hi Sara, the wording of this article is not entirely accurate – Charlie was not launching this book, he was being presented with the book. The book was made by a group of his friends who campaigned for Yes Equality with him in 2015. (Perhaps a offer could make this clearer). Charlie was simply accepting a gift. Nothing ‘unclassy’ about that.

    1. Sara

      Charlie would go to the opening of a packet of crisps if it got him attention. He still hasn’t apologized to all those people who were blacklisted under section 31. And he still denies that he wasn’t close to Eoghan Harris, despite all the evidence contrary. He’s a small man.

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