238 thoughts on “Saturday’s Papers

        1. galaxiapolizia

          who, me?

          chance would be a fine thing.
          nice cups of tea are getting me thru
          the trauma…..i’ll be grand once
          the Summer Solstice hoves into view

          …and yourself?

      1. The Mad Account

        That is true galaxia

        I would hope if John and Nick are reading they are reflecting that in the future they can get this done again but perhaps with some subtle changes. The unveiling of some contributors for example appears to have had a certain impact that can only be described as positive for the overall tone and atmosphere

        1. galaxiapolizia

          + 1 , The Mad Account, very eloquently put.

          Yes, indeedy, when John and Nick have enjoyed some very
          well-deserved restorative n’ revivifying n’ sunshiney holipops,
          they’ll surely be turbo-charged, mightily-righteous n’
          all-set for new high-octane adventures; maybe even stuff
          that involves mercilessly rippin’ into the wicked, uncaring, ignoble
          “powers-that-be” who hold sway in this benighted, failing statelet
          that we call home. In the meantime: …RUN FIZZIN’ RIOT…!!!


    1. TenPin Terry

      In case anyone has missed it today is World Gin Day. I know, mad isn’t it ?
      It always falls on the second Saturday in June.
      As you know I have an omnipresent thirst for gin and tontons. I have my eye on one now but it’s not 3pm yet and unless I’m on me hols I never partake before 3pm.
      Gordons is our regular gin – one of the many benefits of Brexit is the return of Duty Free in Blighty. A tenner for a litre of Gordons is the best we’ve found on our travels
      But any will generally do – Aldi’s Greyson London Dry Gin is perfectly acceptable.
      I avoid all those nonsense €30+ bottles of anything with a silly name like Bathtub or Gunpowder. You’re just massively over-paying for a few fancy botanicals.The booze is exactly the same.
      A slice of lime, lots of ice and a Tuborg tonic when I can find it or if not some Fevertree.
      The first one of the afternoon just takes the edge off things especially when paired with a small blunt to get the day’s festivities underway.
      But of course you probably don’t want to hear about all this in your current state of mourning and distress. All I’m trying to do is perk y’all up by accentuating the positive.

      1. The Mad Account

        Lol enjoy a drink early today
        It will take the edge off losing the second test to a non test playing nation

        1. TenPin Terry

          Oh you poor thing.
          New Zealand are currently the ICC World Test Champions.
          Now you know why I christened you Own Goal Onanist™

          1. The Mad Account

            NZ were always a traditional test playing powerhouse were they? I know my cricket you fool. Thanks for the Lols – genuinely – you made a great contribution to this site in many ways. Really appreciated having the craic with you. I feel bereft not knowing about what you’re going to do every day in Napflio.

          2. TenPin Terry

            You ‘ know your cricket ‘ but thought the current world Test champions were not a Test-playing nation ?
            Seeing as it’s near the end I’ll let you off Giggidy. I’m verrrry chilled tonight.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Schizophrenic Charger in all his glory. Everyone is Giggidy. Hahaha. Ha.
            Hahahaha. Ah jeez. Hahaha.
            Awight ‘Arry.
            It must have been too warm in Molineux this evening.
            Small crowd (literally).

            Not the only embarrassment for Southgate then.

      2. Kin

        Tin man Irish gin is far superior to English gin
        A good bottle of beara gin is heaven and lavender fever tree tonic a slice of cucumber a couple of slices of chilli and ice and of course lemon
        The saltiness of west corks finest just adds that edge to it

        1. TenPin Terry

          Sounds gay to me ‘Kin’ell™.
          Right up the street of Scutter™ I’d say.

    1. Kin

      They have nearly the whole of the eastern Ukraine
      Also access to the Black Sea
      I would say Putin has achieved his goals and soon he will retreat behind a buffer zone of independent states that were part of Ukraine but with leaning towards Russia
      All the west has achieved is a massive iron curtain slammed shut
      And just wait until the winter for us all inflation double digits
      A needless war
      As for Ukraine all it will be fed a massive*urd sandwich

      As a tourist business our takings are down 50% as numbers of tourists have halved
      Apparently all the budget hotels are crammed with Ukrainian refugees
      So I doubt car hire is the only problem
      Maybe what is needed is a bed tax on rooms over a certain price so part of the gouging is limited
      Get ready for the crash
      I am aghast that government has not put in place measures to stop profiteering as I have noticed massive disparities between certain suppliers for goods I could buy else where and who I now use
      Musgrave olive oil 39.95 KC Norton 25.95
      Musgrave extra strong flour for bread 26.95 KC Norton 16.95
      Musgrave cheddar cheese block 25.95 clona milk 17.95
      Just three items with massive price differences

      Of course the government cannot stop price gouging bUt could place every citizen under house arrest during covid prevent you from working and shut down businesses
      They cannot home people
      They are helpless to protect their people and quite a useless shower

        1. Fearganainm

          Putin has awoken the hardcore history nerds from their slumbers:

          “If Russia revokes her 1991 recognition of Lithuania’s independence, Lithuania will revoke the 1634 Treaty of Polyanovka and demand that Putin submits to the authority of Władysław IV and returns all occupied territories to the Grand Duchy. Smolensk is Lithuania!”


          1. K. Cavan

            Why would Russia revoke a USSR agreement, Sperg & what exactly would Lithuania (Pop. 2.8 Million) do about it?
            You’re a card. You know which one…

        2. Kin

          Provided the west keeps supplying Ukraine with aid and arms
          Anyway putin will most probably leave the peacekeeping in the hands of the new independent states
          It’s only a matter of time that people in Europe will be sick and tired of being gouged for everything from fuel to food
          It’s going to be a pretty bad winter of discontent with plenty of energy outages
          It might just be europes version of the three day week that led to thatcher
          I remember those days in the UK but people put up with it until election time which returned a different government
          I believe a secret meeting was conducted in Dublin that was leaked
          It included a plan to shut down Dublin on December 17th
          This was on news talk and a government spokesman tried to just make light of it all
          So who knows what’s in stall with the present idiots in charge

        3. K. Cavan

          You’re heading over then, scottser? Fair dues, I wouldn’t have thought you had it in you.
          I reckon you’ve more chance of catching Monkey Pox than getting a Guerilla War going in the former Ukraine, the Russians have noticed an increased enthusiasm for surrender among the unfortunate Ukros. According to the lad I was watching earlier, I wouldn’t put too much money on Zelensky being re-elected, either, they’ve taken some hammering.
          The paltry remnants of the formerly 102,000-strong Azovs might do something dangerous, though, when they’ve finished executing deserters.

      1. The Mad Account

        Thanks for that insight david
        Generally the best thing broadsheet ever did was bring you in from the cold – your comments are always fascinating-

        1. Kin

          Jesus mad salute you
          Mind you still looking out of my window looking for ya for that pint that never gets served
          It amazes me that price gouging is out of control
          I notice the data they are stating regarding price rises do not reflect what’s happening in the wholesalers
          They say inflation of 7.1% this year and I just cannot see it’s this low
          Lots of graphs and no real breakdown
          Last week I went to buy cheddar cheese from Musgrave cork
          The price had doubled in one week
          I got a email regarding my energy provider who is leaving the Irish market and has handed my account to energy Ireland and I shudder to think of the gouging ahead
          We hear hotels have increased their prices by 0.9% according to stats but we all know they have upped their prices by at least 25%

          I honestly think there are ways to counteract the whole thing
          Put a bed tax on any room more than €150 a night which is 50% of the excess charge
          This is then refunded directly to the person that was staying in that hotel
          The hotels will hate that but the more they gouge the less profit they will make and the guest will get quite a sum back
          The same for car rental
          An extra tax that is fully refunded to the customer and cannot be off set by the car rental company
          Another is car rental which would total the full price of a brand new motor after 40 weeks renting it
          But if you sold that car the following week you would of recouped 80% back
          It’s just crazy that the government is just pandering to this and no doubt are in cahoots with the gouging

          1. The Mad Account

            If you give us a hint where it is I’ll genuinely call in and have a pint in your bar

          2. K. Cavan

            They can’t do anything about it, Kin. The Euro printing presses have been churning out that funny-money for the last two & a half years & in March, they committed a cool billion to Ukraine.
            The value of the Euro will be plummeting for a year, at least & it’s no accident, either. We won’t so much be battening down the hatches as taking them off their hinges & throwing them on the fire, to keep warm.

          3. Kin

            Mad I cannot because lots of people hate my views and I just do not want a brick through my window

      2. jonjoker

        In my opinion, what we are seeing – after trying to discount all the propaganda, and form a view through the haze of lies, smoke and mirrors – is a re-ordering of the world.

        For the pro-US shills on here, nothing I write below is a judgment of anyone, and certainly not approval of anyone’s actions. Not of Russia, and not of the US. It is simply an attempt at making sense of a world that has once again become complex after a brief period of US total hegemony.

        For the last 30 years, we have had the appearance of US hegemony. But in fact, IMO this only lasted through the 1990s. By the time Bush II came to power, the US was already faltering – as the failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq demonstrate.
        All the while, China was building up its economy, and in part did so using western capital, and offering terms so appealing to MNCs that it is today the world’s productive powerhouse. The amount of technology transferred under this programme is such that China today has access to the same level of technology as the US – much of it now homegrown.
        Russia re-armed and rebuilt too, and is refusing to be ignored any longer.
        India is also an up-and-coming economic giant, although not a centralised one – in line with Indian realities.
        Many other countries have modernised – Brazil under Lula is one that comes to mind, and Iran is another; I suspect that we will very gradually see a couple of strong economies come to the fore in Africa, maybe Ethiopia and Nigeria as well as South Africa.

        Given this state of affairs, the US has been trying to maintain its position, but it knows that it will not be able to do so. As a result, it needs to tie in the bits that it can, while trying to keep its main rivals in a subordinate position. The expansion of NATO in eastern Europe alongside the expansion of the EU go hand in hand with this policy. NAFTA is another element of it, and so is the stalled TTIP.

        Ukraine is just one small element in all of this, and apparently the one where Russia feels confident enough to stand its ground. I don’t know who is going to gain most there, but without a massive transfer of equipment and troops, I cannot see Ukraine managing to take back any of the gains made by Russia in the east and southeast of the country.
        On the contrary, putting aside the propaganda about how poorly the Russian army is doing, I see Russia as carrying out a war of attrition against Ukraine – which, let us remember, in its pre-2014 borders had less than one-third of Russia’s population. Today that is more like one-quarter of Russia’s population, along with a vast displaced population (remember what happened in Syria? It seems to me that Russia is practicing a similar policy in Ukraine to what Turkey/ISIS/the US carried out in Syria) and the loss of its most industrialised area. Ukraine has been enormously weakened. I suspect that Russia could take large chunks of Ukraine in the NE of the country, but has decided to wear Ukraine out; not “a short sharp shock” though – they want to leave Ukraine so weak and worn-out that it will eventually sue for peace on whatever terms Russia offers them.

        I’m sorry if this doesn’t fit with the general consensus, and I certainly don’t approve of what Russia is doing (in so far as my analysis is anywhere near the truth of the matter). It is simply my overview from what I see.

        1. The Mad Account

          You’re probably correct
          Most do the time though please recall that the world is constantly being “re-ordered”: that’s the natural state of humanity

        2. paddy apathy

          Russia may take swathes of Ukrainian territory, but they will not keep them, at least not without expending huge resources of their own as an unwelcome occupying colonist.
          Putin’s 3-day war to slap down its increasingly confident ex-Soviet neighbour has not gone at all to plan.
          Russia itself is weakened, militarily, financially and reputationally.

          1. Kin

            Paddy apathy
            I do not think Russia is interested in keeping them
            We are talking about keeping the peace
            They will hand them over to the breakaway Ukrainians and they will run them
            As well as that these states will trade with the east
            I honestly think after the sanctions Russia knows the iron curtain is firmly shut
            The arrogance of the EU and USA thinks that the whole world must trade with them

            The big losers are the Ukrainian people with minus their industrial heartland and minerals and of course coal oil and gas
            This will supply the needs of China and the new world order

            The west now are desperate for oil and gas and OPEC are not playing ball
            It was on euro news that Venezuela is now being looked at for supplying oil
            They actually are the most oil rich country on the planet
            But the baggage of western sanctions on them in the past I doubt will do the west any favours thanks to the way the west made a basket case of Venezuela by way of sanctions
            The EU are facing big problems this winter that will dwarf Russia’s
            Mind you nothing like feeling your neighbour cannot afford coal when you sit there with no electricity feeling pretty smug

          2. paddy apathy

            The occupied annexed eastern Ukraine districts (I will not call them states or independent) are not sustainable and will not be stable without massive investment from Russia. Russia will have to “keep” them. Breakaway Ukrainians will not run them, the Kremlin will, or at least try to. This is all hypothetical of course, Russia’s kleptocracy is also unsustainable.
            In case you haven’t noticed oil, coal and gas have a limited future. Even China realises this.
            Fossil fuel production constitutes almost 60% of the Russian economy.
            Russia is an unsophisticated old ruin in dire need of refurbishment. With the current regieme the investment required to rebuild goes directly into the pockets of Putin’s buddies.
            Russia cannot afford a long protracted war, defending against a guerrilla resurgency or supporting their puppets or more to the point, to maintain or sustain itself.
            And trading with mother Russia is always going to be less attractive or lucrative than trading with the west. You can’t argue the fact that US and EU are far wealthier than Russia.

          3. K. Cavan

            Wow, Mr Apathy, where are you getting this stuff from? Jonjoker is spot-on with his analysis, which is describing the end of geopolitical unipolarity & a return to multipolarity. To continue as the Global Hegemon, by containing China, the US absolutely had to gain access to Russia’s natural resources, that’s not happening, now. Biden will become a lame duck at the midterms, they’ll be rudderless, Balkanisation has already begun.
            The US is, however, very likely to prosecute more foreign wars, as it’s military is its sole resource now, it’s Soft Power has evaporated in a rainbow cloud of Degeneracy. The Real Big Losers in all of this will be Europe, we’re in big trouble that the EU will do well to outlast.
            In case you don’t know it, the Donbas, the only industrial area of Ukraine, is almost entirely Russian, you couldn’t force them back into unity with Ukraine at gunpoint, that’s been tried, already. You seem to think Russia is still the USSR, it’s not. You believe the MSM, they’re lying.

        3. Clampers Outside

          That was a great wee discussion Jon Joker, Paddy, Kim, The Mad and K… Enjoyed that read, ta :)

      1. Kin

        Who knows how Putin will go
        But you can bet your bottom dollar that what replaces him can be worse
        We just have to think is Ukraine worth it
        As the only thing now that can try to reverse putins gains is NATO marching on Moscow
        As for oil and gas
        I see the west are looking at Venezuela and to really piss them off state in exchange for debt relief

        Have survived so far with multiples of suffering as the world screwed them to the wall because the USA decided regime change
        They are sitting on massive swaths of oil and gas
        Some say the biggest in the world and they have now a chance to extract plenty from the west and rebuild their crippled economy
        And to be honest I could not blame them

        1. K. Cavan

          There’s two geopolitical rules that are eternal, Kin, don’t try to bluff the Chinese & never march on Moscow.

          1. Kin

            You got it Cavan
            Without China the west would crumble
            We can blame the greed of multi nationalism aka globalisation
            The greed just could not be resisted by the west and trillions of the wests investors from pension funds to industry are up to their neck in China
            They Sort of deserve when it all goes pear shape

      2. ce

        Now that’s a good answer Cú Chulainn – also I mixed up Peter and Ivan… had a few drinks last night… Ivan did the mongols, Peter did other expansions into Ottoman and and Swedish lands etc… however, he definitely didn’t have to go cap in hand to anybody…

    2. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

      So it was never about ‘nazis’… He’s just a thieving imperialistic expansionist bastard after all. Didn’t see that coming… um…

      I seem to recall a fella at that craic 70 years ago..

      1. K. Cavan

        The Ukronazis were the first, most enthusiastic troops to engage in the genocide against Donbas but the rest of the Ukrainian army soon joined in. Ukraine has never been a functioning democracy, not since the 2014 coup, anyway & nobody in NATO or the US gives a damn about it, it’s all been about weakening Russia, not saving Ukraine, they’re pawns in a geopolitical chess game, destined to lose.
        The big surprise has been how quickly & disastrously the sanctions boomeranged, when The West tried to get The Rest to join in & they flatly refused. Putin had already rearmed his forces & he spent the last 8 years preparing for the sanctions, which he knew would come.
        In the last 20 years, Putin’s lowest approval rating was 59%. He’s bulletproof, because ultimately, no Russians want NATO nukes or US bio-weapons labs on their borders.
        The US decided it had to weaken Russia, because it could not rise higher than it. If that doesn’t ring alarm bells, it should.

    3. K. Cavan

      Keep takin’ the tablets, ce, they seem to be keeping reality at bay, so far.
      The Poles have already moved in, it’s all over, bar a few thousand more hapless, drugged-up Ukrainian soldiers being denatofied by the Russians or executed by the Azov enforcers who keep the cannon-fodder in line.
      Meanwhile, behind Russian lines, building equipment is arriving to begin the reconstruction & Nazis are being convicted.
      How do you reckon things are going for the GIs in Vietnam, can they hold Hanoi?

  1. Steph Pinker

    It must leave a bilious taste for BS staff to read the hypocritical and disingenuous comments over the past few years, and in particular these last days.

    However, integrity and truth will always conquer hypocrisy and lies.

    Keep it lit, Bodger et al.

    Thank you.

    1. paddy apathy

      The real Steven Pinker has a gem of podcast named “How rational are you”. You might learn something from it

      1. Steph Pinker

        Hey, Paddy, is there a *fake* Steven Pinker?

        … or does he identify as some *thing* else like you?

      2. K. Cavan

        Pinker is a Liberal Boomer, hasn’t a clue about the Real World. He’s mired deep in The Boomer Truth Regime, US boomers still think Russia is the USSR & can’t get their heads out of their asses long enough to wrap them ’round the fact that the Communist Party is now the opposition, in Russia.
        Their obsession with individual liberty has contributed hugely to how the US is so riven by dogmatic schisms that the Union is under the biggest threat it has ever faced. The 3 richest US states are Democrat, the 3 poorest are Republican, the Tech Industries, the Media & Academia have little commitment to Democracy, they want Progressivism, a narrative that cannot conceive of having made a mis-step & has no reverse gear, Biden’s incoherent stumble of a presidency was something they could ill afford, Balkanisation beckons.

    2. SOQ

      100 % Steph.

      Nasty individuals who actively contributed to the demise of the site now shedding crocodile tears. So much talk about the direction in which the site had taken but never about the tone of the comments, where bullying and which hunting became the norm. It wouldn’t have happened on most sites because they would have been kicked off pronto.

      1. jungleman

        @ SOQ You’re the most tedious individual ever to comment on broadsheet. I think the majority of commenters would agree that you have wrecked the comments sections for the past couple of years.

        1. The Mad Account

          The guys who will be constantly ganging up on him like you are actively worse IMHO jungleman.
          The other day indeed I was myself attemptedly doxed by said individual.
          You know what – I could care less?
          A chap who is that wound up will be hoist by his own petard in the fullness of time.

        2. John Smith

          ‘I think the majority of commenters would agree that you have wrecked the comments sections’

          Count me out of that. SOQ, even when I didn’t agree with him, has been one of the commenters that has kept me reading Broadsheet because he has been reasonable and informative. There certainly have been wreckers but SOQ is not amongst their number, in my opinion.

          1. The Mad Account

            100% John
            He’s got a fascinating take on things and variety is the spice of life

        3. Kin

          Jungle,an I think Nigel is the most tedious
          I actually find SOQ spot on at times
          And people hate to know the truth
          My views have had me banned many times because people did not like to hear the truth
          And I was spot on about the backstop and brexit
          And no amount of banning people because they see reality makes what wrong right
          We need to get out of the EU as it’s going to implode pretty soon and we are 5 million people on a land rich in agriculture surrounded by 80% of the whole fishing stock which is being plundered
          We are administered by what I call KAPOs whose interests are not our people but the European experiment
          We got screwed by the EU after the crash which was unforgivable
          We need proper leadership and we need to stand upon our own feet
          Irish people have built empires for others and it’s time we did it for ourselves
          I only hope broadsheet rises from the ashes and allows people to express their views no matter how against the narrative it is
          Maybe if indeed Sinn Fein comes to power it might be the making of this country and put an end to the despicable politicians that are driving our people over the cliff
          It’s only a matter of time before they can no longer keep borrowing cash to keep a broken machine running
          It reminds me of midnight express when the broken machine that did not know he was a broken machine and that’s our government

          1. Kin

            Cavan my belief of Sinn Fein is as good as yours
            They will break this country
            It’s what emerges after that if indeed we are like a Phoenix
            The broken machine
            We cannot afford the weight of government and the mythical leftie money tree
            And defiantly not the public sector ticking time bomb of pensions

          2. SOQ

            You may be right Kin- only time will tell. But SF have to be a step above the utter contempt shown by the now main parties to the working man and women.

            They way in which they have sold this country out is nothing short of criminal, and still they refuse to even attempt to justify why they are allowing the vulture funds hover up all the new homes built.

        4. K. Cavan

          If SOQ has wrecked the comments section for you, jungleman, I salute him, job well done.
          Now, off you trot to the journal.ie, where they serve up the type of establishment swill that will keep your fur sleek & glossy.

          1. Kin

            I am banned for life on the journal
            Thanks Cavan man I now know why
            I think it was the comment I made when they had a fake photo of a pub having a Holley in temple bar the Thursday before paddies day 2020
            Leo smart bottomed varadkar quoted if this is how pubs behave then draconian laws would be brought in
            We all got text messages Sunday night before paddies day advising us to close down
            A few weeks before this pandemic was declared
            They threw our livelihoods to the dogs
            Closed us all down and drove drinking underground
            So the pandemic did not close down pubs but government did with threats of being thrown in jail

          2. SOQ

            jungleman spend at least a month on this site responding to every single comment I made in an attempt to bully me off it Kin.

            To this day I have no idea what his own views are- in fact, I suspect neither does he- such is the calibre of that individual.

          3. K. Cavan

            My own livelihood, ancillary to your business, got destroyed by the lockdowns, Kin, I can imagine how it was for you, because I’m usually a hugely positive person who suddenly had to deal with depression, mood swings & hopelessness. Civil Servants escaped it all, as usual & I suspect there have been more than a few on board here & they haven’t got a clue what most people went through.
            Not a clue.

          4. jungleman

            @SOQ All I wanted was for you to explain how you came to the conclusion that Putin invaded Ukraine to save us from the pandemic. You refused to back up your comments so I asked you a few more times. Care to elaborate on your comments now before the site gets shut down?

    3. Clampers Outside

      I’ll always remember the chuckle I got when you came on Broadsheet after a week (or a few?) off the site and you posted something along the lines of… “What has happened here, and when did Clampers become the bad guy?” – still gives me a giggle :)

      All the best Steph, have always enjoyed your comments.

    1. Kin

      Jesus ce it’s pretty bad when even the crows are now pooing on the good people of Ireland
      Can you imagine how the homeless must feel?

    1. Kin

      Big problem for a hotel owner is the rates no doubt a minimum of €1 million a year then of course how do they get the bus tours in and guests access as dragging a bag down a cycle lane is no fun apparently five lanes cut to two lanes then deliveries then the cost of building a luxury hotel of up to according to the yanks up to $1.5 million a room then demolishing that absolute disgusting building
      Enough to give you a heart attack
      Grand designs and pipe dreams

      1. scottser

        350 a night to stay ballymun or blanch right now. No wonder the airport is jammers with folks trying to leave the place.

  2. Zaccone

    Are the papers posts automated (or nearly so)? Would it be possible to keep them alone going I wonder?

    Its surely very low effort, but would definitely keep a lot of people checking the site. Probably quite advertiser friendly too as far as revenue to pay for hosting goes…

      1. TenPin Terry

        That figures really.
        You spend so much time on here you have a tan off your laptop.

        1. The Mad Account

          Lol actually as your defense witness Micko notes I generally check in usually once in the morning and once in the evening after the days work is done – I can appreciate how hard it must be for you to observe little details however when you are constrained by the requirements of having to stuff your face every waking hour of the day

  3. One for the Roads

    This is starting to feel very like a Jay-Z/Conor Mc Gregor/ Lcd Sound System/ ABBA official retirement ginch.
    Fuppin duped again.
    Sad face.

  4. Walter Ego

    So tell me vacine conspiracy loons.
    When is this great jabbed injury world plague to begin?
    It’s been over a year now since i had mty first jab and over 6 months since my booster. I’m still waiting for my limbs to fall off, or for me to turn into a flesh eating zombie. Whats the problem? Did Bill Gates forgot to add a binary digit to his code? It should’ve happened by now, I should be dead, right?
    Or maybe…. perhaps maybe… you believed in a ridiculous lie.

    1. SailorGerry

      I am happy you are still with us and big pharma thanks you for taking part in the largest experiment ever, in which they all made serious bank.

      There are quite a few people on the planet that think the jabs were hastily rolled out, without proper testing and coercion along with propaganda was used to induce a reasonably high compliance rate.

      I will take my chances, based on my own risk assessment methodology and not be partaking in it.

      At this point the for and against camps are so entrenched that I do not think either side will change an opinion, the die is very much cast.

      Now I must pop down to the Lidl and stock up on aluminium foil, as I could not abide the world ending without a good supply of shiny hats.


      1. SOQ

        Not sure the camps are that entrenched SailorGerry- straw poll but I know of three middle-aged people in what was relatively good health all now having issues. One is seeing a neurologist, one a cardiologist and one has mysteriously devolved serious nerve back pain.

        Of course even if said conditions were openly listed as side effects, the medics will be super keen not to draw any inferences because that places them in the dock. But people are not stupid and they know their own bodies and if such begins after being injection, the causation is usually pretty obvious.

        As for the goading idiot above- if it doesn’t affect him then it couldn’t possibly affect anyone- in other words me, me me, me me me. That they have even come up with the SADS acronym means that deaths are rising and I fear we are nowhere near at the peak.

        The only hope is that those who get injured and those who die are the exact same individuals who done the bullying and the coercion in the first place- because they bloody well deserve it.

        1. Tom J

          @ SOQ,
          you are a sad individual. Anyone who disagrees with you deserves to die as far as you are concerned.

          1. SOQ

            We were not the ones who were calling for the removal of worker’s rights and health care from those who choose not to get vaccinated, but now the tables have turned- now, the vaccinated are more likely to die than non.

            I don’t wish anyone harm but those who bullied and coerced and discriminated against others deserve to be first in line for what is coming yes. I have absolutely no sympathy for them.

          2. Tom J

            @ SOQ,
            Nobody was bullying anyone.
            People just expressed a different viewpoint to you and other anti vaxers and some of the replies were disgusting and rather threatening. If you don’t want to get vaccinated that’s your choice and the choice of other anti vaxers. Now you have taken on the side of the Russian army after they invaded Ukraine, allegedly to denazify the country. How come no other countries noticed the Nazis.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            @Tom. Nobody was bullying anyone? We, mostly, were all guilty of it in some format, but I have to say that the vitriol directed at SOQ by people unwilling to discuss or even take on board his researched views ( some a little questionable mind you, but a lot were views gained on researching medical people) exceeded bullying.

            Your ‘ you’re a sad individual’ quip is bullying.

          4. jonjoker

            TJ, there was a huge amount of bullying involved.
            On an individual level, and on an official level.

            Quite a lot of people who got vaccinated were wandering around lording it over everybody, and in this way making it known to the rest of us that we were a lower life form.
            Thankfully not all of the vaccinated were like that – many took it so they could travel abroad but without buying into the propaganda.
            But those of us who took a “wait and see” attitude were demonised; even the other day, Varadkar was on the radio advising people to get vaccinated. Despite the amount of information available about (some of) the vaccines doing damage to people.
            Also your comment about “antivaxers” is a typical bullying comment. How is someone who adopts a “wait and see” approach an “antivaxer”?

            In general, it takes many years, close to a decade for a medication to receive approval – are you complaining about that? Many of those medications are later withdrawn because they do more damage than good. Despite this, you complain about a person doubting a substance that has been rushed through the process without all the checks and balances in less than a year.
            This is just so sad.

          5. Tom J

            @ jonjoker,
            It’s Tom J not TJ.
            Nobody was wandering around lording it over people who weren’t vaccinated. The people who weren’t vaccinated were making up there own rules and demanding that nobody take a vaccine and causing disruption where ever they could.

          6. SOQ

            Dr Robert Malone recently said that it won’t be long before you we will be told that you had a choice- and so the rewriting of history begins.

            Losing a job nor losing freedom of movement involved a choice- it was straight down the line 100% force- and completely illegal.

        2. One for the Roads

          ‘The only hope is that those who get injured and those who die are the exact same individuals who done the bullying and the coercion in the first place- because they bloody well deserve it.’

          Beautifully put. I imagine I will sometimes wonder about your adventures with what remains of my SOQLESS life.
          Best wishes.

        3. Kin

          Maybe jungle man is Nigel
          I crossed swords with him many times and I bet he got me banned
          He really sounds like he works in a little office in government buildings and is paid to blog and anyone who touches a grain of truth is either bullied or banned

    2. Tom J

      @ Walter Ego,
      I had to get rid of my fridge, I kept sticking to it. Now the milk and butter keep going off, I have no ice cubes for my rum and black and I have to eat takeaways to survive.

          1. scottser

            She doesn’t exist Tom, it’s all in your head. Whatever those voices tell you to do, try and ignore them.

          2. TenPin Terry

            Poor Scutter™
            Still making an ass of himself as the end is nigh.
            He’s never been the same since Papi upped and left and took the lube with him.

          3. scottser

            Charger with the bottom references again. I know you get turned on by being anally humiliated but I told you before, it’s time to let go and move on.
            Maybe try dragging yours across the floor the way a dog does might help?

    3. K. Cavan

      Another spectacularly badly-assembled Strawman, quelle surprise!
      I’m afraid, Mr Ego, I don’t know any “vacine (sic) conspiracy loons”, do you?
      I sincerely hope I believed in a ridiculous lie but I didn’t believe that the 68 people who died from Covid in Ireland in 2020 was a Pandemic.
      Bill Gates has clearly pulled the rug from under you but fair play, you have some balls to be joking about death & serious injury.
      Or you’re an eejit.

      1. Walter Ego

        You’re just a junked up failed boxer. Afraid of a vaccine but you’ll put any old steroid in your bloodstream. because you think being hard makes you a man. What a sad individual you are.

  5. Fearganainm

    Armed officers deployed to protect Mannok directors:


    “…The Independent has reported that armed Garda officers have been deployed to protect Tony Lunney, John McCartin and Dara O’Reilly, who have been deemed as being most at threat as a result of the latest threat. The paper has also reported claims from its sources that the “paymaster” who was responsible for ordering the September 2019 attack on Mr Lunney may now have hired “two known republican terrorists” from the North to attack the directors who live in Cavan and Leitrim…”

    1. Fearganainm

      Garda watchdog probing contacts between officer and Lunney abduction ‘paymaster’


      “The Garda watchdog is investigating contacts between a member of the force and the suspected paymaster who ordered the abduction and torture of Kevin Lunney. It is understood the probe forms part of an ongoing public interest investigation by the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC)…”

    2. Kin

      But we all most probably have thought
      One not so clever individual suddenly rises to the top
      Then what happens after the crash
      Lots of pretty pissed off back room boys

  6. TenPin Terry

    I say what a marvellous morning.
    The sun is shining, the coffee brewing and a busy weekend of doing zilch lies ahead.
    Ain’t it great to be alive ?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Of course it’s lovely for you Charger. We are losing BS and a community. You are gaining a new audience with your soon to be YouTube and TikTok accounts. Farewell you crazy loon.

    2. Kin

      Good man tin man
      I always wondered what life as a human sponge was like
      Now I have a good idea

    3. TenPin Terry

      Chaps, it’s the demise of an internet forum not the death of a close relative.
      The funereal tone on here the last couple of days – especially from jackasses who haven’t contributed to Broadsheet for many years – is a bit of a joke tbh.
      I know it will be tough for those who have very little else in their lives – you know who they are from their many hours every day spent on here – but normal life goes on.
      The only thing I’ll miss is being able to update you on my envious lifestyle and the Piz Buin-soaked adventures of the fragrant Lady TenPin and I in foreign climes.
      Next week we’re off to Nafplio in the eastern Peloponnese for a few days. We love mainland Greece in early summer. No tourist crowds and the flowers are wonderful.
      My advice is either set up your own equivalent of Broadsheet and see how difficult it has been for Bodger and Co to run it or spend more time in the real world. It’s really quite a marvellous place full of interesting and friendly people. You’d like it.
      I shall certainly raise a glass of something chilled to the Broadsheet crew this weekend.
      Probably the Widow Ponsardin, our favourite shampoo.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Charger, we all know you live in a step down, care in the community, facility in Glanmire.. but hey, keep living the dream.. I will miss you… sort of..

      2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        Tenpin you spend more time on here than the rest of us put together

        1. Steph Pinker

          … until the body starts to decompose and smell which could take weeks due to weather conditions, especially while waiting for people to travel with horse and cart from all quarters of Éire to show respect – then it’s buried, cremated or possibly a sky burial; probably the best IMO.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            also if you’re in a ethanol induced coma ( home brew can be tricky like that ) it takes about three days to wake up, saves many a buddy from being buried alive

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            maybe in an alternate universe….there’s still a pulse,
            a change is as good as a rest and all that

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            the lads deserve a well earned break from the madhouse

        2. TenPin Terry

          I get it Bodger.
          I’m 20 units and three spliffs down thinking of those poor bastards on here who’ll miss me.
          Will I start up a song ? Every Irish wake I’ve ever been to has one.
          Here ya go.


          1. Steph Pinker

            I’ll miss you ;)

            BTW, are you aware I was once accused of being your wife?

            … or one of them anyway.

          2. SOQ

            An Irish wake is where you are supposed to say something good about the deceased isn’t it? Ok so… well… *Five minutes later*

            If you think broadsheet.ie was bad, you should have seen blogorrah.com?

            Taxi o/

          3. Steph Pinker

            Who, me?*

            * takes note to make sandwiches for funeral and google blogorrah to put in sandwich.

            Got it.

          4. Steph Pinker

            Thanks SOQ, I’ve never searched JR’s history before but fair play to him, I like his fiery spirit; in fact I’ll be surprised if an incarnation of BS doesn’t rise from the proverbial ashes and I’d like to be made aware if it happens.

            Thanks for your contributions, SOQ, and I wish you all the best :)

          5. Vanessa Foran aka Celebrity Accountant aka Frilly Keane aka the Broadsheet Trolldog

            Would you like a list of all the stuff you accused me of Steph?

    4. The Mad Account

      2. I had a drink of something

      Huzzah for kiwis’s batting order day 1 of test 2 btw

    5. Kin

      Listening to yer wan at the social democrats on the telly made me just want to live under little Kim
      Another party of people that I would not trust to look after next doors cat
      Another bunch of career idiots like Mary harney so PDs are like a Barry’s tea advert
      Like the line in the song by the WHO we will not be fooled again
      They look well though
      Fact is socialism just dose not work
      It’s like the late late show
      We live in a country that the only time we might just have a fairer society is when the whole system crashes

      1. bisted

        …wha…got deleted for commenting much less than this…it’s you Nick…we know…we will enter the vortex with this knowledge…

  7. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    cold turkey Monday, what mischief will all those idle fingers get up to

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I suppose all good things come to an end Janet. Monday morning will be interesting. Phone, ipad and laptop won’t know what’s up. I’m not on twitter, facebook, boards etc. and won’t be.

      I hope John keeps the domain name (only a few quid per annum) so that some nefarious git doesn’t get his hands on it. The web space can be kept for less than €100 per annum so that the odd article, without the comments, could be put up. It’d be a shame to abandon it completely – always keep it in reserve.

      1. U N M U T U A L

        Likewise Giggidygoo.
        At the rate history is being rewritten it would be a great time capsule to show there was another perspective re: the ‘news’ in Ireland…

      2. The Mad Account

        Yes I wasn’t messing yesterday Giggidy I was seriously thinking of buying it off him to try to keep it going in some way. It stands for something. You know?

  8. bisted

    …looks like I’ve had a comment moderated on the last weekend…does that mean I get to keep the naughty step?

    1. jonjoker

      Does the Brexit Broadcasting Corporation think that an English test might work instead?

    1. Fearganainm


      “…Donald Trump’s supporters are getting a fast and personal lesson on what happens when Trump’s fascist fantasies are implemented. Trump is even taking action against the users of his own platform for posting about the hearings. It apparently doesn’t matter if they are critical of the hearings. If a Trump supporter posts about the biggest event in American politics, they will be banned.”

  9. SOQ

    One common theme in all of the pandemic / vaccine stuff is that those who spoke out and risked everything were to have their motives questioned from every possible angle, while those who kept their heads down and collected the substantial cheques were somehow honourable. That is not the case of course, quite the opposite, and as the full information emerges, history will be the judge.

    Common sense should tell you that when accessing an individual’s motivations, what they have to gain or lose by such actions should be a fair indicator of their intent- but such was the psychosis.

    While it is sad to see the likes of Broadsheet go, it is also heartening to see others finally getting get the recognition they deserve. In particular, Ivor Cumming’s recent appearance on GB News is hopefully a sign of things to come. Ivor played a smart game and always remained focused on the data. He never got dragged down into the sewer of political labels and slurs which left him even more of an irritant to the so called ‘experts’.

    Ivor’s message about Sweden was consistent and clear and has been proven to be 100% correct. So if you are reading this Ivor- keep going man- keep speaking your truth to power.

    1. Cato

      Tell that to Chicken Licken, he too nelieves history will eventually realise that the sky had indeed fallen down.

    2. K. Cavan

      Any mention of Ivor got the system pigs foaming at the mouth on here, SOQ, he was right over the target. He pointed in the direction of the CSO site & I can navigate to their mortality figures in seconds, now. How I’d love to think that’s a skill I’ll never require again but alas, it’s not looking that way. Their recent FOI release utterly destroyed the Government-sponsored narrative of a Pandemic, which the majority of the Irish probably still believe, bless.

    3. Cian

      Ivor “there can be no second Covid wave” Cummins? and his “Gompertz curve” bollockolgy
      which was something you were convinced of too back in Summer 2020;

      you were both wrong then, and are still both wrong now.

      The only smart thing Ivor did was play to the idiots to drive up his clicks on youtube, and to subscribe to his patrion and make him lots of $$$$. He has been milking the hard-of-thinking for two years

      1. SOQ

        How is your ‘safe and effective’ vaccines going then? If Broadsheet had a fiver for every time you repeated that slogan on this site, it would have had no financial worries.

        You have blood on your hands.

        I hope it keeps you awake at night.

  10. Scoops yeah?

    I first became aware of Broadsheet during the Euros in June of 2012 when someone sent me a link to a picture of a chicken nugget in the shape of Ireland. Around that time the standard of journalism on the site was excellent; as previously stated by others, shining a light on stories that weren’t getting the coverage they should have. But what I really loved was the comments. They level of wit and humour was top drawer. Hasn’t been the same for a long while but I still visit everyday and will really miss it. So thanks to Broadsheet and all the commenters for making 10 years of avoiding work a little more interesting!

  11. Fearganainm

    Top loyalist Winston Irvine due in court on firearms charges:


    “High-profile loyalist Winston ‘Winkie’ Irvine is due in court on Saturday charged with firearms offences. The 46-year-old was arrested earlier this week as part of the wider investigation into a hoax bomb alert in March. Irvine was detained on the Shankill Road in Belfast on Wednesday morning. Two suspected firearms were recovered. His arrest is believed to be in connection with a hoax bomb alert on March 25 that resulted in Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney having to flee a peace building event…”

    1. jonjoker

      It’s good to know that “top loyalists” fly completely under the radar these days.

      On the other hand, you’d worry a bit about the police, finding “suspected firearms”. It’s usually fairly clear if a firearm is a firearm – are the lads in the PSNI a little challenged in some departments these days?

      1. Fearganainm

        Maybe they don’t want to make him look bad – he’s a former member of North Belfast District Policing Community Safety Partnership and they doubtless shared many cups of tea together.

      2. SOQ

        Some people fear the loyalists will kick off again except those outfits were completely bankrolled, trained and armed by the British state. While there is no doubt that there were and probably still is dangerous individuals in there, they never were an army in any meaningful manner.

        The only thing loyalists areas has going to them now is cheap property and even that is been eaten up by immigrants. Friction between them and the Chinese community along Donegal Pass in Belfast these days I believe- WASPS only etc.

        1. K. Cavan

          I get the impression that most Irish people are not aware of the Loyalist bombing campaign in the North & down here, including bombs in Dublin Airport & Special Branch HQ, that predated the IRA firing a shot, SOQ. All very much aided & abetted by the British State, of course.
          Indicative of how easily people who sit in front of their TVs for four hours, every day, can be misled. The Irish Times of course, now full of Globalist shills, was full of Unionist shills, at the time.

          1. SOQ

            Yes absolutely- property is still affordable and while gross wages are lower, disposable income is higher.

            I lived in Belfast for many years and most of it is not as presented in the media at all. The people are real and grounded and in the main they are the salt of the earth.

    1. TenPin Terry

      The more you post in the final days and hours the greater the lols for the rest of us knowing how disappointed you’re going to be from Monday onwards with no-one to read your cut and paste opinions.
      Like an old seadog who feels the wind but never puts to sea.
      Keep it up chump.

      1. Fearganainm

        There’s more life in a tramp’s vest than there is in you, you pathetic racist maggot.

        Come Monday I’ll be getting on with things without a shred of disappointment. It’s you who band-aids your loneliness here, as everybody knows.

        1. TenPin Terry

          I’ll give you a tip.
          Learn the difference between quantity and quality.
          I’ve seen sewage outfall pipes with a more interesting output than the tsunami of effluent you post on here.
          You’ll be like a crackhead suffering bad withdrawal symptons on Monday morning.
          You poor sap.

          1. Fearganainm

            You’re the sad-sack who’s been posting the same garbage on Irish sites for over ten years now. Repeat garbage, that’s all you have. You’re a caricature, with as much understanding of Ireland and the Irish as a bug flattened between the pages of a Somerville and Ross novel.

            If this site gets archived it will be read as an Irish site and all your wibblings will be swiftly passed over as evidence of nothing more than your particular personality disorder.

          2. TenPin Terry

            Try to stay classy in the last few hours you have left on here.
            Not just you but all of your usernames.
            There are one or two others also still trying to pick scabs they should have let heal a long time ago.
            And try to let a little joy into your life. I hope you don’t behave like such a dry old stick with your partner. Why not thrill her instead today and give her a new set of batteries …

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Not much quantity in Wembley this evening. Due to the quality of your English ‘supporters’.

            Go and get that schizophrenic Ailment looked at.

          4. Fearganainm

            Back projecting? Multiple user names? That’s you.

            I’ve only ever used this one.

            And ‘quality not quantity’ coming from you is hilarious, considering your outpourings of utter garbage. You really have no self-awareness, do you?

            And no understanding of suppressive fire either.

            Now clear off, you insufferable, lonely, racist bore.

          5. TenPin Terry

            Poor Own Goal Onanist™
            England are playing Italy at Molyneux – their first time at the ground in 65 years.
            It’s really not been your day today has it ?
            Have a few hours kip because you can’t afford to make schoolboy errors counting lorries tonight …

            * sniggers *

      2. K. Cavan

        Oooh, Terry, you’re baaaad! Correct too, Ferg the Sperg will be forced to turn to his other hobby, self pleasuring. Probably.

        1. Fearganainm

          You’re going to be able to concentrate on your fantasies about the state of tumescence of Justin Trudeau’s organ, aren’t you?

          Poor locked in wimp. When are you ever going to be able to come out?

  12. Hughie Luas

    What time are the Alt-Right loons on here breaking out the Lugers and the capsules tomorrow evening?

    Search for Broadsheet on Twitter and see what the people’s consensus is.

    Your work is done.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Go and grace yourself, Hughie, in the comments sections of RTE.ie, Independent.ie, Examiner.ie – oh wait – they don’t allow comments. Enjoy your retirement into oblivion.

    2. K. Cavan

      Poor Hooey Luaser, he genuinely thinks Alt-Right is still “a thing”. Not content with that, he labels Twitter, where fake accounts outnumber real ones & a quarter of the real ones are media lackeys, “the people’s consensus”. Doh!
      Looks like the Lu-ass is a few years behind schedule, again.
      I’m having a screenshot of that, for the gang, they’ll love it!
      Savaged by a sheep!

  13. Fearganainm

    Boris Johnson warned NI protocol ‘rule-breaking’ will repeat mistakes of Partygate


    “Boris Johnson is being warned that he will repeat the mistakes of Partygate by backing “rule-breaking over the rule of law”, when he publishes plans on Monday that are expected to prompt a new Tory rebellion over Brexit. Frantic legal and political negotiations have been taking place this week among Johnson, his cabinet and MPs in advance of the government’s bill designed to improve trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. The legislation will be published on Monday. The government had received legal warnings that any plan that overrides the existing agreement with the EU – the Northern Ireland protocol – could be deemed illegal. However, despite claims that the bill had been watered down, two sources told the Observer that it still contains clauses that effectively sideline parts of the existing agreement…”

    1. K. Cavan

      Go on outta that, sure Putin is surrounded & about to surrender, no? You know, I’d almost go back to buying Thee Gruniad again, just for the lols but I might be seen exiting the shop with it & I’d have to make up some story about a shortage of loo-roll.
      I wonder what sort of pimply male feminist * nerds actually make up its tiny readership, these days?
      *AKA Virgins.

      1. ce

        “pimply male feminists” with really pumped up lips, filled-in wrinkles and incredibly firm breasts…

        Welcome to Ireland, home of Viagra from Cork, Botox from Mayo…

        … keeping the whole world firm… thanks big (hard and throbbing) pharma…

  14. TenPin Terry

    I say.
    3-0 is an excellent result for Ireland against a Scottish team that only just missed World Cup qualification.
    Sod it, I only went and mentioned the world cup again.
    Sheesh, sorry lads.

  15. K. Cavan

    18 links posted by Ferg the Sperg, today, a big improvement on the mere 11 he managed yesterday.
    He must post thousands of them, lonely, ignored, untouched. Probably nobody clicks the links, either. Sad :(
    What will you do with your links, now, Sperg?
    I have a suggestion. ***** them up yer ****.
    They won’t get sunburned, at least.

        1. Fearganainm

          Is he though? It’s a pity that you and he both replied to some of the posts you pretend to ignore, isn’t it? Because that makes you look like a pair of clowns.

          Which is only fitting, I suppose.

          1. The Mad Account

            You’re a screaming roaring head case Feargan – a totally delusional person that has an idea ( completely misguided) that people have an interest in your self indulgent widdle and piddle.

          2. Fearganainm

            You’re a creepy pervert so you’ll understand if I don’t attach any weight to your ‘analysis’.

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