A Slobbery Mess




This morning.

Martco writes:

‘I was very sorry to read about the passing of your excellent and important site of which I was a regular enough consumer of back in the day (‘14 – ‘19 thereabouts). I especially enjoyed learning about things ordinarily unseen unheard in the regular homogenised media…I also enjoyed the lighter items like bus p0rn, Frilly and her bakery adventures etc. etc. many of the commenters and contributors I’d imagine sharing a pint with of an evening.

‘I don’t know much about you and your crew but I do know that you created something I’d argue is indispensable – who does that now for the kids, Pat Kenny? I do hope on consideration there’s a Broadsheet redux in the future.

‘As the dogs say it best I’m attaching a pic (above) of my fella Maxx, who doesn’t do smart or profound, simply sez: “This ball is mine, gtf”’

Where is his muzzle?


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She Outlived Ye

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7 thoughts on “A Slobbery Mess

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    Maxx says ..yis dropped the ball, never drop the ball…and don’t let some other dope get a hold of it….he’s a smasher

  2. Vanessa Foran aka Celebrity Accountant aka Frilly Keane aka the Broadsheet Trolldog

    Ah Martco

    Missed you. Without you, Bake’sheet was more soggy bottom. It flopped, the fruit sank.

    It was never
    The same without you.

    But. Do get in touch.
    Something you might be interested in collaborating on.

    If you’re brave enough to use a big house range and kitchen that was decommissioned before WW1 like.

    (@HomeoftheDixies on twitter
    Or the hello@ on the job website)

  3. galaxiapolizia

    Banner banner, Bodger! …Take a bow!

    Lovely pooch! … (“Dogs know!”)


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