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Behold: M27 – the Dumbell Nebula – possibly what will eventually happen to our own sun. To wit:

…the type of nebula our Sun will produce when nuclear fusion stops in its core.,M27 is one of the brightest planetary nebulae on the sky, and can be seen toward the constellation of the Fox (Vulpecula) with binoculars. It takes light about 1000 years to reach us from M27, featured here in colors emitted by hydrogen and oxygen. Understanding the physics and significance of M27 was well beyond 18th century science. Even today, many things remain mysterious about bipolar planetary nebula like M27, including the physical mechanism that expels a low-mass star’s gaseous outer-envelope, leaving an X-ray hot white dwarf.

(Image: Steve Mazlin)


Behold: the Rossinavi X Pininfarina Super Sport 65 Yacht.

Given the collaboration with an Italian car designer, (and not the first) automotive cues are everywhere, from the upper deck to a staircase inspired by air intakes. Powered by four MTU 16V engines producing 2,600 bhp, it has a top speed of 30+ knots and a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles at a more leisurely 12 knots.

The price is no concern of yours.


Behold the Interstellar restaurant created as part of  the Millesime Mexico 2019 haute cuisine festival at Mexico City’s Centro Citibanamex, partly inspired by the film of the same name and designed by Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados, Concepto Taller de Arquitectura and Pin Studio.

The bookcase and suspended books reference one scene from the movie while the black interior and mirrored tables reflect 250,000 LED ‘stars’.


Behold: the Sherp – a floating, clambering Tonka truck with a modest 44bhp Kubota engine, a tiny 250cm turning circle, the ability to traverse water on fat self-inflating tyres, climb over 0.6m tall obstacles and scale  35 degree inclines.

The Russian-made Sherp is coated in durable polymer with its own onboard generator, independent heating and high powered headlights. 

Yours for about €91,000.