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Another thought-provoking video essay from German educational design studio Kurzgesagt. To wit:

Humans are proud of a lot of things, from particle accelerators, to  poetry to pokemon. All of them made possible because of something humans value extremely highly: intelligence.

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A delightful, if heartrending stop motion short (eight years in the making) by Suresh Eriyat about mistakes and forgiveness wherein a young girl attempts to redeem the accidental breakage of a family heirloom by selling baskets on the streets of Mumbai.

Making of… featurette here.


Behold: the 2003 Ferrari Enzo – a road legal racercarwith the largest V12 engine of its day. Derived straight from the F1 programme, co-developed with Michael Schumacher and named after the company’s founder, it accelerated to 100km/h in 3.3 seconds and topped out at 350km/h.

Only 400 were made between 2002 and 2004 and this immaculately maintained example can be yours for a sum considerably higher than the original €580,000 list price.


a  meditative short film in which Japanese sculptor Etsuro Sotoo talks about how  41 years working as a sculptor culminated in a celebrated attempt to finish Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família basilica in Barcelona. To wit:

In 1978 Etsuro Sotoo arrived in Barcelona. He had just graduated in Fine Arts, he had just one year of experience as an Art teacher. When impressed by the unfinished temple: “It was the most fabulous pile of stones I had ever seen” …He asked for a job as a stonecutter. He wanted to continue the Nativity façade (the only façade that, thanks to his work, would be declared by Unesco World Heritage). He did a test and they gave him the position. Since then, he has completed what Gaudí did not even have time to think about. When he finished with the gaps, he started with the architect’s notes. When the tracks are over, it’s up to him to make decisions (source).