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Behold the Interstellar restaurant created as part of  the Millesime Mexico 2019 haute cuisine festival at Mexico City’s Centro Citibanamex, partly inspired by the film of the same name and designed by Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados, Concepto Taller de Arquitectura and Pin Studio.

The bookcase and suspended books reference one scene from the movie while the black interior and mirrored tables reflect 250,000 LED ‘stars’.


Behold: the Sherp – a floating, clambering Tonka truck with a modest 44bhp Kubota engine, a tiny 250cm turning circle, the ability to traverse water on fat self-inflating tyres, climb over 0.6m tall obstacles and scale  35 degree inclines.

The Russian-made Sherp is coated in durable polymer with its own onboard generator, independent heating and high powered headlights. 

Yours for about €91,000.


Behold: the Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo – a single seat, highly aerodynamic 812bhp concept hypercar that debuted in advance of the 2019 FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championship.

Not destined for actual production any time soon, the Vision is more of a futuristic ‘mission statement’ combining sci-fi touches like holographically projected driver diagnostics with respectful nods to various Lamborghini forerunners, like the powertrain of the Sián FKP 37 and the hexagonal side windows of the 1968 Marzal.


Behold: the 1977 VW Beetle 1303 LS Cabriolet formerly owned (from 1977 to 2005) by The Who frontman Roger Daltrey.

The pristine ‘Viper green’ bug is powered by a 49bhp 1.6-litre twinport air-cooled flat-four engine and comes complete with a new set of R15 Continental tires, a letter of authentication from Daltrey himself and a mere 130,054km on the clock.

Currently accepting bids here.

(H/T: Classic Car Curation)

Behold: the DBX – Aston Martin’s first ever SUV – powered by the 4.0l, 542bhp V8, twin turbo Vantage engine, it’s the glass-roofed, leather-trimmed luxury bourgemobile you’ve been waiting for.

Unlikely to see any offroad action but a proper two-fingers to that puffed up little bastard at the golf club with his bloody Porsche Cayenne, roysh.

Yours for a reassuringly expensive €170,000.


Behold: the Kenzo by impressively named UK hog sculptors Death Machines Of London – a heavily modified, completely redesigned first generation 1977 Honda Goldwing GL1000 extended and enhanced with curves and razor sharp folds inspired by early samurai armour.

You may recall last year’s Airforce.

A work of art to the right buyer for around €65,400.


Behold: the Karma SC2 – a high-powered concept electric coupe with performance stats akin to those of the Aspark Owl. To wit: 1,100bhp, 0-100km/h in less than 1.9 seconds, 560km of range on a full charge and a staggering 14,236Nm of wheel torque.

The SC2 also has long-range radar, cameras, and FMCW lidar sensors for autonomous driving, and an adaptive laser projector for playback and sharing (while parked) of completed drives and simulations on famous racetracks.

No release date or pricing available as yet.


Behold: the Aspark Owl – a supercar whose four electric motors develop a massive 2,012bhp, accelerating the rigid carbon fibre monocoque to 100km/h in a  pants-jeopardising1.69 seconds and on to a life-flashing-before-your-eyes top speed of 402km/h.

At 1,900kg, the Owl is not light but at just 96.5cm high, it is somewhat track-hugging.

Only fifty will be made and yours will cost €2,890,000.


Behold: the BST Hypertek – an electric motorcycle from carbon fibre wheel maker Blackstone Tek (their first).

The vision of  former Ducati designer Pierre Terblanche, the 107bhp Hypertek (fully charged and good for 300km in just 30 minutes) has a fairly minimal carbon fibre and aluminium frame with a single-sided swingarm and a futuristic head-up display inside the driver’s helmet. 

Production will be limited, prices and release dates as yet unannounced