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Behold: the 1964 Porsche 911 (originally launched as the 901 until Peugeot enforced its ownership of that designation) – the fourth production model ever to wear the 911 badge.

Fully restored after passing through the hands of three owners in the last 55 years (one of whom configured the car for racing), this rare piece of Porsche history is up for auction at Sothebys today for between €600,000 and €800,000.


Behold: the 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC Atalante Coupe – designed by Jean Bugatti, son of the founder Ettore, it debuted at the London Motor Show in 1935. Only 48 were built and, of those, only 17 had the distinctive Atalante coachwork of this vehicle.

In short, an ultra rare ‘Holy Grail’ roadster, with its period-correct twin-cam, straight-eight supercharged engine – currently accepting bids at Sothebys.


Another side-by-side size comparison by Alvaro Gracia Montoya: In this case, elements of the Star Wars universe from a lightsaber handle to the planet Yavin Prime (in whose orbit the original Death Star was destroyed). Sez he:

Only movies from episode I to VIII, Rogue One and Solo. Obviously not everything appears, only the most representative.

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Behold: the Planter Box House by Malaysian architectural firm FORMZERO.

Designed for a retired couple with a passion for growing their own food, the structure of the house incorporates clustered concrete planters with 40 types of edible plants. As well as food, the plants provide passive design benefits like shade and privacy and maintenance is minimal, with built in rainwater reservoirs and irrigation channels.


Behold: the Gemballa GTR 8XX Evo-R Biturbo Coupe – an elaborately streamlined, super-tuned 911 from authorised Porsche-tweakers, Gemballa.

This 818bhp, 3.8 litre flat six will accelerate to 100km/h in a hypercar-bothering 2.38 seconds, reaching 200km/h just over five seconds later.

Price yet to be announced.


An After Skool whiteboard illustration featuring a the words of the late British philosopher and writer Alan Wilson Watts (1915-1973). To wit:

…best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience, his philosophies seem to transcend ego, politics and limitations. His monologues have a powerful way of connecting distant abstract ideas with the present moment and his words have a unique way of putting life into perspective. Life is a gift.


Behold: the LOV38 – a concept named after the collaboration between  Lynx Yachts, Omega Architects and Van Oossanen Naval Architects. But you knew that.

Fancy a luxury cruiser with an ultra stable fast-displacement hull, twin 2,000 MTU diesel engines,  a top speed of 21.7 knots, two exterior dining areas, a full beam master suite, up to six guest rooms, and a spacious ‘beach club’ area? Thought so.

Price on application.


Behold: the  Jaguar C-X75 – the million euro supercar that never was.

Shelved after five years of development, the C-X75 made a spectacular debut in the Bond movie Spectre, whose producers used seven of them to depict a single vehicle. Four of the seven were stunt cars and this is one of those.

Most likely built with a tubular aluminium frame and featuring an engine from the current Jaguar lineup (unlike the778bhp, twin turbo concept vehicle), this is still a piece of movie history and a tribute to what might have been.

Currently accepting bids.


Behold: the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Track Performance Pack – a racing upgrade to the already fearsome 1000bhp, V12 Valkyrie hypercar which swaps out the original road-legal parts for additional downforce-enhancing carbon fibre panels, titanium brakes and aero disc wheel covers.

The full race-day package for those who’ve already forked out €2.65 million+ for the unadorned vehicle, but baulk at its weedy 322km/h top speed.


Behold: the Novitech Ferrari 812 Superfast – an aftermarket upgrade of the already outstanding 812GT by Bavarian aftermarket prancing horse tweakers Novitech.

Not completely blown away by your €295,000 812GT? Why not have it lowered with (raisable) hydraulic suspension, race resprung, shod with Vossen wheels (custom made for each corner of the car) and downforce-enhanced with minimal, wind-tunnel tested carbon fibre spoilers at the grille, chin, side intakes, bonnet, spoiler and rear diffuser?

Go on, you’ve earned it.