Behold: the N-Compo – a dinky camper van conversion of Honda’s already dinky N-Van ultra-mini by Japanese modifiers White House.

Available in single and multi-sleeper variants, the N-Compo fits a lot into its tiny interior including seat-supported twin beds, sink, shelves, microwave, collapsible dining table, folding workstation, built-in refrigerator and a rear screen door.

There’s also a pop-up top, a fold-out side awning and an expandable privacy tent for adding ‘outdoor patio space’. All this in a vehicle shorter than an MX-5.

Yours for ¥2,234,100* (because, for now, it’s only available in Japan).



6 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Clampers Outside

    Me likey :)

    Where’s the shower, even if were a stretch hose from the sink to the outside… And I’d be sold on it :)

      1. goldenbrown

        there’s a campervan expo over in Düsseldorf every year, all the toys…
        if you succumb to rabbit holes do not, I repeat do not, ever attend it
        if you somehow do attend make sure your bank details and your wallet are somewhere safe and inaccessible
        you have been warned

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