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Bray Refugee Solidarity Group writes:

Children as young as six are travelling alone in Europe. They have fled war and famine, witnessed the bloody murder of family and friends.

Yet 10,000 of these children are currently missing in Europe – many trafficked into sex slavery and other forms of exploitation. Tens of thousands more are at risk of a similar fate.

We demand that the EU takes immediate action to protect this most vulnerable group of people.

By signing our petition [below], you are putting pressure on the EU to take immediate action to ensure that unaccompanied and separated children are guaranteed safety and protection for their basic rights.

You are demanding that they receive access to basic nutrition, health care, education and legal assistance.

You are imploring the EU states to treat cases of missing unaccompanied and separated refugee and migrant children with the urgency and seriousness they would any other child.

You are refusing to look the other way, while this ethically indefensible human rights breach of the most vulnerable people on the continent takes place.

Read the detailed petition and its demandsĀ here

10,000 Missing Children (Facebook)

Thanks Caroline Reid