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“Ah get out of the garden“?

Alex Cassidy, of Expedia, writes:

This is our Accent Map of the British Isles. We’ve been running the accent map for nearly 3 months, and have been tracking and recording the data that has come from the near 1,000,000 guesses that 250,000 users have made from over 200 different countries.

The results for the Northern Irish accent show that it has a remarkable 69.79% correct answer rate; which is one of the highest out of all of the 15 dialects that we chose to be part of the map.

This makes Northern Ireland, per our data, one of the most recognisable accents in the UK, finishing just behind RP English (74%) and Glaswegian (78%). (It also finished just 0.25% more recognisable than the Southern Irish accent, which had 69.54% correct answers)…

The Accent Map by Expedia.co.uk