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“It still stands strong on Achill Island and The Mayo News understands Mayo County Council are still waiting to serve papers on Mr McNamara, who no longer resides in Ireland. The purpose of the structure has never been fully established although the wide belief is that it was built as a protest to much of the failings of the Celtic Tiger.

In the middle of the structure a concrete semi-circle is still visible, as is a rectangular concrete  base. It’s believed the second phase of the structure was designed to be placed here but two years on, what will happen with Achill-henge is very much uncertain.”


Achill-henge still standing two years on (Mayo News)

Pic: Birdseye Kite Photo

achilhhengeThis afternoon on Achill Island, Co Mayo..

The installation of 30 12ft drawings of a young man by Roscommon-born artist Joe Caslin on each pillar of the Achillhenge monument

It marks the beginning of a series of large scale drawings placed around the country entitled Our Nation’s Sons.

Joe Caslin explains

As a nation we have pushed a significant number of our young men to the very edges of society and created within them feelings of neglect and apathy. It is now time to empower these young lads and give them a sense of belonging.

…A drawing has the power to go further than words. But a series of large-­‐scale drawings have the potential to resonate and disrupt the visual landscape of an island, town or city. It has the power to pull a passer-‐by from the mundane, the power to trend and the power to gain real social momentum. It will re-­‐establish respect for and showcase the capabilities of our nation’s sons.


Joe Caslin

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Pic: Emily

Brendan McGuirk writes:

Took a few photos while in Achill [of Joe McNamara‘s monument to the Celtic Tiger] over the Easter weekend. The best of the lot in my opinion is the ‘Why don’t you clean up that mess in Keel’ referencing the unfinished cement shell of a hotel that ruins Keel village [McNamara had been developing a large hotel in Achill before the crash]. It’s a fair enough point to make as it’s a complete eyesore on the way through the village.
On the other hand there does seem to be some local support for the project [AchillHenge] and we weren’t the only visitors to follow the hand painted signs up a random bóthareen to take a look that day.