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This morning.

Just ‘dropped’.

Buzz ONeill Maxwell writes:

23 performance artists (drag queens and kings) have joined together with Eleanor McEvoy, for ‘Only a Woman’s Heart – With a Twist’ and raise funds for Age Action’s work with older people in Ireland.

funds raised by this project will help to support Age Action’s work.

Featuring: Alexis McQueen; Anziety; Ariana Grindr; Aurora Heartfeelia; Bambi Trashelle; Bláthnaid McGee; Bunny O’ Hare; Chanel; Davina Devine; Dizzy Dyin4it; Dolly Grip; Faux Joli; Kiki St. Clair; Letycha le Synn; Mizza; Panti Bliss; Paul Ryder; Phil T. Gorgeous; Pixie Woo; Shirley Temple Bar; Sophia Harte; Veda Beaux Reves and Victoria Secret…

In fairness.

Age Action

A Woman’s Heart With A Twist (Gofundme)