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The full day-by-day schedule of Hard Working Class Heroes festival (Thursday, October 6 to Saturday, October 8 in Dublin venues) has been revealed in a handy video, breaking days down by venues and times.

Thus spake the blurb:

HWCH 2016 will take you on a musical jaunt around Dublin City north and south dipping in and out of exciting spaces including creative hub Chocolate Factory on King’s Inn Street, and Japanese hidden gem Tengu.

In addition, the iconic City Hall will play host to a selection of stripped back performances from artists on the Friday and Saturday night of the festival. Presented in partnership with Dublin City Council, HWCH are excited to witness this historic venue meet the cutting edge of new Irish music.

Kicking off a three-year project to build audiences between Ireland and Iceland, HWCH are delighted to welcome Wesen and aYia this year.

Iceland Airwaves Festival booker Grimur Atlason will also be in attendance as part of our international industry delegation…

More details here.

Hard Working Class Heroes