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From top: Rapporteur on copyright MEP Axel Voss celebrates in the EU parliament today; A Wired primer on Article 13

This afternoon

A directive introducing sweeping changes to copyright enforcement across Europe has been approved by the European parliament.

It will now go before EU countries and civil servants who will attempt to resolve their differences over the proposals.

The European copyright directive, voted in by 348 MEPs to 274 against, is best known for two provisions it contains: articles 11 and 13, referred to as the “link tax” and “upload filter”, respectively, by opponents.

The latter has been the main focus of campaigning. It requires websites that host user-generated content to take active measures to prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded without permission, under the penalty of being held liable for their users’ copyright infringement.

Article 11, the “link tax”, includes new requirements aimed at making companies like Google pay licensing fees to publications such as newspapers whose work gets aggregated in services like Google News…

MEPs approve sweeping changes to copyright law (The Guardian)

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