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“We also note that Atlantic Philanthropies has awarded Tusla a grant of €8.3 million. Atlantic Philanthropies is the same organisation that has given millions of dollars in recent years to LGBT lobby groups to successfully push for the marriage referendum currently underway. Perhaps Atlantic Philanthropies would consider replacing the money Tusla was giving Accord as a gesture of good will?”

David Quinn, pro ‘No’ campaigner, Tuesday.

Rachel writes:

David Quinn refers yet again to the donations ‘The Atlantic Philanthropies’ have given to LGBT organisations in Ireland. A point repeatedly made by the No side, which they are using in order to scare people who are still on the fence into thinking that this referendum is being ‘bought’.
I have looked through the grants made by The Atlantic Philanthropies to organisations in the Republic of Ireland since 2001, and LGBT organisations account for 1.1% of them.
The remaining 98.9% of funds have been give to organisations with programmes focused on:
– Children & Youth – Community Development – Higher Education – Health – Science – Youth Development – Ageing. The highest of these grants was $22 million, given to St James Hospital in 2006.
I fear that David’s problem relates to the fact that these grants have not been given to organisations afilliated with religion. I wish he would pull back on the scaremongering a little and try to reflect, as a religious man, on the good that these funds have done to organisations in his home country.


Atlantic Philantropies

Accord’s funding was slashed despite increase in Tusla budget and a grant from Atlantic Philantrophies (iona Institute)