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Belfast based developers Chris McClelland and Niall Kelly of Cargo love a bit of homebrew.

As tends to happen with the hobby, their setup moved from a few plastic buckets to a Frankenstein’s monster of copper tubing, stainless steel drums and wired sensors.

Barring developing a case of Auto-Brewery Syndrome, they figured they could develop a more streamline process out of their experiments.

Enter Brewbot

…a smart brewing appliance that you can control and monitor with your smartphone. Never brewed? No problem. Our goal was to make an easy-to-use, controlled environment that is aesthetically pleasing, and frees up brewers to focus on the recipes. You don’t need to know anything about brewing.

The lads are so passionate about this project they moved the whole team en masse to Portland, Oregon, the micro-brewery capital of America, to refine the product.

Coming in at £1,500 it’s pricer than just buying your beer straight off the shelf but it certainly beats the prison wine we’ve been brewing in my den the Broadsheet office.

YOUR thoughts?

Brewbot: The Smart Brewing Appliance