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Brian Boyd’s Irish Times’ article on dance music’s apparently characteristic “lethal mix” of “drink, drugs and ignorance” that led to the chaos at Swedish House Mafia’s concert at the Phoenix Park has now garnered more than 400 (mostly critical) comments.

And the article is getting attention from the global dance community including Australian website In The Mix, whose readers offered their own reasons for the violence:

Ah here.

Newspaper Warns Of ‘Dance Scene’s Lethal Mix’; Fans Hit Back (InTheMix)

Previously: Irish Times House Mafia

Oh, it’s on.

Context: Dance’s Lethal Mix – Drink Drugs And Ignorance (Brian Boyd, The Irish Times)

Strongest comment to date: “Clueless people reporting on an event organised by clueless people for clueless people.”

With past winners that include where-are-they-now Super Extra Bonus Party [above] (who won the award in 2007) and others who didn’t quite parlay their prize into any sense of a significant breakthrough here or abroad, does the Choice Music Prize really matter to anyone outside a media in-crowd? Can the Choice really deliver on the promises it proclaimed when it was set-up in 2005?

Judging panel should keep Choice real (Brian Boyd, Irish Times)

Which elicited this:

Super Extra Bonus Party (Facebook)

And that dedication:


Thanks Meg Hyland