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From top: National Library of Ireland staff with winners; Minister for Arts Heather Humphreys, Director of the National Library of Ireland Sandra Collins and Broadsheet’s Olga Cronin; Aaron McAllorum and Olga

This afternoon.

National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

A presentation by Arts Minister Heather Humphreys to the websites that best reflected the events of 1916 and recorded life in Ireland in 2016.

Are we hot?

Orla Sweeney, of the National Library of Ireland, writes:

As part of Remembering 1916, Recording 2016, our largest web archiving project to date, we reflected the participatory nature of this year by asking people to nominate websites that best remember the events of 1916 and also those that best record Irish life in 2016.

The public nominated your site as one of the five key websites in Ireland that record life in Ireland in 2016. Your website, along with Rabble.ie, TheJournal.ie, Waterford Whispers and The Irish Times will be archived and preserved in the National Library of Ireland’s web archive. It is important that we preserve a record of the online life of Ireland for future generations.

Aaron McAllorum (sports editor) and Olga Cronin (chief correspondent), both of this parish, nipped out during lunch to collect the certificate, (dedicated to all Broadsheet commenters) meet the library’s lovely staff and bring back some overdue books.

Thank you all.


National Library of Ireland