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As the Pregnant stand-up she warned if the audience didn’t laugh she would go into labour.

And having just had her third baby in February Emma Doran is taking her kids her own one mother show to the Mill Theatre in Dundrum on September 18.

Emma has three children 12, 2 and 7 months and her show covers everything from family, dead grannies, children, teen pregnancy and sex, or lack thereof.

We have Two pairs of tickets (yes just two PAIRS) to give away to to two ‘sheet reading tippling matriachs. To enter, just complete this sentence:

I am a real mother and I need a goddamn_________________[name of alcoholic beverage]

Lines MUST close at MIDNIGHT

[Winners will receive a free shot of their chosen hooch on the night].

Emma Doran’s Mammy needs A Drink (Mill Theatre)

Poster by Sara Sheridan