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Mary Higgins, of Caranua

Ellen Coyne, in today’s Times Ireland edition, reports:

Caranua spent hundreds of thousands of euros from a fund for survivors of institutional abuse without permission, the Department of Education has confirmed.

Mary Higgins, the chief executive of Caranua, had suggested that figures relating to the contracts were not “up to date” after The Times reported them.

Yesterday a spokesman for the department said that The Times story was accurate. “There was no issue with the original information,” he said.

Caranua administers a €110 million fund set up to pay for the health, housing and educational needs of survivors. The state agency’s only function is to divide the money between applicants and its own administrative costs also come from the fund.

There is no record of the Department of Education approving any spending for Caranua for the past two years despite some board members saying that lists of administrative contracts about to be entered into were discussed at meetings in the past 24 months.

In an interview last month on Newstalk Ms Higgins rejected criticism of her agency spending money without permission and claimed that the department records were not up to date.

Caranua spent funds without permission, officials confirm (The Times, Ireland edition)