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cavecave2 cave3 cave5cavenewWeren’t we all.

Cascades Cave, Fermanagh.

Stephen Bourke writes:

DIT [Dublin Institute of Technology] Caving Club opened a dump of emergency rations (above) in Cascades Cave in Fermanagh. It’s been a while since our mates in the Irish Cave Rescue association did the groceries. We estimate the dehydrated goods date from between 1978 and 1984, based on the copyrights on the logos and the use of the decimal halfpenny on a price tag. T’was a time before any of your nanny-state “use by dates” or any such modern nonsense. Back then, men were men, starch was edible, and maltodextrin was two words, unhyphenated.

We would appreciate any explanation of the packet of ONE MAN ONE PAN “Cheese and Onion”. Cheese and Onion what, exactly?



Caving in Fermanagh and Monaghan (DITCavingClub)

Pics via Subpopulis Hibernia