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Waterford city.

Yellow Hat Man writes:

Thought you may wish to know that the CBD flower café, Blooms, in Waterford, which sells smokeable buds have had their stock taken while the Gardai review the product for sale.

This happened about two weeks ago, and came shortly after a sellout first week or so in business. A message on their Facebook page [below] gives the full story, as they and their customers still wait….

Good times.

Blooms (Facebook)

Noreen O’Neill and her son Michael

Noreen O’Neill, from Kilgarvan, Co Kerry, has been campaigning to get a licence to treat her son Michael with CBD oil.

Michael has a brain condition called bilateral frontal polymicrogyria which causes him to suffer up to 20 seizures a day.

Noreen recently joined Vera Twomey on a climb of Croagh Patrick to raise awareness about medicinal cannabis.

Noreen writes:

On Wednesday [July 11] at 3pm, parents of children, and individuals, in need of medicinal cannabis are invited to meet TDs in the Dáil, to express their need for this medicine.

The more people who attend to show how real and widespread the issue, the better it will be for the cause.

I know, as well as any carer, it is not easy to get away for a day like this, but this is a rare opportunity to meet the people who can make a change to our legislation.

The Dáil will sit on Thursday before it begins its summer recess.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, barrister and legal academic Niall Neligan will be giving a lecture on Cannabis Regulation in the AV room of the Oireachtas between 12 -1pm  to help launch (Irish cannabis advocate group) Fweed’s Public policy document entitled A 21st Century Approach to Regulating Cannabis.

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Cu Cullan writes:

That looks like a [useless] male leaf

Everyday sexism?

YOU must decide.