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Team CLR write:

At [political blog] Cedar Lounge Revolution, we’ve been running a cryptic quiz over Christmas – one question for each of the thirteen days of Christmas. There’s a wee prize and entries close on Sunday. Your readers might be interested. Details on how to enter and the questions are at link below

Here are some of the questions…

2. (a) Why in Ireland are there no 12th, 22nd, 24th, 25th, or 32nd?
(b) And why can we not yet say if the most recent, not included in this question, will remain in the list?
(c) In the USA, what happened to the 18th?

4. The one in Kerry is designated 08/26, the one in Donegal 03/21, as is the one in Waterford (although they may not be exactly parallel), and the one in Sligo 11/29. The location of the one in Co Clare has a different name, but it is designated 06/24. Apart from those we ask about, there is one other which we have not identified because it would give subject of the question away. What are the designations in Cork and Dublin?

9. This comes up too frequently, but what’s the next number:
587 659 698 587 659 587 523 493

10.  It first occurred in 1963 and was not repeated until 1982. In 1983 it was done by a different state for the first time, but was not until 1994 that it was done by, technically, a further different state for the first time (although three other states had other firsts in this field in the intervening period). Then in 2012, the final state to have done it did it for the first time (although another state has had a first in this field since then). What is it?

11.  How are Galway United, Longford Town and Kildare County related?


The Cryptic Christmas Quiz (Ceder Lounge Revolution)