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In fairness.

Eight years ago:

Financial Services Ombudsman Joe Meade has demanded all mortgage lenders be probed to ensure they are honouring agreements allowing people to retain their tracker mortgages.

Mr Meade has demanded the Financial Regulator carry out the probe after he found against a lender that would not allow a couple coming off a fixed-rate mortgage to move back on to a tracker as agreed.

The ombudsman’s findings are expected to have implications for all lenders, many of whom are welshing on such agreements.

Homeowners who are forced to renegotiate their mortgages are also finding they have to give up their trackers.

If the Financial Regulator forces banks to honour previous commitments to allow people to revert to trackers, it will prove costly for lenders.

…No spokesperson was available from the Financial Regulator yesterday as its staff were on strike.

Irish Independent, November 28, 2009

Good times.

Watchdog urged to investigate banks in tracker row (Charlie Weston, Irish Independent, November 28, 2009)

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