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8716_1[Christy Brown (Hugh O’Conor) carried by his father (Ray McAnally)  in My Left Foot (1989)]

The Christy Brown archive.

Under the hammer in London.

About to be lost to a left footer FOREIGN bidder.

Not so fast.

“Last night we made an appeal on the RTE news. This morning I received an email from a man offering to donate a substantial sum towards the cost of the Christy Brown archive. Then we contacted the National Library to see if they would be interested in mounting a joint bid for the archive at the auction in London. This evening the archive is on the way back to Dublin. It’s a great result for the city – and it proves, once again, how generous the Irish really are.”

Trevor White, of the Little Museum of Ireland.

Remaining Christy Brown archive bought for €42k (Irish Examiner)

The Little Museum of Dublin