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Bring them home.

But to what?

Cahir O’Doherty writes:

Above is a short video of Ciaran Staunton (top) of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform addressing the difficulties facing returning Irish emigrants issues in the Oireachtas recently.

Ciaran recently ran as an Independent candidate for a seat in the Irish Senate. This is an issue he feels and talks passionately about. He’s been a community activist  in New York  for two and a half decades.

The needless hardships experienced by returning Irish immigrants to Ireland makes them think twice. How is this not a national discussion?

Getting a loan – no credit so makes it harder for people returning to Ireland to get a loan.

Car insurance – you lose your no claims bonus so you’re starting from scratch and paying way higher insurance than you should be.

Drivers Licence – You have to start from the beginning (as if a learner again) if your licence has expired, you have to go through the test again, less penalty points etc.

Green Cert for farmers – the issue is the cost, the inflexible hours, actual farming experience is discounted, distance learning not permitted, etc.

Finally having no recent utility bills affects your ability to open bank accounts, find accommodation, etc.

I know the Tir na nOg rule often applies to those who leave, but our world is more connected now and I think it’s time we started getting smart about our economic exiles.

Irish Lobby For Immigration Reform

Pic via The Irish Voice