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Made in Ireland by Ciaran Foy.

Robert Coyle sez:

I have nothing to do with the movie I am just a big AICN [movie website] fan and it’s wonderful to see an independent Irish Movie getting such a great writeup.

How great?

“The tone of the film is a rock solid slow burn creep-out style built by tense set-ups, eerie sound design, a haunted leading performance and a deteriorating urban landscape that evokes a plague epidemic movie feel.

While I won’t go into any radical spoilers I will say that they don’t cop out with this premise. These little hoodied fuckers aren’t projections by a fractured psyche, but real life horror shows that would be at home in early Cronenberg or Argento films.”



Quint On Irish Phobia-Examining Horror Flick CITADEL At SXSW 2012! (AintItCoolNews)