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The contentious remark arose [on TV3’s Come Dine With Me] after Limerick model Madeline Mulqueen, star of the Rubberbandits video Horse Outside, put tomato ketchup on lobster cooked by Mr [Michael] O’Doherty.

He then replied: “That’s the grossest thing I’ve seen since the last time I was in Limerick.”

Then, before serving his main course of duck, he said he was confident that duck had “reached Limerick”.

[Senior Counsel] Mr [Brendan] Nix rang TV3 after the programme aired on Thursday night to complain, and threatened legal action if they didn’t apologise – even though a defamation case cannot be taken by a whole city.

“I’m incandescent with rage,” he said. “Incandescent is not even the word for it.”

…But Mr O’Doherty said: “It was said in the heat of the moment – I was in the kitchen for eight hours.”


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