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Clanwilliam Terrace, Dublin 2

The Irish Times reports:

A senior company executive shouldered a cyclist to the ground and began strangling and beating him for riding his bike on a Dublin city-centre footpath, a court has heard.”

“David Corcoran (50) Collinswood, Whitehall, Dublin, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Philip Fitzgerald who suffered dental injuries during the incident at Clanwilliam Terrace in Dublin 2 on July 1st last year.”

Judge Michael Walsh said Corcoran’s actions were completely disproportionate but he ruled that he can avoid a criminal record and a possible sentence by paying €3,930 to cover Mr Fitzgerald’s medical expenses and new false teeth, and he must donate €2,500 to charity.”

The court heard Corcoran punched Mr Fitzgerald in the face and head and got him into a headlock and “kneed him while he was in a headlock”. The attack ended when members of the public intervened.

Executive punches cyclist for riding bike on Dublin footpath (Tom Tuite, Irish Times)

Pic: Google Streetview

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