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The Digital Marketing Institute postgrad diplomas.

Opening doors for many.

But not all.

Anon writes:

“I recently did the one-week bootcamp course with the Digital Marketing Institute [Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin]. it was a full class, so about 30-40 participants, each paying €1,500 for a week to do a diploma in digital marketing.
The standard of lecturing was really quite poor, with a few notable exceptions – the guy who runs Wolfgang Digital was great and Keith Feighrey (he also runs an agency) was excellent too. But the rest of it was stuff the average social media user would know, with a few stats thrown in.
The lecturers apart from the two exceptions mentioned above also were quite weak when any of the students delved a bit deeper and tried to ask more searching questions about digital/social media.
What really annoyed me though was the fact that we were marked down on our assignment for following the advice given in lectures… For example, we were told that for our assignment, we had to have a sales-based approach, eg use social media to get as much business in for the business we were focusing on. But when it came to being marked for the assignment, we were marked down for not doing things like including the number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers and for including sales targets, financial transactions etc.
Also, a few of the people who did the course looked at the feedback they received from the external examiner and the feedback was almost word-for-word the same – it looked like the person who corrected the work did a copy and paste job when correcting. Apparently when this was pointed out to the DMI management, they didn’t accept blame and said that getting the assignments re-marked by another examiner would cost €150 per student…”