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Geoffrey as a healthy pup in 2013 (top) and today (above).

Born to serve.

feeling poorly.

Geoffrey the puppy was being trained by the Irish Dogs for the Disabled, when they noticed he wasn’t well. It turns out the puppy was born with a severe genetic joint disorder called canine elbow dysplasia, the most common cause of forelimb lameness….The condition is treatable but very expensive. It will set the charity [Dogs for the Disabled], which receives no government funding, back €10,000….”

You can donate €4 to the charity by texting PUPS to 50300.

This assistance puppy in Cork needs your help (Denise O’Donoghue, irish Examiner)


“This cat was found in New Row, Dublin 8 yesterday. He is covered in motor oil and has some injuries. Unfortunately the girl who found him had to Let him out because he was crying and the landlord would not allow her to keep the cat in her apartment. If anybody sees this cat or has any information please phone our Helpline 6683529 urgently and leave a message with a contact phone number on our voice mail….”

Cats Aid (Facebook)